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Saturday, January 18, 2020

UPND meets the Police Command over the POA

Police officers push Zambezi West Member of Parliament Charles Kakoma out of the Lusaka Central Police Station.
FILE: Police officers push former Zambezi West Member of Parliament Charles Kakoma out of the Lusaka Central Police Station.

Police and the opposition UPND on Monday held a closed door meeting to discuss among other pressing matters, the Public Order Act and the escalating political violence.

Both parties discribed the meeting as fruitful and resolved that the Police would not stop the opposition from holding meetings provided they adhered to the provision of the Act.

In a short statement, Police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja said the Police will not stop the UPND from exercising their freedoms as long as they comply with the provisions of the law and observe peace and order during such meetings.

Mr Kanganja further assured all political parties that the Police will do everything within their powers to make sure that the Public Order Act is applied fairly and equally to all.

And UPND Spokesperson Charles Kakoma said his party has made it clear that the party will continue following the provisions of the POA and go ahead with its meetings, rallies and procession.

Below is the full statement as issued by the party Spokesperson.

25th January 2016

UPND Leadership meeting with Zambia Police Command

This afternoon high level UPND leadership figures, including party President Hakainde Hichilema, vice presidents Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and Dr. Canisius Banda, Secretary General Stephen Katuka, National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango and others, engaged the Zambia Police Inspector General and his top command on various issues.

Key issues discussed were the selective application and abuse of the Public Order Act, rising political violence in the country, and the victimisation of fellow police officers suspected of being sympathetic to opposition political parties.

As UPND, we cited solid evidence of cases where our meetings have been cancelled or denied despite us following all the requirements for holding such meetings.

We put it to the police command that their actions were against the provisions of the POA and hence illegal.

It has been agreed with the police command that the UPND will continue following the laid down procedures in notifying the police and enjoy the full rights of holding our meetings and our freedoms as provided by the constitution.

The UPND made it very clear that our party will continue following the provisions of the POA and go ahead with its meetings, rallies and processions.

The UPND will also continue holding indoor meetings that do not require police notifications and permits.

On the rising political violence, the UPND called on the police to rise above partisan lines and deal firmly with the perpetrators of political violence, especially by the PF cadres who seem to be aided by the state police.

The UPND also called on the police top command to stop victimisation of colleagues who are refusing to brutalise opposition members.

It was also stated and agreed that a number of UPND members are being detained in police cells sometimes more than the stipulated 24 hours without appearing in court and that in some instances the charges are changed to more punitive non-bailable offences. The trend must be stopped.

The UPND also gave examples of how the police command have ignored court orders after a ruling has been made.

All these issues were addressed in an amicable and cordial atmosphere and it is our hope the police will no longer interfere with the activities of our party mobilisation teams on the ground.

The police command will issue their own statement on the resolutions of the meeting.

Charles Kakoma
UPND Party Spokesperson

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  1. UPND keep fighting for your rights as this is the only way you will campaign this year. PF is hell bent on blocking your campaign strategy. Keep fighting and do not leave any room for PF to use underhand methods to blocking your campaigning. PF is aware of the damage they have done to our economy and the many livelihoods they have destroyed in the process i.e farmers, miners and students


    • DF party was supposed to be in that meeting as well. We just hope Kangaja will not be fired by PF.


    • Excellent stuff. That sounds like a fruitful meeting. I just hope that Kanganja doesn’t make a complete U-turn on this. He needs to understand that it is in his best interest that he keeps to the provisions of that deal so that he can as well keep his job beyond August 2016.


  2. Campaign period is coming. I ‘ve never witnessed or heard of any country where politics and campaigns is throughout the year. Why so much power appetite by zambians. Even when it is known that they are bringing nothing but the continuation ON table they are busy forcing their way. Zambians gives chance only when it is necessary not based on what you promises them. All politicians are the same and have a common agenda. Who knew sata would abandon his promises and allow Mmembe to loot our tax?


    • Sponge Bob

      Have you ever heard of a country that sets a time table for political campaigns. Political campaigns are an on going form of civic engagement with the people so that ruling regimes does not take advantage of its illiterate citizens.

      Limiting campaign period only happens in countries where rogue regimes rule like Zambia.


    • Sponge Bob, the anxiety for campaigns is because we the people of Zambia are sick to the stomach of the PF s wave of destruction and plundering and the reign of terror in our once peaceful nation. So there;


  3. I hope they scheduled regular meetings e.g. once every fortnight in case our learned police IG forgets his commitments


  4. @ Sponge bob, don’t talk on behalf of Zambians this is your own thinking, and ask your yourself who has made campaigns/ by election part of their legacy. Political parties are only responding to what is obtaining on the ground. Politician could be the same but even amongst *****s there is a better *****. You talk of appetite for power, honestly ba Sponge bob, how do expect me to get alternative ideas and solutions if the other parties are not given a platform. I think I have heard a lot about infrastructure stuff now I want know how the economy, kwacha and many more will improve.


  5. Crying babies as usual. let pipo farm campaigns will start in May. When you start political gatherings pipo will abandone farming . lets farm time for political gathering will come


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