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Today’s Message: By His Spirit

Headlines Today's Message: By His Spirit


Today’s Scripture

“Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty.”
(Zechariah 4:6, NIV)

By His Spirit

In this day and age, we are equipped with so many wonderful resources in the natural: technology, education, abilities. It’s easy to rely on our own natural strength for so many things. We have to remember that this natural world is only temporary, but the spiritual realm is eternal. We aren’t limited to the earth’s resources; we have unlimited spiritual resources by the Spirit of God.

There are some things in life that can’t happen by human thinking and reasoning. There are things that won’t be solved by natural power and might. But God is not limited by the resources of this world. When you open the door of faith in your heart, God will move through you in powerful ways by His Spirit.

By His Spirit, you can overcome temptation. By His Spirit, you can receive healing. By His Spirit, you can fulfill every dream and desire in your heart. No matter what challenges or obstacles you may be facing today, know that you can live in complete victory by His Spirit!

A Prayer for Today

“Father in heaven, thank You for giving me access to all of Your spiritual blessings. I choose to rely on You and trust that You are working in my life. I praise and bless You, knowing that You are leading me in victory in every area of my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.”


    • Remember, folks, the Jews don’t believe in eternal suffering. Whether you are a believer or not, all will have their souls cleansed for no more than 12 months before entering Heaven.

      Its also good to know that, because of this, one can interpret the New Testament in a way that also doesn’t have eternal torture. So why do these people believe in such horrific imagery? Because they enjoy it. They enjoy thinking about those they disagree with being punished for not listening to them; some out of self-righteousness, others because they get sexual gratification from it. Its the highest point of narcissism and egomania possible in a single human being.

  1. I thank you for this touching, short but power sermon and prayer. Am blessed and pray that the almighty God in his infinite power and Grace through his Spirit may continue to bless you abundantly,in Jesus’ name

  2. Brainwashed poor people believe God operates concentration camps for the dead, as if he didn’t have anything better do do. Somehow I picture Jesus’ dad, differently than Adolf Hitler.

  3. …do some of these prayers really mean anything to human kind…?….I wonder how some people get so ‘biblically’ convinced that a prayer has a reality cause on their life….especially women folks….a pastor can tell a woman to undress stack naked for the prayer to be heard by da so called God…and she would do just that….a topic for another day….

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