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Expatriate miners dies at Mopani Underground mine

Economy Expatriate miners dies at Mopani Underground mine

AN expatriate miner at Mopani Copper Mine in Kitwe has died after falling off from the underground shaft.

Copperbelt deputy Police chief, Byemba Musole confirmed that Thomas Petrus, 47, died on Sunday, while on duty.

Mr Musole said Mr Petrus was a surveyor at Murray and Roberts Company contracted by the Mopani Copper Mine.
“There was a fatal accident at Mopani in which a miner died on the spot after falling off from the shaft,” he said.

He said Mr Petrus was trying to fix something when he fell off the shaft and died on the spot. Mr Musole said the miner sustained multiple body injuries and died instantly after falling from the underground shaft.

Mr Musole said Police had since instituted investigations to determine the circumstances that led to the death of Mr Petrus.

Zambia today joins the rest of the world in commemorating the Word Day of Safety and Health at work, and ensure that workers are safe at the their workplaces.

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  1. The name sounds like South African, the question is ‘What is he doing in Zambia?’ Zuma said, ‘He should have been looked after by his own country” , which I suspect is RSA. Did he jump or he was pushed? One less Boer on our mines!!

  2. Fire the Safety team at Mopani!
    What is the essence of conducting a Job Risk Assessment before the operation, if not to ascertain the hazards associated with the particular task and avert them? Why wasn’t he in a safety harness?
    Fire the incompetent shift boss and safety team.

  3. Safety is a foreign word in Zambia whether it is on the roads or on the mines etc. Condolences to Mr Petruce’s family. Iwe Kimbaguist, have a heart for Petruce’s family. Without these RSA Boers the Zambia of today with good shopping mall would still have everyone selling on the streets. Don’t bring Zuma’s thinking to Zambia.

    • Do you want me to thank Zuma for the shopping malls? Come on man, business is business! They are trading in peace while Zuma is issuing orders to knife all foreigners selling vegetables in streets of Johannesburg.

  4. Having worked as a surveyor at Mopani and Konkola copper mines for many years,I wonder what could have happened for Thomas Petrus to fall down from the shaft,all underground miners will at Nkana mine will agree with me that such accidents never happen.I hope the police and the safty departs could get to the bottom of the cause of such a rare accident!

  5. @7
    You are right. As an engineer who also worked for mopani safety was given high priority for both contractors and mine employees. Something beyond what the story has revealed happened.

  6. What was he doing in Zambia? He should have been in his country of origin. That’s what thief womanizer ZUMA said. Kafwe fya kwishiba umwine makaka.

  7. English Ba journalist! “Expatriate miners dies …” (Wrong); should read “Expatriate miners die …” But then you were wrong also in your heading since only one person died, therefore, please correct your heading to “Expatriate miner dies …”

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