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UPND is the only party that has not had in-fighting,injunctions,suspensions and firings

Headlines UPND is the only party that has not had in-fighting,injunctions,suspensions and firings

Counting of Votes at PF Parallel Conference
File:Counting of Votes at PF Parallel Conference

Feeling the pressure of the swell in countrywide support for our candidate Hakainde Hichilema, PF Ministers continue to blunder and talk nonsense.

Hon Mukanga was yesterday reported as saying Mr Hichilema’s leadership qualities leave much to be desired. If this is so then how come Mr Hichilema is the one to have presided peacefully and responsibly over his party, displaying statesman like qualities, while the Hon Mukanga’s own party was busy tearing itself apart? Zambians have not so quickly forgotten the PF split which saw leadership figures firing one another, filing injunctions, making threats and publicly revealing their disdain for one another. I think we can leave it to the Zambian people to decide on 20th January 2015 which candidate is the true leader.

Hon Mukanga also suggested that should Mr Hichilema lose the election he should be removed from the leadership of his party. Does Hon Mukanga therefore also suggest that if Hon Lungu loses he too should go?

I would advise Hon Mukanga to look to his own party first before making such ill-advised comments in the future as they reflect badly on him and his party.

Dipak Patel

UPND Campaign Manager


    • In acting the Constitution,
      Stopping nepotism, Stopping corruption,
      Promoting One Zambia One nation,
      Creating real jobs,
      Increasing govt revenue collection,
      Reducing our national debt,
      Stoping anarchy & violence,
      Restoring Zambian pride. This is what HH is promising. Lungu what have you got? And why are you scared of debating HH in a live TV debate?

    • You don’t sit for exams / tests and then you later claim that you are the only one who has not failed an exam

      Go for convention before the 2016

      My opinion

    • Where was Dipak Patel in 2006 when Anderson Kabela Mazoka died? That is what you call infighting at it’s utmost worst.
      You can’t just compare apples with eggs.

  1. Absolutely. In addition only UPND has a clear vision as follows:
    Creating real jobs, improving the education system, lowering the cost of living, supporting farmers, providing cheaper healthcare, building BETTER roads and infrastructure. This is what HH promises to deliver. Lungu, if you have a vision and you believe you are the right candidate then accept HH’s invitation to a live televised debate to discuss these issues. HH is ready anytime.
    Wina azalila

    • Promises, promises, promises! Aren’t you tired of promises?

      By the way, what did you folks say about PF’s promises? So what makes you think HH’s promises are any better? And where will HH, all of a sudden, find the money to pay for all the [email protected] he is promising? One would have thought being “educated”, as you folks in UPND like to brag, HH would be the last person to make such careless and empty promises. Promises he surely knows there is no way he can fulfill them all.

      What is he planning to do? Take the country back to Kaunda’s socialist command economy? Free this, free that, cheaper this, cheaper that, are you kidding me?

      He is 53 years old, how did he miss Nashu Pichen Kazembe’s famous words: ‘Vamahala Vinata kale Achimwena.’ Here they say: there is no free lunch!

  2. The answer to the above nonsense is because UPND has not, did not and will not go for a national convention until HH is no longer at the Helm. So take a seat.

    Viva EL Viva PF

    • @Big L
      You should be ashamed to even mention the word “convention”, what happened at the PF convention in Kabwe?How many delegates did you have? What does the PF constitution say?How many candidates contested? What was the role of the PF Elections Chairperson? And how many VOTES did the “WINNER” get? And who declared him “winner”Answer these questions my friend and then think about your comment

    • Abana ba Mfubu, UPND is not a demcratic party. Seeing fault in others does not change the fault in UPND. Wherever there is a dictator there is seen to be stability, FORCED stability. That is why even when Anderson Mazoka (mhsrip) your tribal leaders said the next successor must be a Tonga. And, you chose a Tonga and sidelined the likes of Sakwiba Sikota. Debate is not about proving someone wrong. It is about finding the best way forward. You retards just argue to defend your stance, and will not help anyone build a better Zambia.

  3. Yes UPND is the only party which has had no injunctions, suspensions and whatever, but UPND is the only party that is a cocktail made up of individuals and not an organisation with structures and systems. In fact, the re-incanation of some MMD in UPND is a danger to UPND rather than an advantage. UPND is preaching change but what change is this with Dipak, Nalumango, Maureen, Pande, Mutati, GBM, Masebo, Chituwo, Lungwanga, Musokotwane and the list is endless?

    Was it not going to be possible for UPND to have change by having other names even with similar ethnicity if that was the issue that HH was trying to resolve? Will these people propel UPND in 2016?

    • Don’t make me laugh with your blubbering, kikikiki, did you even think before writing and posting? If UPND has no structures, then why is Edgar so stiff scared of HH?

  4. Labeni ko fye ba dipak ba Hindu old school. the reason why people were fighting in pf is because they know the one who succeeds to ascend to the top in pf is definitely heir apparent. in UPND it is I don’t know. Besides who died in UPND?

  5. upnd you have nothing to boast of in terms of democracy. your hh partron is a dictator .he has lost you blind followers many elections but still he imposes himself to be the best partron to lead upnd. if he died today thats when you can see that only a mabisi person can lead your minority kantemba.

  6. The splits and wrangles in UPND are simply on PAUSE!

    Wait until HH resigns, loses UPND’s top job at a convention, or dies (God forbid, but we are all mortals.) What happens then will surely put to test Depak’s words.

    Nonetheless, if history is any guide, the splits and acrimony awaiting UPND are even far worse. Remember what happened in UPND when Andy Mazoka died? There is even the potential that TRIBALISM/RACISM will raise its ugly head again. People like Depak should brace themselves!

    For now UPND looks stable on the surface because HH has somehow managed to bully everyone in UPND with his money. With the money he has turned the Party into some kind of “personal to holder” property. So such comparisons by Depak will only make sense after HH exits the scene. Will see!

  7. I tend to agree;

    1.) Under HH, we lost valuable senior members in they likes of Saki, Patrick Chisanga, Lubinda, Sichinga, Milupi etc. Makes me think he cant handlend strong personalities nd prefers to surround hself.with ‘ Yes bwanas.’

    2.) Is they party only designed to escort HH to Plot 1, when do others get a chance to serve?

    3.) The man has changed his ideals just to enter Plot 1 embracing political rejects i.e. William Banda, calling on the likes of Dipak, Maureen who dont have any following whatsoever # hidesface.

    4.) Of the parties present only the MMD nd PF had disputes meaning; Narep, FDD, FDA, UNIP etc. were conflict free contrary to your statement that only UPND was. Looking @ the parties mentioned none has held a convention therefore not democratic.
    5.) enter

  8. There is nothing absolutely to fight for in UPND. they are still in infancy why fight and for what if I may ask. Know you all not that Gold passes through turbulence for it to shine? An Orange is only sweet when teeth crush it. A lemon is first put in the mouth tested with crush of teeth then vomited. The quietness in UPND is that turbulence has not started yet, wait. Things will show themselves. So better the polished ones for leadership than quiet water. A pencil even needs rubber.

  9. Ba Dipak naimwe, HH is a dictator in his party. It seems quiet because on one raises a head in UPND for fear of being quashed.

  10. There’s no fighting cause the party leadership made it clear that only a tonga can be president. The rest are clear to the point of democracy and hence infighting.

  11. Mr Patel sir, your argument is flawed. You know as well as we do that UPND’s main sponsor is HH and that is why no clown in that party dares challenging him because they know it will be the end of the party if he loses.

    If you had the cash to contribute as much as he does you would have been the first one to challenge him.

    Oh, wait a minute. You only joined 3 weeks ago, didn’t you?

    You and your fellow last century politicians have now jumped on the band wagon because you are opportunist who have smelled UPND victory come 21st January.

  12. Am shocked that this article came from Dipak. This guy used to be good. When I learned that he was HH campaign manager, I thought wow, HH has got it now. With this thinking and writing, I have no doubt Dipak has lost some of his old self. May be age is catching up with him. Or has he been paid enough to talk for the sake of proving that he is the campaign manager? UPND has only faced some resemblance of convention once. We know what came out and what happened to the non Tonga senior members that worked with Andy. What is Dipak trying to tell us. Please work on your messaging for HH and leave non issues out. Task 1 – work on HH’s ‘short film’ that was shown on ZNBC TV 1. It was pathetic and does not inspire. Otherwise HH is in a win- win situation – do not spoil it with poor messaging

  13. There is democracy in PF and MMD at least people are free to express themselves. UPND is full of cowards who can not challenge their blood thirty hungry hyena who wants to be at the helm even in alliances with other parties.

  14. UNDP is a Tonga party lead by IronFist Tonga Bull HH. HH is a Dictator. Also we all know how loyal Tongas can be to their kind. All these ‘new faces’; Taliban Patel, Dr Chunsu Banda, Chifumo GBM , Masebo Chilalelale, Mutiti, Mutale Matobo Namupango, Moron Maureen Mukanshiwa, etc have been with UNDP for less than 9 months or some cases 4 weeks.

  15. Ubufi! UPND shld not think we have fogoten. HH hounded out SAKWIBA SIKOTA on tribal lines. There were serious SQUABLES. Sakwiba was a founding member. A vice president. How LOZI’s have fogoten that we don’t know. HH’s presidency started with a clear statement that upnd was a TONGA PARTY. Chapwa! Those who argued were kicked out. It has remained & acted that way- a 1 Tribe Party!

  16. UPND + HH are mortgaging our country by taking money from shady sources, and there is no way in which they can control corruption if they are using such much for their campaigns! Watch out Zambians; what have they promised in return for the money?

  17. Zambians have forgotten….
    its PF who was infighting and if you remember Edger was bulldozed by a clique to become the PF Leader….
    injustice is never tolerated by GOD Almighty…..
    This means EDGER will never win these election…..

    For a more prosperous Zambia only HH has the answer……….

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