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Kalusha has never advocated for life Presidency, he has other ambitions outside FAZ Presidency-FAZ

Sports Kalusha has never advocated for life Presidency, he has other ambitions outside...

Danny Munyau of Zambia receives a goal keeper of the tournament from Kalusha Bwalya, President of FAZ during the Cosafa Cup Final Match mach between Zimbabwe and Zambia on the 20 July 2013 at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium, Zambia ©Muzi Ntombela/BackpagePix
FILE: Danny Munyau of Zambia receives a goal keeper of the tournament from Kalusha Bwalya, President of FAZ during the Cosafa Cup Final Match mach between Zimbabwe and Zambia on the 20 July 2013 at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium, Zambia
©Muzi Ntombela/BackpagePix

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April 29,2015.


The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has noted with displeasure the alarming falsities being peddled against the Association and its leadership.

Some stakeholders have unfairly accused the President of the Association of attempting to abrogate the provisions of the constitution for personal gain.

These allegations are not only false but a product of people who lack understanding of the provisions of the rules and regulations which govern football regards the presidency of the Association.

Regards the presidency of the Association, we wish to remind stakeholders that the constitution of FAZ in its current form allows a candidate to contest this position with limitless terms.

In addition, it is worth noting that the position of president like any other position in the executive committee goes to the candidate who wins an election through popular vote in a transparent democratic process.

It is therefore mind boggling to learn that stakeholders some who are privileged make absurd allegations when the FAZ constitution is a public document which was last amended in 2006 during the reign of Mr Teddy Mulonga.

It is needless to state that the constitution of the association cannot be changed by an individual or group of individuals outside the realms of the policy makers-the counsellors. This is a preserve of the FAZ council which comprises of all the affiliate members of FAZ. This is the only institution which can make changes or any amendments and again through a 2/3 majority voting for such alterations.

The executive committee and secretariat of the association wishes to remind stakeholders that football is serious business managed and administered for and behalf of the Zambian people who demand excellence and rightly so. It is therefore imperative we remain focused and contribute diligently to the growth and development of Zambian football. That is our preoccupation at football house and nothing else.

Football house would like to take this opportunity to remind stakeholders that members of the Association have a constitutional right to propose motions to be considered for discussion and debate at the annual general meeting (AGM). This right is being exercised freely and we wish to stress the point that these propositions do not necessarily reflect the views of the Association’s executive committee and secretariat. We are however duty bound to administratively facilitate such motions and proposals when they are tabled in line with the constitutional provisions of FAZ.

It should be noted however that our President has never and will never advocate for a life Presidency. It should be borne in mind that Kalusha Bwalya  has other ambitions outside being FAZ president.

At the 2015 AGM it was indicated that the Association may convene an extra-ordinary meeting of the council were FIFA is expected to come and make a key note address regards management and administration of football in Zambia

Nkweto Tembwe.


  1. But this guy has overstayed on that position, are there no other people that can be FAZ president who can bring in new ideas, or is it same-old same-old in Zambia?

    I have no issues with him, unless he is the only one who is qualified and capable to run that association, is that why they keep voting for him?

    • Tom Mtine delivered! Great Gkalu is a failure, a corrupt surrogate of Sepp Blatter, and a leach sucking the life out of Zambian soccer. This chap is living off Zambian football, instead of enhancing it! Other former African Footballers have done a great deal for their countries, and continue doing, like Abedi Pele(Ayew) of Ghana, George Weah of Liberia, and currently Didier Drogba, of Ivory Coast, is building hospitals in his home country! Gkalu mismanaged the little money he earned from his playing career, hence his engaging in corruption by selling votes at FIFA! You can ask that man from Qatar(Hamman, I think)! There is an ongoing investigation into Gkalu’s corruption, which has even taken an international dimension! He failed as National team coach and administrator! GET OUT!

  2. And it because of this that the standard of football keeps falling. I am sure the same FAZ constitution was made by Galu. We need as a nation to amend this constitution so that the young talents are not made to bribe these empty suites for a place in a National Team. The only time in recent years the Zambia National Team used a all coach chosen team was when Herve Renard put his foot down.

  3. Are we short of men and women who can do better at the helm of FAZ in our country than the one time great kalu. He has failed lamentably and for fear of unknown has resorted to using some muzungu anikonde chaps to champion his calls for life presidency. Who does’nt know that Kalusha is behind all this

    • Lest we forget, when did Zambia win the Continental Africa Cup again?…for the first time ever!

      And who was at the FAZ helm?

      Who made the tough call to make coaching changes at the 11th hour… and what did that Renard help us achieve?

    • @Kanose…who do you think paid for all that? Taxpayers…What happened to the winnings? We have nothing to show not even a training pitch or a gym or a physio treatment room.
      You do not owe Galu anything in fact he owes you.
      wake up!!

  4. Oh I see, now that state house has distanced itself from your life presidency scheme and campaign you are now denying its existence. Why weren’t you so upfront about it when the rumors started yonks ago??????

  5. Great Kalu, you kicked the ball well in your day (way back), thank you, but that doesn’t guarantee you having excellent administrative skills just as being a good chef doesn’t guarantee one being an excellent hotel group C.E.O. There are lots of other things you can do please give us flippin a break. Administration ain’t your thing, go try some other money making ventures and give Zambia’s football scene a new beginning. Please I beg you.

  6. Hey Mr Nkweto Tembwe, what other ambitions outside being FAZ president, being a house husband in south Africa?

  7. IMMEDIATE RELEASE..truly laughable why didnt the Galu respond after the ended AGM in Kabwe…what can Galu do without the FAZ gravy train? He wouldnt survive one day.

  8. Let him step down then so that he can concentrate on those other fake ambitions who do you think you can fool it is just that the all thing has been exposed we are not stupid.


  10. Chipwete or Chibete what ever you called it seems you were born yesterday, Give me a practical example that the Tom Mtine executive delivered? That is what is called overstaying that’s the same executive that sanctioned Dag Hammarskjold stadium to be demolished as if they was no land in Zambia with the then minister of sport Fredrick Hapunda, They had to put in place a fund raising committee led by Pat Puta. Money was raised & what was there to show for apart from Piling done by wade adams. To date no one seems to talk about what happened to that money. in a nut shell lets leave it to the administrators & offcourse no one will condone Kalusha or any other person to lead FAZ for life.

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