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Alba Iulia
Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Caricature of Edger Lungu: My ZNBC

Headlines Caricature of Edger Lungu: My ZNBC

Lungu and znbc
Lungu and znbc

Illustrations by Black Rose The Artist

follow him on twitter @BlackRoseThA

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    • I wonder how it is possible to be so damb like ECL…How is it possble ai??

    • Kambwili will not welcome this. It is ZNBC made him Dr.
      Now this Chengelo picture shows Lungu has the owner.

  1. A frog can wear a lipstick buy it will never win a human being beauty contest! To the contrary ECL is not humble or Godly. He is actually evil and his actions speak louder than words. Lungu is a hypocrite who pretends to be what he is not. He is busy rigging this year’s elections while pretending to be preaching peace. The Lungu/RB rigging connections will destabilise Zambia for the first time if he succeeds in his mission to rig his way. If one looks at Lungu’s trail of destruction one wonders what Zambia will become if Lungu imposes his rule on Zambians? Lungu assisted by RB has shown traits of an emerging tinpot dictator. To re-elect Lungu is like signing a death sentence on Zambians. Lungu and RB have to be stopped at all costs#

  2. @ Chirwa- stop airing your jibberish euphoria in public iwe!!! PF does not need to rig the elections, its a popular party that has delivered on many social and economic needs that people yearned for. The problem with upnd dweebs and goons is that you choose to veil wool over your eyes and plug your ears with wax! You dont see any good or you simply choose to be demagogues, always negative! Sela tubombeko, Umuntu NiLungu!

    • Iye taata iwe…PF is popular..??? kabiyefye unwe ka chasu mukomboni, and then you can confort yourself with amaule ayalemipaya…..syncnonised !d!ocy

  3. I don’t need ZNBC. I wish you can just be giving me back my monthly subscription fee that you have imposed on us

  4. Ladies. And Gentlemen kindly preach peace and show your manifesto not these insults, there is no. Development in insults and violence only destruction, therefore if u don’t have a a good and convincing. Manifesto dont use. Insults and violence better u keep quiet, God bless u all

  5. I don’t know why some people are bitter about our powerful President ECL. Mind you, you can call him all sorts of names and he will never be like the perpetual loser HH. Imagine just one try he became victorious No your H.H awe mwandi nabana abali ba baby nomba nabakula he is still in opposition awe mwandi yalikosa, kwati ni candle.

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