The Zambia Council for Social Development (ZCSD) says it is unacceptable for the ruling party to insinuate that Civil Society Organizations want a new constitution because they are pushing for the introduction of homosexuality in the country.

ZCSD Executive Secretary Lewis Mwape has told QFM News that during the constitution national consultative Conference those issues were discussed and wonders why the ruling party is diverting the attention.

Mr. Mwape says the PF will do well to inform the nation if they have included any clauses in the final draft constitution aimed at promoting homosexuality in the country.

He says PF officials accusing CSOs of trying to promote homosexuality are new in the PF and do not understand anything about the constitution, describing them as hired voices.

Mr. Mwape states that the main reason some Civil society organizations decided to join the Grand Coalition is because they wanted to join forces with others stakeholders who are committed to ensuring that the country comes up with a new constitution.

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  1. These are just attempts to taint the whole constitution making process in a bid to make it flop. If this is true, then it appears there is no good will from the word go.


    • Ngosa Simbyakula is a very dull man. He has no constituency of his own. He failed to introduce a bill to abolish the PoA when he was Minister of Home Affairs, can such a looser be entrusted to preside over the constitution making process…another disaster in the making


  2. Why is PF always pushing for an agenda of hate when they fail to debate or reason?
    The grand coalition like every other Zambian have a stake in the governance of this country.
    By the way even if that was true the general populace would either reject or accept it at the referendum.



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