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Raphael Nakacinda warns Mumba and company to stop using their positions or risk arrest

General News Raphael Nakacinda warns Mumba and company to stop using their positions or...

Raphael Nakacinda
Raphael Nakacinda

New MMD National Secretary Rapheal Nakacinda has warned former NEC members including former President of stern action against whoever will be found masquerading and using their former positions of the party.

Speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka at the party’s secretariat Mr Nakacinda said the old NEC of the party has ceased to exist after finalising the process with the registrar of societies.

He said the names of office bearers has been changed and that continuing to use their positions will be criminal,something he said would not be tolerated.

Mr Nakacinda who presented the certificate for the party added that all necessary procedure to ensure that new office bearers take office has been concluded and that the MMD under the leadership Felix Mutati wants to follow the laid down procedures when handling party matters so as to ensure that he does not abrogate the party constitution.

He explained that, now that the law has recognized Mr Mutati as the legitimate President of the Party, he will start operating from the secretariat.

While the press briefing was taking place Dr Mumba was locked in a meeting with the registrar of society Director seeking a revisal of names of office bearers.

But Mr Nakacinda said they have followed the constitution requirements hence Dr Mumba should just accept his fate.

He said Dr Mumba was now a former president of the former ruling party and that he should now be addressed as such.

The move by the registrar of society effectively and formerly makes Mr Mutati the legitimate President of the MMD.


  1. On behalf of all bloggers I would like to take this time to pray for NSM.
    Lord God almighty, we pray on this virtual space that you strenghen your servant one, Nevers Sekwila Mumba, in this political turmoil. We reckon that his spirit is weak at this juncture even as his body looks intact. Stregnthen him emotionally and spiritually, oh Lord ,as he soldiers on in this frenzy packed political arena; The decision of your servant to embark on a political journey seem not to be bearing fruit in our bare eyes but we ask that you open his eyes so that he does not tire on his quest to rule on Zambian soil, if this is your wish. Yes he has declared that “Zambia Shall be Saved”. We the people of Zambia support the spiritual context of this declaration. In Jesus’ name we pray, AMEN

    • You PF losers are just afraid that with his oratory skills, UPND has caught a serious big fish from MMD unlike your Mutati who has his tail between his legs. Is Mutati also broke like Kavindele? UPND is getting stronger while you watch.

    • ‘The move by the registrar of society effectively and formerly makes Mr Mutati the legitimate President of the MMD’……..really? Wait for the courts to make a ruling ba Nakacinda.

    • Registrar of Societies is simply a DOOR-MAT! He knows that if he doesn’t rubber stamp Chagwa’s wish, his job is over the next day!! So bena Nakachinda – mule chindila fye bena Chagwa!! Do his dirty work for him!! Who would have believed seemingly intelligent young blood was being infused into MMD is now for hire by the worst govt this country has ever seen??? Nakachinda & your cohorts, your political lives ARE NOW SPENT – “Felix Muselela ukwa lola ifi shushi” has nothing to lose by licking chagwa’s backside – becoz he was a spent force a long time ago!! He is basically scrapping the bottoms of the Abyss!! Follow him just like the “Rats following the Pied Piper!”
      Ask yourselves in the middle of the night , when everything is quiet, WHAT YOU GAIN OUT OF THIS & DOES IT PRESENT A…

    • ……Ask yourselves in the middle of the night , when everything is quiet, WHAT YOU GAIN OUT OF THIS & DOES IT PRESENT A BRIGHT FUTURE FOR YOUR KIDS & GREAT GRAND KIDS!

      NJALA YA NYOKOLA!!! Chagwa meanwhile is enjoying the only thing that makes his blood flow- jamieson!!!

      Vote Wisely 11/8/2016!! Vote zambia FORWARD!! Vote UPND!! Abantu baya!!!!!

      #chagwamustfall!! PamaFikuyabebele!!

      I thank you!!

  2. Bwana NSM kindly take a deep breath and look at you political career. I reckon that NCC could have been something by now. We Zambians cherish patience and perseverance. Take a leave from SATA’s PF and lately Miyanda’s Heritage Party. Nevertheless you are hereby advised to try and read the people’s minds properly to avoid embarrassing situations. Politics sometimes makes you make irrational decisions that could either ruin or build your character’s discourse. People reject or embrace leaders. It is incumbent upon leaders to put the peoples’ wishes first before self. If a vote of no confidence is passed, it does not always mean that you ‘re a terrible leader, rather you’re not a kind of leader to serve them in that moment. It’s okay! Not all people accepted Jesus, David, Solomon…

  3. …and other leaders of Israel. Now take heart, reflect and re-bounce. See I have watched your political discourse with keen interest, especially that you people of white collars always claim that its okay to indulge in National politics, dirty as they are said to be. You and Father Bwalya should prove to me that it is workable when church leaders desert the pulpit and enter conventional politics.
    Both you and Bwalya have already formed and ditched your own parties. Does it mean that you can’t start and end like MICHAEL SATA? I mean starting a party from the scratch to red brick. I remain challenged on this issue.

  4. Its sad, upnd supporters bliv everything that ends up at their door step out of frustration is an asset. Nevious has been telling the nation that he was waiting fo an appointment with EL to go & finalize the terms of an alliance. EL never gave him that appointment. EL said it publicly that he wil ONLY consider an alliance with a UNITED mmd. Nevious failed to unit mmd. So EL had no time fo him when he further lost mmd presdo. So ba unpd, u can ve him, as an individual. The new mmd is with PF!

  5. Nachinda (man of God), be careful with your politics. You’ve overthrown legitimate MMD leaders. The only organ in the MMD which can sanction a Convention is the NEC. Man of God days are numbered.

  6. Whatever Nevers Mumba’s short comings may be, the on who destroyed MMD and led to the creation of factions was RB when he came out retirement and claimed to be the MMD candidate in the the last presidential election even though Nevers was then the legitmate president and candidate for MMD. That led to the factions and undermining of Nevers power. RB was selfish and did not have the part at heart but his own selfish ambitions. When the courts ruled that Nevers was the legitimate candidate for MMD to spite Mumba, RB then went and starting campaigning for EL. Completely no morals!!

  7. Nevers must first challenge the convention which ushered Mutati and co into New MMD leadership.. Otherwise going tp the registrar is like barking the wrong tree..

    My guess is that Mumba failed to stop the convention..hence his endorsement of Upnd is a personal political survival more than anything else.

  8. Nevers is gone completely! Now he will just be barking from a distance, he cant access the secreteriate and party funds and I doubt if he has finances personally to mount the challenge in courts of law otherwise he will end up as another chola boy for HH.

    • The High Court has already ruled that one Nervous Mumba was abusing the court when he sought a declaration that the convention that elected Mutati was illegal… So nachipwa, naba musekwila Mumba!

  9. Courts can and are used effectively to suppress opponents and impose hegemony. That’s how Chagwa Lungu ended up Presido.

    Ba Mumba, its over!!

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