PF refutes paying people to defect


Patriotic Front (PF) national vice chairman for the mobilisation committee Niger Mpakateni has refuted allegations from some opposition political parties that the ruling party is buying their members to defect.

Mr. Mpakateni said those joining the ruling PF were just attracted by the good policies of President Edgar Lungu who is implementing developmental programmes which were started by the late President Michael Sata in 2011.

He said today during a walk in interview with ZANIS in Lusaka that Zambians should support President Lungu.

Mr. Mpakateni said Zambians should not be misled by the opposition political parties that they will be able to develop Zambia if voted into power in 2016.

He noted that Zambians were eager to see development as opposed to mere politicking which he said will not be able to feed them.

And speaking during the same interview, PF national mobilization committee secretary Kelvin Mayondi said the committee was ready to recruit many members ahead of next year’s elections.

Mr. Mayondi further said the opposition should not make allegations which they were not able to substantiate.

He also said the PF slogan of “PAMAKA” does not mean violence but hard work by government.

Some opposition political party leaders have accused the PF of buying their members in order for them to defect to the ruling party, an allegation which has been vehemently refuted by the PF.

Of late, a lot of people from opposition political parties have been ditching their parties to join the ruling PF citing good policies of President Edgar Lungu.


  1. But you Prostitute Fols (PF) why are you refusing?

    The Kachasu Man is paying alot of money to defectors.

    Very fulish leader indeed.

    The PF is using public money to pay defectors,, He will be arrested.

    • Ati “Kaminamisa Lungu is implementing developmental programmes which were started by the late President Michael Sata in 2011.” How long can you ride on Sata’s legacy?? You can not hide your weakness behind Sata’s popularity forever. It worked during the 2015 elections but Lungu has to have a plan of his own.

      How much % is he going to reduce the unemployment by? How much % is he going to reduce inflation by? How many people are going to be above the poverty datum line by the time he leaves office?

      Jamasoni Lungu has no answers to these questions and i challenge the PF and it’s minions to answer these questions.

      Chimbwi no plan

    • Hilda you are really foolish childish and very dull!!You claim to be a doctor but I think you are just a witch doctor or Sangoma because your thinking is wrapped!!Your Hungry Hyena and ka UPND party have nothing for Zambia and putting HH in power can be the worst mistake Zambia can make.HH has no idea of running a country that is why he is always barking wildly without thinking.You are so blind that you cannot even see that the UPND is slowly diminishing!HH is driving the UPND into oblivion!!Your hatred for EL and your bitterness will choke you to death!!

  2. The country is broke.. More money is paid to a defector and am reliably told the defectors are already on grz payroll.

  3. Ba lusakatimes did you expect that man to say “Yes we are buying defectors, here are the receipts”. Come on! Give us news.

    • Lusaka Times is a wing of PF. Go to their facebook profile picture and you will find Lungu there.It’s as good as reading Times of Zambia or the Zambia Daily Mail

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