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President Lungu expected in Western Province to Commission Mongo-Kalaba Road

Economy President Lungu expected in Western Province to Commission Mongo-Kalaba Road

Face View of the Newly Constructed Bridge on the Zambezi River on Mongu-Kalabo Road in Western Province
Face View of the Newly Constructed Bridge on the Zambezi River on Mongu-Kalabo Road in Western Province

President Edgar Lungu is Wednesday expected in Western province to commission various infrastructure developments.

Western Province Minister Pionso Njeulu has told ZNBC News that the President’s visit to the Province will include a courtesy call on the Barotse Royal Establishment before commissioning the projects.

Mr. Njeulu says the President will commission the Mongu – Kalabo road, Sioma bridge and the Senanga Nursing School.

He says the Head of State will also commission the construction works for the King Lewainka University and visit St John’s Secondary School.

He said the President on Friday is expected to finish commissioning the projects and will fly back to Lusaka.

Mr. Njeulu said the people in Western Province are grateful to the PF Government for the massive infrastructure projects that have been rolled out in the province.

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    • @1 Napapa Sana, these projects are not owned by one person but by the people of Zambia!! If that is the case we can say let him go with KK because it was under his leadership that such a project was conceived! So in your thinking what PF needed to do was to shelve this project and start new things?? By PF completing the project they show that development is about the people and not political parties and presidents in power! I am not a PF fan, but you like it or not they have completed the project in record time and they will commission it since it their mandate!!

    • Lets spare a thought to how much money has been wasted in the past..even this sum its self with numerous bridges is too steep. Let learn to reflect as we will pay for this not Lungu or Banda.

    • Westerners have been brainwashed and have become unappreciative. They vote on tribal lines for lozis and their cousins tongas.

    • @1.5 wasatime,
      Your memory is failing you badly, the Lozis helped Rupiah Banda win the presidency and later Rupiah without appreciation and decency said he did not ask them to vote for him and later ordered the brutal arrests, torture, maiming, murder and detention for their peaceful demonstrations.
      The Lozis also voted for Sata and I would not bother if they voted for Lungu or not because as we all know Lungu’s adoption was violently and unlawfully acquired, in other words he is illegally in office. Lungu is on record while he was in Chipata where he publicly advised the Easterners not to vote for outsiders but Easterners only.
      Finally, be honest and tell me which tribe does not vote on tribal lines.

    • Kalaba ashupa, awarded a road for attacking VJ? before I conclude, which Kalaba has they named that road after:
      Kalaba the captain of Zambia National team- Footballer or
      Kalaba of PF?

      Who is Mongo, is a deputy minister or is one of those cadres?

  1. The road looks very good and its good for the people of western province and Zambia in general. However if our priorities were right we would give more attention to Solwezi Chingola road because, through that road more money can be generated which can then be spread to other parts of the country.

  2. Good job but the people will give you the boot all the same…. tough luck malume! I don’t understand Zambians. Tabatasha!

  3. Now,could government also tell us how much these projects have cost our treasure in loans and internally generated resources?? It would be good to know how much the so called “neglected” province has benefited from these pieces of infrastructure alone so that the nation can know how much share of the total cost of trunks roads development has been taken by this road and bridge. Is the fear in telling us the cost hidden in the fact that may be it has been exaggerated with position under the table dealings? People of Western Province have complained of neglect for so long and this infrastructure is said to be costly so it is just fair that the government shows how they are investing in the province as one of the 10 provinces crying for development!Pictures are not enough!!

  4. Some good reading for a change, that mongo- Kalambo road is a marvel. It will also give the young boy Commentator something to talk about. Without something from Edgar, Commentator will go on about rigging, Armageddon, and talk about prayers that he does not believe in. Once you give him something to keep his mouth busy something to comment on, maybe Priscilla Isaacs can be left alone to do some useful work….just thinking how to help Priscilla do what she knows best, I.e. organising successful elections. She told off HH herself that she is not paid to rig elections, in other words reminding Commentator boy that he should learn to practice mature politics, and that he should not blame anyone else but himself for losing elections which he does not take seriously in the first place.

  5. My only safety concern is that hump on that bridge…thats a blind spot on a bridge; why not allow for a steady rise.

    • @9 Jay Jay,
      You are spot on, the hump is too sharp and makes the structure look like a pyramid.
      Elsewhere around the world structural engineers would condemned it.

    • This is a serious engineering flaw to save costs on redesigns….Zambians will accuse me of being negative never have i seen a hump on top of a bridge. Imagine an accident on there.

  6. Solwezi Chingola road is being worked on. The contractors are just slow. All praise to the PF for the Mongu-Kalabo road because other governments including RB did not put money on that road, it was just political ploy to get western votes.

  7. Well done PF for showing the people of western province that they are purely Zambian and we will share our national cake with equally as long as it takes for this country to develop and get out of the quagmire of poverty. Bravo to the people of Barotseland and the GRZ. This road is a marvel to behold.

  8. The road was started by RB and so credit should go to MMD. HH will also commission more projects once he wins the August elections. It is how you spend.

  9. LT, we know you are record holders when it comes to misspelling and use of wrong words. Where in Barotseland do you find ‘Mongo and Kalaba’ or is it an attempt to bembalise everything since the bemba language is secretly and cunningly being imposed on the people as the official language?

  10. Let him go who cares any way? Of course people will flock there just to have a glimpse of what type of a creature he is. Kipeto.
    Zambia forward.

  11. another show of the ugly face of evil in barotseland. only Mwanawasa was genuine to the people of barotseland.

  12. Unlike the rest Levy was pure and gave a dignified meaning to the people of barotseland. he never campaigned on false promises. RB killed innocent people in barotseland. Chagwa has also incarcerated innocent citizens of barotseland. anyway i cant wonder, this is Zambia the so called christian nation who want to believe they have become God’s chosen people thru a politcally motivated announcement.

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