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PF presidential aspirants told to wait for 2018

General News PF presidential aspirants told to wait for 2018

PF Chawama rally in pictures
PF Chawama rally in pictures

Patriotic Front (PF) National Chairperson for Elections Emmanuel Mpakata has said all those with presidential ambitions should wait until 2018 as President Edgar Lungu was given a five year mandate.
Mr. Mpakata said this when he addressed Party officials in Ndola on Monday afternoon that next year’s general conference would only elect members of the central committee.

“The party was headed for doom but we stood firm and now those that think 2016 there will be presidential elections for the party I’m sorry, I have to tell you in clear terms that we elected his excellence Edgar Chagwa Lungu as party president for the next five years.

There is a misconception that the President Lungu was only elected up to2016, it is a lie. So those of you that are preparing to come and challenge us at the next general conference you should forget it,” Mr. Mpakata said.

He warned that those going round telling PF members that the party will elect another leader at next year’s general conference were wasting their time.

He further said the general conference will be held next year but that only members of the central committee and other matters that they may dim fit for 2016 will be addressed as the party already has a president.

He observed that had the PF not worked hard, the party would have been the shortest lived party in government in the history of Africa.

“But one unfortunate part is that the people who were fighting President Lungu are not asleep, despite that fact, I want to thank the President for the love he has for his contenders whom he has brought in his government and working with them,” Mr. Mpakata said.

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  1. Good to acknwledge that you have a care taker president. Try hard to protect him. But where is Uncle Bob and Wilibarow Simuusa?

    • The General Conference does not elect leaders on interim basis, but for a full tenure of 5 years mandate. What constitional clause would the likes of Simusa evoke to overcome this indelible fact?

      So far the PF Central committee is doing a splendid job in consolidating the party around a sole candidate for Decision 2016.

      Keep electrifying the national base support. Aspirants are at liberty to run for the party Presidency in 2018 to challenge the mandate of ECL who will be winding his second and final republican Presidential mandate ending 2021. All the best.

  2. The math of the PF minions escapes me. I thought the country was due for a presidential election in 2016. Which which place the next one after that at 2021. Unless of course they are saying if ka Lungu wins in 2016 he will pull a Sata by 2018 and by elections will be in order.

  3. Was the election of Chagwa a 5yr mandate or just finishing the term of the late King Cobra. In an ideal situation, the party presidency of Chagwa is that of interim.

  4. Dream on, u think EL is in that position fo masobela? He oso wants it. So 5 yrs it is. Next after he knocks out ka HH & put him back to his usual ka 18%, the one he is used to, then Tongas will sober up.

  5. Not so subtle warning.

    But to whom and why?

    Or, another example of “comrades” interpretation of democratic principles which if successful it can be applied to the Country?

    @ Senior Citizen; #1.1
    Read future statements on the subject carefully.

  6. ECL efintu for now. Those aspiring for PF top Job should wait until 2018 and they should stand out in terms of delivering and not bickering.

    • 2014 +5 =2019 and not 2018. Where did these PF guys did their mathematics. This is the very reason why we are not progressing or developing as a country as they are even failing to do simple maths. Its seems like maths should be compulsory to all PF officials from all their levels, branch, councilor up to the top man.

  7. Wilbur Simuusa is sent by his fellow tongas from tribal UPND to cause confusion like they did before 20/01/2015 together with spoiler Guy Scott!!so please PF leaders fire Simuusa and dont even adopt him in 2016!!WE DONT NEED ANY CONFUSION NEXT YEAR BCOZ ECL HAS TO CONTINUE FOR A FULL 5 YR MANDATE.TRIBAL HH LOST AND ITS OVER FOR HIM!!HIS 5TH STRAIGHT DEFEAT WILL MAKE HIM RETIRE!!SO PLEASE ZAMBIANS LETS RETIRE THIS BITTER,TRIBAL MAN CALLED HH IN 2016!!!

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