YWCA backs President Lungu on dual citizenship clause


President Edgar Lungu with First Lady Esther Lungu and the Spouse of the outgoing Zambia's High Commissioner to South Africa Musonda Chikonde on arrival at the High commissioner's residence where the Head of State addressed Zambian based in South Africa on June 13,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Edgar Lungu with First Lady Esther Lungu and the Spouse of the outgoing Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Musonda Chikonde on arrival at the High commissioner’s residence where the Head of State addressed Zambian based in South Africa on June 13,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

The Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) has supported Cabinet’s decision to approve the dual citizenship proposal and regard it as a non-contentious issues which should be presented in parliament for enactment into the new constitution of Zambia.

YWCA national president Lucy Lungu said the move was welcome because the dual citizenship will not disadvantage children born from parents of different nations.

Ms. Lungu said this in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka adding that Zambians should support this clause of dual citizenship because it was progressive.
She said majority of Zambians supported the clause when the technical committee on drafting the national constitution was going round to get views from the citizens.

She explained that there were many Zambians that are married to foreigners whose children will now be allowed to hold dual citizenship.

Ms. Lungu further said Cabinet meant well when it approved the dual citizenship clause so that it can be taken parliament for final inclusion in the Zambia constitution as advocated by the majority of Zambians.

But Programme Director for Zambia Disability HIV/AIDS Human Rights Elijah Ngwale said his organisation was opposed to the idea of holding dual citizenship.

Mr. Ngwale said the clause will cause a lot of problems in the country because it will promote criminality as some unscrupulous people will take advantage of belonging to two different countries.

He said the country should be careful when implementing the clause on dual citizenship which was already in the draft constitution.

Mr. Ngwale argued that the clause was not good for developing nation such as Zambia but for countries which were already developed.

Yesterday President Edgar Lungu, who is in South Africa, disclosed that Cabinet has agreed that the issue of holding dual citizenship should be among non-contentious issues in the draft constitution.

He said the clause should be taken to parliament for enactment into the constitution and further said Cabinet at its last sitting unanimously resolved that Zambians be afforded an opportunity to hold dual citizenship as outlined in the draft constitution currently under consideration.

He said his government has realised that it was important for Zambians to hold dual citizenship so that the country can move in tandem with modern trends in the world.

President Lungu, who was accompanied by First Lady, Esther, was speaking in Pretoria, South Africa, on Saturday night when he addressed Zambians living in that country.


  1. This dual citizenship issue has been talked to death. I will believe it when I see it in writing. Or I should say when I see it engraved in stone.

  2. These NGOs have now ran out of knowledge.

    Surely, how can you be backing the Kachasu Man, a professional drunkard.

    • Green with envy.

      Probably I shouldn’t bother with non-progressive “pull-him-downs”.

      Malama, you should know your own Bemba wisdom which says “Ubufumu ucindika abene”.

      Usayese kuyankha mwana waciBemba. Lol!

    • Or Hilda you are an ignorant cantankerous nincompoop! This is good for Zambia and no matter how much you insult the President you will not achieve your selfish motives of derailing EL. My advice is go to the Zambezi and drown or hung yourself!

  3. Most advanced countries already allow this, I am glad zed is moving in the same direction. Now our children can have a real choice as where they would like to settle…

  4. Bravo EL! This shows that you are a listening President. Zambians in diaspora should also be allowed to vote from the countries where they live instead of traveling to Zambia

  5. Iwe’ Ngwale’ just concentrate on H.I.V / Aids, a topic you appear to understand better!
    What Criminality are you talking about??
    Zambia has so many undocumented illegal immigrants living in the country. You don’t even have the resources to know how many illegal aliens are in Zambia, nor do you have the ability to remove them.
    If you use your Grey matter, that’s where Criminality will stem from, as with No jobs & documents, these people still need to eat, & accommodate themselves + their dependants.
    Citizens with Dual Nationality have proved to enhance growth of their home Country economies, via investment, & cash repatriations’ to family left behind.
    Ngwale, this is research based info.
    Go back to bed if your H.I.V job is not stimulating enough for you!!!

    • Ngwale ni Ngwele for sure! He should just concentrate on asking his clients on how many sexual partners they have had sex with in the last 12 months not commenting on things he is not familiar with! Thanks Mr. President we want dual all the way

  6. Yes, we are entitled to hold opinions but only a functional illiterate can oppose such a bold move. Lets learn to give credit where its due, our political affiliations notwithstanding.

    • Even charles bimbe rankin wil b able to play for zed,,,Now faz can go around the world and spot talent of diasporas children,,

  7. This issue is contained in the DRAFT, its not ECL’s idea. The DRAFT is our document. So let’s not relax & think ECL is doing us a favour.
    Praise should be to all of us Zambians who are pushing govt to do right by the constitution as we want it.
    If we relax the PF MPs will kill it in parliament. We don’t know how much advocacy influence people like Mr Ngwale have.

    • Baba – Mr. Sata had objected to this as head of state. Learn to understand that now this Clause has presidential support.

  8. This Mr ngwele, who can come from abroad to comitte a crime in Zambia? Like you dont have enough hungry pipo in Zambia who will do anything

  9. Our NAPSA should work well on pension system with dual citizenship. Know well your pension conditions with this dual citizenship.

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