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Zambia will be able export power to Mozambique and Malawi , TBEA reveals

EconomyZambia will be able export power to Mozambique and Malawi ,...

ZAMBIA will be able to export power to Mozambique and Malawi once the construction of the 330kV Zesco transmission line from Pensulo in Central Province to Chipata’s Msekera Sub Station in Eastern Province is completed and commissioned by September this year, TBEA Company Limited Site Manager Shih Shaokuang has said.

Mr Shih said when Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo and Deputy Permanent Secretary Patrick Mwanawasa visited the substation on Monday that the province would have enough power adding that the country would be able exporting the power to Mozambique and Malawi once the project was completed and commissioned by September.

He said once the Chipata West sub-station was completed would contribute to the reduction in power outages adding that projects once completed would culminate into increased trade and investment activities in various sectors in the province.

“Eastern province is going to have so much power meaning Zambia will be able to export power Malawi and Mozambique. We are projecting that come September 2015, the project is completed and commissioned,” he said.

Mr Shih said about 85 percent of the total works on the construction of the powerline had already been completed by TBEA at the substation.

And Mr Kasolo said President Edgar Lungu was passionate to see the project completed and commissioned.

He said he was happy with the pace in which the project was going on by TBEA stating that President Lungu would be the one who is going to commission the project by September this year.

“I am very impressed with the works and this is very encouraging to see the company contracted to undertake the project promising to complete and ready to be commissioned by President Lungu in September,”he said.

He said once the project was completed hive of activities would be taking place in the province.

Mr Kasolo also revealed that Zambia National Service (ZNS) was eager to set up a flower plant and ZamCapital was also set up a plant for milling stock feeds in the province.


  1. But how will Zambia have more power to export as this is just a transmission line and nothing to do with power generation,please clarify. Don’t blind fold us.

    • @Cosmas Malama, “to be able” does not mean to actualize the ability. The Construction Manager merely said “… Eastern Province will have so much power that it WILL BE ABLE to export to Malawi and Mozambique”. This ability will be on account of the amount of power that can be transmitted to and available in Eastern province compared to what is there now.Infrastructure capacity will now be there. The question of whether there is sufficient power from the national grid to export is totally different. If Zambia can import power from Mozambique and it is cheaper to lay transmission lines from E.Province to some border area in Mozambique,they can do offsets between .If we need 100MW,Moz border needs 10Mw we can import 110Mw from and send 10 Mw to Mozambique via the E.province connection.

    • Not only that @Cosmus, why should any Zambian generated power be earmarked for export before the local market is satisfied really! The timing for such a pronouncement is wrong in my opinion.

  2. Exports come after everyone at home is satisfied. Why talk of exporting while many locals are in dire need of the power? Its just sweet talk.

  3. Stupidity,
    Only Zambians will believe such rubbish!
    How can you export power when there is a shortage in the country.
    Yet, thousands of Zambians will believe this?

  4. Confusional repoting again. Or can we andastand it this way! Let ZESCO export that power which is excces at pensulo or central province to other 9provinces before mozambiq & malawi. I didn’t kno that pipo of central hav alot of power, I would hav shifted there long ago.

  5. i stand correct but doesn’t only 38% of our population have access to electricity….rubbish!!! priorities Zesco please make sure all zambians have access to power as its a real source of development ……anyone who lives in the village knows life basically stops once the sun goes down

  6. A case of the left does not know what the right is doing. This is a classic example of how our so called politicians and some so called technical staff operate. By the way these Ps chaps aren’t they supposed to be technocrats? Have we sunk this low to have PS positions for politicians. Patrick Mwanawasa is this the son to late LPM (MHSRIP)? if so then we have lost it because these guys should be given different roles if we want to reward them for one reason or the other. Surely a transmission line does not generate power it merely conveys it. We should have been talking about preparation for the future.

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