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President Lungu calls for discarding of retrogressive traditional practices

Rural News President Lungu calls for discarding of retrogressive traditional practices

some makishi during the likumbi lya mize ceremony in zambezi
some makishi during the likumbi lya mize ceremony in zambezi

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has appealed to traditional leaders in the country to help discard retrogressive traditional practices.

President Lungu said as Zambia embraces good cultural practices, there was need to discard traditional practices that did not add value to the well-being of the people.

“Our traditional leaders across the country should take the lead in fighting risky traditional practices such as inheritance of widows, sexual cleansing, early childhood marriage and Gender Based Violence (GBV),” Mr Lungu said.

The President said this during the Likumbi Lya Mize traditional ceremony of the Luvale people held in Zambezi West yesterday.

He said efforts being made by various stakeholders on prevention of HIV and AIDS, promotion of girl child education and restoration of harmony and unity in society could only be attained if bad traditional practices were discarded.

He appealed to men to be part of this reformation and also spoke firmly against tribalism appealing to Zambians to coexist “just like our forefathers did”.

“My Government shall not tolerate acts of sectionalism and violence particularly those which are ethnically or politically motivated because we are a country anchored on the “One Zambia, One Nation slogan ,’’ he said.

He appealed to traditional leaders to be ambassadors in promoting peace and unity among the people.

The President also reaffirmed his directive to line ministries and other Government institutions to offer preferential treatment to qualified youth led enterprises in awarding contracts in public procurement process.

President Lungu recently launched a 2015 National Youth policy and action plan for youth empowerment and employment which might result in more than 5000 jobs for the youth by 2016.

The President also highlighted the number of developmental projects that Government was spearheading in the province such as construction of roads and other social facilities.

He also directed the Vice President’s office to send officials to Zambezi West to conduct a comprehensive assessment of all the bridges that require immediate attention to avert threat to the people in the area.

Speaking earlier, President Lungu said he wants to be remembered as a politician who keeps his promises.

“This is an occasion of joy, love and expression of unity. I want to walk the talk, I want to be a politician who would be remembered for delivering on my promise,” Mr Lungu said.

And senior Chief Mumena the Kaonde people of Solwezi said the people of North Western province were happy that President Lungu had fulfilled the promise to attend the ceremony.

Chief Mumena added that they were happy with the number of visits President Lungu had made to the province since he ascended to Presidency.

He said traditional ceremonies helped to bring people from various places together and demonstrated tranquillity.

Chief Mumena said it was high time traditional ceremonies were regarded as an economic activity for the districts.

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  1. Well said Mr President. Can you also put in place measures to ensure that designated heirs to chiefdoms are educated
    As of now we have illitrate savages passing bad polices and are misguided and wistfully regarding GRZ efforts to bring development to their areas.

  2. Comment: Good remarks but plz mr president practice what you say,wako ni wako has destroyed for stance on tribalism and violence let yo pf stop this act and arresting of opposition members during by elections like solwezi west, we love u but this violence inflinged by yo cadres will make u unpopular, also advise kambwili,chama,mumumbi phire to immediate stop referring upnd as a regional and tribal party

    • Also GBV is not a cultural practice, ba Lungu.

      Another misspeak: “…my government…” No, bululu. It is not your government, just your administration. Government is made up three branches and you only focus on one. Tefyo?

  3. GBV is not our tradition,Mr President.What a dull president he does not know what he is talking about . The dullest president Zambia is having

  4. Patrick ,the problem is not the so called illiterate Villagers ,the biggest problem are the so called educated Africans,who are plundering national resources using their education.They people who have messed up africa are the degree,Phd holders.

    • Yes, I agree. But What you see is because nearly all positions of responsibility are held by educated pipo with varying degrees of education, so the bad decisions can be blamed on the educated. While the majority of the little positive development is also credit to them, illiterates like chief hold very little positions in governments to be scrutinised .chiefs are supposed to guide and advise there subjects, this can be of limited value when you are illitrate.

    • Cont…..
      Or put another way where would Africa be if it were illiterates that where decision makers???. So it seems educated decision makers are a necessary evil.

  5. Of course Mr President,
    Traditional practices are primitive and retard a country’s progress.
    By example, take Luapula Province, traditional practice is most prevalent there…AND IT IS THE MOST BACKWARD, PRIMITIVE, IMPOVERISHED and UNEDUCATED PROVINCE IN ZAMBIA. They are a “parasite” to the nation, draining it of its meagre resources!

  6. …instead of mistakenly mentioning GBV, why didn’t he make mention of the dreadful practice of forcefully mutilation of innocent children’s genitals….some ending up dead…its so prevalent out there…I still believe such choices must be made by an individual himself…an adult say minimum 18yrs old…..

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