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President Lungu commends Parliament on Constitutional bill vote

Headlines President Lungu commends Parliament on Constitutional bill vote

President Edgar Lungu held meeting with An International Monetary Fund (IMF) team led by Tsidi Tsikata who is division chief African department in Washingston at State house. Picture By Eddie Mwanaleza/State house.20-11-2015.
President Edgar Lungu

PRESIDENT Lungu has commended National Assembly for voting for the Constitution of Zambia bills, saying the constitution is an important document that should have national consensus.

President Lungu has also promised that should there be sufficient consensus for progression on the Bill of Rights, he will call for a referendum.

Special assistant to the President for press and public relations Amos Chanda told journalists at the Presidential guesthouse in Kitwe yesterday that President Lungu applauded Parliament for the vote because the constitution is an important document which should be driven by national consensus.

“The President wishes to place on record that the constitution is an extremely important document upon, which the country is governed and in recognition of that, the President continues to assure the promises he has been making regarding giving the Zambian people a people-driven constitution,” he said.

“The President had promised that the people of Zambia would get what they want.”

Of significant note in the constitution, he said, was the passing of the majoritarian principle of the 50 percent-plus-one winning threshold for the winning presidential candidate, the running-mate clause, which he said would create stability and also assure continuity in the event one President does not continue.

Mr Chanda said President Lungu continues to promise and assure the nation that when there is sufficient and progressive consensus on the Bill of Rights, he will deliver a referendum because that part of the constitution cannot change without a referendum.

“So the President wishes to congratulate the members, [including] those who voted against, that parliament has passed a constitution therefore the President wishes to congratulate the National Assembly for this remarkable development that has happened, it will ensure stability and unity of the nation,” he said.

And Local Government Minister Stephen Kampyongo has said that the PF government has finally honored its promise of delivering a people driven constitution to the masses.

Mr. Kampyongo said that the adoption of clauses such as the 50 plus 1 percent clause, running mate and dual citizenship is critical for the country’s good governance.

He has told ZNBC News that while the process faced a lot of challenges including doubts and suspicions on government and the President, the PF remained steadfast and engaged MPs from the opposition MMD and some from UPND as it does not meet the two-thirds majority votes required.

Mr. Kampyongo thanked the MMD MPs and leadership for having looked at the document beyond partisan lines.

He also thanked the opposition UPND for having stayed throughout the night from 14hrs yesterday to almost 10hrs today when parliament adjourned.

The Minister said that while the UPND was not in favour, their participation throughout the night is also a sign of being a part of the process.

And MMD National Secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima said that his party is not ashamed to have supported the move taken by parliament contrary to what some people may think.

Mr Mbulakulima said that the MMD has been consistent on the constitution making process.

He said the adoption of the 50 plus 1 percent clause will bring a totally different landscape to politics in the country.

Meanwhile, a Lusaka Clergyman Jevan Kamanga has hailed government for supporting the constitution making process to its logical conclusion.

Reverend Kamanga has also thanked MMD parliamentarians for supporting the process in Parliament.

He has appealed to citizens to remain calm as they await Presidential assent.

Parliament has since adjourned sine die.


  1. Your excellency this is your indelible legacy. We understand the perils of leadership, but what your leadership and all patriotic legislators have done is just splendid. This whole development is a landmark progress for the common good. It spike immeasurable benefits to the country. You will see an increase in new ideas which the country needs, appetite of the highly qualified Zambian Diaspora and their families ploughing back in the local economy and society. Above and beyond, it ends a vicious cycle of amorally shredding tax payers’ scarce resources in perpetuity. With time, a lot of useless politicians will become stale and moribund hoodlums. We are very proud again as Zambians.

    • You have well-expressed my own personal sentiments too.

      I add my personal accolade to the President and our Parliamentarians.

    • Finally, I can say the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise can now enjoy dual nationality without losing their birthright … What a breakthrough! Only the right kind of leadership can bring about such needfuls.

      Kudos, Mr. President!!! Proud of you and your hardworking team.

  2. Just how many past presidents had shied away especially on 50+1 threshold? It has to take ECL to achieve what many pple have been yearning for for many years Viva ECL and Viva PF!

  3. This is indeed the best thing to have happened in our freedom history. I bet that UPND will never form government under the 50%+1, if in doubt go to history. This clause favours the party in power as it gives them impetus to work even harder.
    Just on what basis can the opposition gunner over 50% votes just merely by yapping promises? Those in political school already know that PF has the probability to rule over ten years as long as they deliver development.
    Ba HH, it a KO bana.

  4. This feels like a giant piano has been lifted off one’s shoulders. We suffered in silence with the dual citizenship clause. And nobody wanted to touch the issue, as if it was the plague. Now we can move in and out of the country like we please and brilliant ideas shall begin to take root. For the benefit of that God forsaken place. Change has come to Zed!

  5. @UFO,my bro I agree with you totally.This is a landmark and historical achievement in the political arena of country.This puts to rest any hope for HH and UPND to ever form government in Zambia.Just to imagine where HH will get over 3,000,000 votes in this tricky voting pattern,its almost impossible.It means he has to get copperbelt,lusaka,central and his ussual strongholds.It is simply over for him and his UPND.

    • you mean upnd and hh were not aware about how unfavourable 50%+1 would be to their chances? or was it just for the sake of opposing until suddenly they discover they were actually opposing shadows? this clause entails a lot of hardwork for any opposition party to survive

  6. Updn sympathizers in diaspora are happy about the passing of dual citizen 50% ÷1 etcetera while their party on the ground rejected what they ‘ve always wanted. Come on guys just jump aboard on the mighty boat and sail our country to some greater heights. Imagine your kids before were homeless and pf has given them back their list heritage and pride. Lets climb on top of the wall and look beyond HH.

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