GBM urges voters to turn up in numbers and vote


The opposition UPND says it will be difficult for Zambians to take part in the suggested 11th August 2016 Referendum if they still remain without knowledge on it.

United Party for National Development Vice President for Administration Geoffrey Mwamba says Zambians need to know what they will be voting for during the forthcoming Referendum which will be held alongside the 2016 General Elections.

Mr. Mwamba says people are supposed to be informed and well aware of the Referendum process including their role during voting.

He says without them knowing what they are voting for or against, citizens should abstain from the process as it is wrong for them to take part in something they do not know or understand.

The opposition leader has however urged Zambians to turn up in large numbers during the 2016 General elections so as to choose leaders that will care about their needs.

Speaking in Mufulira on Wednesday during his on-going political campaign trail on the Copperbelt, Mr. Mwamba said staying away will only give an advantage to a party with bad policies to be in government presiding over their affairs.

And Mr. Mwamba has promised Zambians that no foreigner will be allowed to do businesses that locals can do.

The former Defence Minister in the ruling Patriotic Front adds that foreign investors in the UPND government will not override locals’ businesses as proper regulation will be put in place unlike the current situation were some investors have come to Zambia to do simple businesses like selling chickens and vegetables.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwamba says people need to redeem themselves from poverty come August 11 2016 elections.

He further cautioned against voting on tribal lines but that people should vote considering who will help them acquire essential commodities at reasonable prices.

And speaking at the same Rally, former Lubansenshi Independent Member of Parliament Patrick Mucheleka says Zambia is bigger than one tribe and that all people should be embraced.

Mr. Mucheleka has since urged people to embrace each other as no grouping was more important than the other in Zambia.

Also present at the Rally was United Democratic Front President Miles Sampa who asked Zambians to forgo tribal talk as it will not bring development to the nation.

He advises that people should look at the quality of a leader to when voting and not tribe.



      Please to those with access to the UPND leader, kindly pass on this message to him.

      Mr president, I realise GBM, Sampa and Dr Banda are all doing a great job and they are all capable of being your running mate. But if you want to win these elections, I urge you to consider taking on Dr Scott as your running mate. By so doing, there will be peace among the senior members as all the people I have mentioned above have great respect for Dr Scott as he is more neutral and they wouldn’t complain much that they have been left out and hence maitaing the much needed peace and harmony in the party at this crucial moment. Sampa can be Finance Minister while GBM can take up defence or Home Affairs.

    • The late Sata won the elections in 2011 largely because of this great man called Dr Scott, please make full use of him. He has already marketed himself fully and well known by every Zambia having been a close ally to Sata and also having been our VP and acting president. Bwana president let it be HH/Dr for President and VP, and i tell you, you will be smiling all the way to State House because Scott has got all that pulling power among the masses.

      Mr President, I rest my case.

    • UPND has just been boasting all along that they have the ‘ winning formula/team’. Little did we realise that it is relying on ‘Bemba Brains’ to win. The vety people that came from ‘Kolwestan’ are the ones the entire Bantustan is relying upon. Its PF swallowing UPND ! Ati forward !

  1. This party has really grown Mufulira came to a stand still yesterday and i couldn’t believe what I saw yesterday that UPND can attract such a huge crowd like that in Mufulira any way all the best.

  2. All the people mentioned to have been in Mufulira are all ex PF officials. Where are the original UPND kanshi?

  3. now all understand why zambia and Afrika in general is languishing…this is what HH is talking about – government and politics CANNOT and MUST NOT be the major employer in a Country…the legacy is politics-of-the-belly; LET MY PEOPLE GO, Lutuli still cries to this day; Presidents craving to be Kings, the Quest for Feudalism is afoot in Afrika and that is very sad indeed – and all because of the bend-over-yes-bwana mentality…Stand up for Zambia mwebantu! Foward!!

  4. As long as the illegal foreigners are stopped from voting Edgar stands very little chance. He was speaking with a lot of confidence before the Dubai and foreign nationals registering as voters came light. Of late he has resorted to saying that God is my side against all odds.

  5. Everything PF has done, UPND wants to replicate, yet they say PF has failed. How are you going to develop Zambia with the same failed and recycle old cows like Scott and GBM. Your campaign promises have also reduced from 50 in 2011 to 10 in 2016. This means PF has delivered and wiped out the other 40. Ifintu ni Lungu.

  6. @1.1, your analysis has made my day with the hope that HH will see this as a positive contribution. I recommend Guy Scott 100% as running mate because he hasn’t got this silly thing called TRIBE in him. This can be to the advantage of UPND only if we can have free and fair elections. We all know by now that PF have engaged there own printing Company Al Ghurair Printing and Publishing Company of Dubai to print ballot papers, and with this Company, I doubt very much that UPND can win these elections, and there is another issue of PF having registered foreigners to come and vote for Lungu. I am really at sixes and sevens.

  7. UPND has just been boasting all along that they have the ‘ winning formula/team’. Little did we realise that it is relying on ‘Bemba Brains’ to win. The very people that came from ‘Kolwestan’ are the ones the entire Bantustan is relying upon. Its PF taking over UPND . These poor Tonga fellas cant realise that potentially its our time again ! If you dont pick a Bemba running mate UPND is going nowhere !!

  8. GBM can you define for the term “Referendum”? Am very sure that you don’t understand the term and you want to confuse your few followers to abstain for lack of understanding. During the short period you have been in upnd, you have become an expert in law and economics. This just shows the calibre of the people in upnd. Concentrate on dubious business together with your president.ZAMBIA can turn into congo full of deals and short cuts because that’s what defines both of you.

  9. I thought HH was smart and would not be infiltrated by same old recycled politicians. I’m fine if old guards join a new party, but when they do, they need to be ordinary members. GBM is a known abuser of his wife and He is the Donald Trump of Zambia who is elected merely on being a wealthy businessman but has no gravitas as a leader. Looks like the world is about the same all around. *****s rule!

  10. I thought that HH was an intelligent and well thought out leader. I’m very disappointed that he has appointed GBM as a Vice President It is embarrassing to say the least that a man who has abused his wife is potentially going to be a vice president. This is like Donald Trump all over the face of GBM. This man is elected on the basis of being a wealthy businessman and not for his gravitas as a leader. Very embarrassed and for me personally I don’t care about them politics anymore. What difference does it.make when you recycled politicians? No room for new voices

  11. How are you going to reduce the prices of commodities. You have to explain. Elo what will Gbm etc do differently that they failed to do when they were in govt. Guys politics have evolved you cant use the same tactics used 10yrs ago. People now know how politicians promises hevean on earth and once the form govt. All you see are Arizona trucks parked at Zesco and when they inquie their silenced that you think i didn’t join politics for money. Mwe bena Zambia i rest my case

  12. Yes, we are turning out in record numbers to vote for ECL and PF. In the last elections we did not, but this time we are. It is a different ball game. UPND and HH will cry because again they are losing. PF is steady and taking it nice and easy. We are pointing what we have done, while HH and UPND are not even telling us what the can do.
    Niyokosa!!!! The harder HH tries, the harder he fails. Hahahaha, wina akali kulila…

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