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ECZ registers 893,783 new voters

General News ECZ registers 893,783 new voters


The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has registered eight hundred and ninety three thousand seven hundred and eighty three (893,783) new voters during the first, second and third phases of the voter registration exercise which took place from 14th September to 27th October, 2015.

ECZ Public Relations Manager Crispin Akufuna in a statement issued to QFM News says of the total numbeAkufunar of new voters, 457,304 are male while 436,479 are female.
Lusaka province has the highest number of new voters at 177,372, followed by Southern province at 149, 254, central province has 105,569 new registered voters with eastern province having registered 93,096 new voters.

Northern province has 79,906 new voters, Copperbelt has 85, 478, western province 66,074 new voters with Muchinga province registering 56,992 voters.
Luapula and northwestern provinces have 40,673 and 39,369 registered new voters respectively.

And the Commission has during the same period made 921,424 updates involving voter transfers, card replacements and amendments and 14,272 notifications of deceased.

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  1. Congrats to all who have taken time altho’ am not sure whether all eligible voters have registered. Next year we need to be serious, Zambia is our country and we have to think beyond politics of the stomach. What is even more important is what measures ECZ will put in place to avoid rigging? and most important buying off voters cards?

    Parallel voters registers should be in place. Results should be announced immediately on radio and TV and published on ECZ as and when. No rigging.

    Viva Zambia.

  2. This is encouraging, it looks like real change will come from LP, SP and CP this time around.
    PF will feel the wrath of the three united provinces. So Lungu smelt the fear hence the rush to CBP so that he could encourage the youths get registered, its too late ba PF.

    I see Lusaka reaching 200, 000 new registered voters, Southern 170,000 and Central 130000 new registered voters (youths). Usually these are guys who see nothing in the ruling party and theirs is Change.
    This time iliko bad to PF in these three Provinces considering how difficult life is especially in Lusaka.
    The best Chama and Mumbi Should is marry and make sure they produce a lot children and beat these numbers by 12th November 2015.

  3. You *****s, u think zambian can be ruled by SATANIST ,UPND HH? TWAkana bane. God loves zambia as we are christians not HH INDOSHI.

    • Baba, name calling and rumour mongering won’t do this time around-that gimmick of calling your opponent a satanist without proof is fast loosing steam, the pf evented that and propelled/amplified it before the Jan 2015 and probably managed to get some votes among uneducated out it but this time it won’t work.
      From your tone I can tell that you are big indoshi and not the person you you directing your anger at. So baba, if you are at the embassy in Washington, save the dollars you are being paid by the pf because next year you may be kissing good bye to the American dream. If you happen to be a relative to one of the useless current crop of PF politicians and you are studying, you better work hard, because once PF are out, the dollar will dry and you may end up going back home empty…

  4. CONT. … handed without having finished your course….and you know how hard life is pa Zed with a mere G12 certificate. Stop using the the name of God in vain for own selfness-read Matthew 7:1

  5. Wise advise Zezemb for that PF cader, I hope he starts preparing himself. When more people register to vote, that means they want change. The people who voted for PF are now regretting their decision as they are hit hard with the economic meltdown, they didn’t know Lungu well last time, now they know the man and what he has to offer. It’s a pity the man is hardly doing anything to fix the country but worry about next year. His talking and threats only make everything worse scaring investors and people with money to help. The man needs more prayers and good advisors.

  6. My main surprise is, why do people interested to hear what others are telling them about HH being a satanist, especially those who went for the 18th October prayer and fasting, those who call themselves christians, where, when, what and what makes them believe the man HH is a satanist? What if one day it turns to be ECL being the satanist, what will these people say? They ‘simple in looking but tough in action’ you may bear false witness agaist HH when in the actual sense akamwaice ekaleficita. How do know. Icipuna cabufumu mwebaice mwebalesabailafye, tacikalwafye kano pali nepowikete. Go ask KK over what made him come down. There were stories of the guruz in the state house of which todate are in our memories of those born in 60z & 70z. When he messed up with the guruz, everything…

  7. in the state house? Why is the prresido and the wife avoiding there house (state house), its just too much of them running ups and downs nishi nabena balefwaya apakwikata thats when they are going to settle down? Those who saying HH is a satanist, should know that they are also the same. If you are a christian who attended that prayer and fasting, pliz stop bearing false witness against HH as you are commiting a sin by doing that. Even if God wz to answer those prayer but just bcoz of your pretence and bearing false witness against HH, God will never answer the prayers bcoz you alone with your unfaithfulness have polluted everything.

  8. Baice ukusabaila kubi fimbi muleumfwakofye than for you to contribute with a bad language. Aba Bemba batila icikupempula ecikulya. Its today,tomorrow will bring another story to disappoint you. Dont believe in whatever you hear, you are still young just fend for your lives than to engage yourselves in such sinful thoughts some of you are just cursing themselves by mentioning HH’s name. Bakeni imilomo yenu kukulanda ifibi.

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