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Zambians must not allow the proposal from PF MCC Paul Moonga to increase tenure of the office

Headlines Zambians must not allow the proposal from PF MCC Paul...

Chilufya Tayali is congratulated by YALI Governance Adviser Isaac Mwanza after he was acquited
Chilufya Tayali is with YALI Governance Adviser Isaac Mwanza

The Young African Leaders Initiative has called on Zambians must not allow the proposal from Patriotic Front Member of Central Committee Paul Moonga to increase the tenure of the office of Presidency to 7 years but instead consider reducing the tenure from 5 years to 4 years when country begins the process of amending the Constitution.

YALI Governance Advisor Isaac Mwanza said hardworking leaders can deliver development within the period of 4 years without being distracted with the temptation of hanging on to power longer than necessary.

Mr Mwanza told Zambians not take Mr Moonga seriously because his agenda is that of taking the nation backwards to the time of the third term bid of the MMD.

“Experience from both Zambia and the United States have shown that it is possible for hardworking leaders to deliver development within the period of 4 years and never to be distracted by the temptation of overstaying in power.

“We believe Mr. Paul Moonga must never be taken seriously by both the PF and the Zambian people because he wants to take this nation back to the time of the failed Third-Term bid which made the former ruling Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) unpopular and was the beginning of the fall of the MMD,” he said.

He said “What Mr. Moonga must remember is that the former President Rupiah Banda term served in 3 years and the 4 years served by late President Sata did more good to this country than the 10years in which late Dr. Chiluba served in office. Zambia was able to witness more infrastructure and economic development when President’s served for a shorter period than when they overstayed in office and run out of new ideas.”

He urged the PF to learn from the fall of the MMD which he said begun 10 years after being in power with the third term debate.

“The PF must learn that the fall of the MMD begun 10 years after being in power when Third Term calls for late President Chiluba started. It appears the latest call to increase the Presidential tenure is another such call and sober PF leaders and think tanks must reject such a call as a joke from Mr. Moonga who was one of subscribes to leaders that overstay in power.

“We are, however, not surprised by those remarks by Mr. Moonga because, as a former leader in the United Party for National Development (UPND), he saw no need to change the UPND constitution which gives one man the right to remain President for as long as is convenient but we can’t bring such type of politics to national leadership,” he said.

He said organization believers that it time to amend the constitution and reduce the presidential term to 4 years.

“YALI believes it’s time we amend the Constitution to also reduce the presidential term to 4 years and provide for term limits for Members of Parliament,” he said.


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  1. Good YALI. In fact, since this Paul Moonga surrogate advocates for a saving of funds, lets increase the 5 years to 7 or 8 and limit the presidential term to one! That should solve our cash flow problem, not the useless advocacy of one disillusioned and overzealous chap who doesn’t even deserve to be in any Central Committee of note!

    • I can confirm that Paul moonga is a hired gun from dundumwezi, specifically to the hired to cause confusions in pf. His aim is to split pf in two so that his brother the seven times kalusa can easily win the, 2021 election. He knows that pf members will not accept such tongish ideas.

  2. As much as i support PF and our President Lungu, ruling for 7 years will be a TERRIBLE IDEA.. Lets just do the 5 years,…. (BARACK OBAMA) My Flexible, lively and well adjusted president on the planet is happily leaving office… .Now that is REAL LEADERSHIP. I Love the Obama Family…..

  3. You PF and Edigar, how insipidly dull will you continue to be? Your own civil servants working with UPND rigged the southern province ellections….and now Paul Moonga wants to destroy PF and yet you are just laughing.

    Listen and listen good, the time your MPs in parliament shall go for 7 years that will be the end of PF. Learn a lesson why for the first time you have so many independent MPs.

    You must be intelligent and not fuuls. Just try it and you will see how Zambians are going to rise against PF.

    If you have ears hear what Truth Hates is saying to you PF.

  4. In UPND the president is wamuyayaya, so even in govt. we can go back to wamuyayaya. You will see how much noise upnd will make about this forgetting that they are the ones who have set the standards for paul moonga.

  5. What Mwanza is saying is that ECL a former UPND is bringing the wamuyaya syndrome to the national platform. Moonga wouldn’t have held his briefing at the PF secretariat if he didn’t have the tacit approval of ECL.

  6. Where do these ass kissers come from even? Zambia is not Edgar’s property. 7 years my foot! Majority are already weary of the 5 years he has to stay in power. I think Moonga should keep his sentiments to himself when he is in the mood to kiss up to Lungu for what ever reason. He has no right to determine our destine This is what happens when you have leaders that are doing nothing but sitting on their asses all day long day dreaming. Paul Moonga shut the f##k up. You sound like a brainless dummy.

    • Zambia IS Lungus personal property! He worked very hard to win the elections, and deserves every piece of it.

      Now all you dull fulls get back to work and make more money for his personal bank account. Do you think twenty three million Dollars is enough? He needs HUNDREDS of millions of Dollars.

      And stop complaining. Any more complaints and you will very soon find yourselves IN JAIL.

  7. Paul Moonga appears to be in love with admiring the UPND constitution but instead of proposing change in the PF Constitution to allow party President to be in office for 7 years, he mistakenly mistook our PF constitution with the Republican Constitution. To square it off with the UPND, we must change our party Constitution to allow Mr. Lungu to remain PF leader for 7 or 10 years. This is what my MCC was trying to bring out. So please guys, don’t take it badly, we won’t change the Republican Constitution but we shall change the PF Constitution

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