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Villagers disrupt ZESCO works in Mumbwa, demand compensation for their crops

General News Villagers disrupt ZESCO works in Mumbwa, demand compensation for their crops

Villages of Mululi in Chief Moono’s area in Mumbwa district have disrupted the erection of ZESCO pylons which run from Itezhi-tezhi to Lusaka demanding for compensation of their crops from the power utility company.

Acting Mumbwa District Commissioner Charles Hampende who rushed to Mululi village with ZANIS yesterday found that the contractor on Itezhi-tezhi-Mumbwa- Lusaka West 220/330kv transmission line have not been working for the past four days after villages blocked the paths with logs to bar any vehicle carrying material for construction from entering the area.

Speaking on behalf of the Villagers, Headman Mululi vowed not to allow the construction to resume until ZESCO compensates for the crops allegedly damaged during the construction of the pylons.

Headman Mululi claimed that ZESCO promised to compensate the villagers in April, but to date nothing has been paid.

The headman added that they feared that ZESCO would disappear after they finish the construction and that they will not be compensated.

But ZESCO Environmental Project Coordinator Sonny Musakabantu said the delay to compensate them was cause by some villagers who delayed to submit their National Registration Cards details to enable the corporation process their dues.

Mr. Musakabantu said that it is the policy of ZESCO to compensate those affected with the works and that those whose houses were affected have already been paid and the people who are remaining are those whose fields were affected.

He however said the company had by yesterday finished compiling the list of 96 people affected from Itezhi-tezhi to Lusaka and that their money would be ready by the end of this month.

Addressing the Villagers, Mumbwa Acting District Commissioner said the ZESCO project was a national developmental project which needs support from all Zambians.

Mr. Hampende appealed to villagers to give time ZESCO time to complete the works in order to mitigate the impact of load shedding which has hit the country.

He assured them that government will ensure that all those affected are compensated in full without any further delay.


    • Good Move, It’s high time Zesco got its acts right?? You cant just push people around??

      Zambians it’s high time you knew your rights. Next should be councils, We should chain their offices as they are all lazy..

    • Lame excuse by ZESCO PF cadres as usual. Why have they not compensated the ones oho provide NRC. That would have incentivised the other to provide their details as well. Simple logic.

  1. Pay those people ZESCO, and you ka DC were have you been when those guys have been delaying to compensate your people? DC Don’t just seat in the offices and sing praise for panga family, go round and see what the people need. Those villages am sure will not even have direct benefits from those pylons.

  2. People have very little trust after Zesco swindled settlers on the Kariba dam construction.. To this day displaced people and communities have not been fully compensated as promised in the preconstruction Environmental Impact Assessment EIA

  3. I am just wondering what crops they are growing at this point in time in winter…are they being compensated for land as I dont think its advisable to plant anything under high voltage electric overhead cables. I can bet you these people do have electricity in their village hence do not see the importance of those cables to them and their livehoods..this is the country we live in.
    ZESCO should cough now then build..you are telling us you can not drive to the village to check NRC cards as you are working in the area.

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