Zambia National Women’s Lobby National Board Chairperson Beauty Katebe
Zambia National Women’s Lobby National Board Chairperson Beauty Katebe

Zambia National Women Lobby is deeply saddened and shocked by the death of an 18 year old girl who is alleged to have been assaulted by her mother and aunt after she refused to return to her (matrimonial) home. They are also saddened by the assault on a young woman of Lusaka who was allegedly stabbed by her boyfriend.

The Womens lobby has called on the police to thoroughly investigate the two cases and bring the perpetrators of these heinous crimes to justice.
The recent incidences of Gender Based Violence justify growing fears in the country about the increase in domestic violence. The brutal manner in which the GBV cases are being committed is worrying and calls for further investigation into the underlaying causes.

ZNWL has therefore implored stakeholders to strengthen the fight against GBV by addressing all its facets. They particularly implore stakeholders to study the new trends in GBV such as the increase in female perpetrators and the aggravated nature that GBV has taken.

ZNWL further calls for a review of the current interventions for the reduction of GBV and promotion of other means of reducing this negative from our society such psycho- social counseling service s in both private and public institutions across the country.

The fight against GBV can only be won if all stakeholders are involved in finding the solution. ZNWL remains committed and ready to partner with likeminded organizations in reducing the vice.
The family is the smallest social institution; therefore the promotion of peace must begin in the home for peace to prevail in the country.

By Ms.Beauty Katebe
ZNWL National Board Chairperson

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