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UPND cannot intimidate the Courts through tactics of thuggery and violence -MMD

General News UPND cannot intimidate the Courts through tactics of thuggery and violence -MMD

Zambia Police fighing Running Battles with UPND cadres
Zambia Police fighing Running Battles with UPND cadres
The opposition MMD has advised fellow opposition UPND not to transfer their politics to the Judiciary as time for politicking is long gone.

Commenting on the fracas that ensued on Friday last week MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda noted that it is unfortunate that the opposition party wanted to win cases in the courts by using tactics of thuggery, intimidation and violence.

He said people should differentiate platforms for politics and platforms for dispensing justice which the UPND is seeking from the Judiciary.

He accused the opposition party of trying to use the same style of politics which failed to win them the general elections last August adding that the UPND should know that time for campaigns ended on 11th August, 2016.

“The UPND’s conduct at the courts on Friday is very unfortunate and highly contemptuous because when we go to court, we go to court to argue the question of law, we don’t go to court to politic. We should be able to differentiate platforms for politics and platforms for dispensing in this case justice but the UPND are trying to indirectly transfer politics into Judiciary hoping that they can win cases through political means and the style of politics of the UPND which is very clear is that of intimidation, violence and thuggery.

“It has not worked on the political platform for instance the 2016 general election and the period of campaigns which was declared from May to August 11th, at this particular stage what ever grievances that they may have from the declared results and those who have been sworn into office all they need in court are lawyers with books of law proudly so arguing matters of law so they can be able to seek justice for the aggrieved parties,” he said.

He also explained that the UPND have only themselves to blame for their petition case not being heard.

“It’s very unfortunate that even when it comes to the actual petition which was logged in before the ConCourt the UPND and everyone of us knew that the Constitution of the Republic of Zambia gave us straight jacket of 14 days and the UPND should have known that what they needed was to utilise the 14days to have all matters related to the actual case or the main petition case has been disposed off but they decided to be disruptive and started logging frivolous applications and vectitious applications until the time elapsed and the matter was dismissed so purely it was a calculated move to try create a reason for which they can be disruptive or misbehave in an attempt to win public sympathy but unfortunately it has started backfiring because the Zambian people are tired of that type of behavior,” he explained.

He further said Zambians are more interested in leaders whether in opposition or ruling who will contribute to the improvement of their lives in the current circle of five.

“The Zambian people are looking forward for us who have offered ourselves for service across the board to start focusing our energies and wisdom to see how best in the next five years we can contribute in our small way to better the lives of the people of Zambia it doesn’t matter whether you are in an opposition or ruling party all of us have a role to play to make sure that during this circle of five years the Zambian people’s lives are improved but unfortunately for the UPND they only thing they know is disruptive behavior and conducting themselves in unlawful manner and that is sad and unfortunate for our democracy,” he said.


  1. There is enough video footage showing who caused the UPND cadres who went to hear the court case, to behave the way the did. If you are neutral, it is not difficult to tell the root cause of the violence. By the way which MMD is legal, is it the Pro-PF headed by Mr Mutati or the Pro-UPND headed by Dr Nevers Mumba? The media houses have been referring to both as being MMD president.

    • The legal and legitimate MMD President is Dr Mumba.The illegal RB/Mutati convention was stayed by the Supreme Court and a retrial for justice to prevail was ordered at High Court.The dates have just been set for 6,7 and 8th Feb.next year.Mutati is gone,He is PF.Nakachinda are nowhere,it’s just a matter of time.

    • What i have observed in life is that:No matter how much you explain snd clarify the issue,some pipo will always stick to their own wrong thing.The Supreme Court ruled in favour of Dr.Mumba and were very surprised how the High Judge handled the case which illegally caused the Rupiah/Mutati group have that illegal convetion.ZNBC,Zambia Reports,Lusaka Times and The Daily Nation have continued referring to expelled Mutati now PF Member as mmd president-sic.I know Rupiah and ECL are at play in all this illegal saga.Very unfortunate.

  2. Well said honourable Nakachinda. HH and the entire upnd think that they can only serve the people of zambia if they are in government. U are right to say the people of zambia are analysing the tricks of upnd. Up n’ down is slowly losing popularity bcoz of that humble sata”nist. Can surely 3 provinces make a president. Does hh think abt the voting pattern and how divided this country is bcoz of him and fat albert. Anyway sata:::nists are vampires. They dont care who loses blood.

    • Wonders shall never end.Calling jail bird Raphael Nakachinda honourable.It’s like the word has lost its proper meaning to the extent of it being used on wrong pipo who do not deserve it.Nakachinda is pathetic,money monger who wants to maintain keeping up appearances beyond his financial means
      Thats why he has sold his soul to shameless Rupiah and Mutati.Being a Pastor,he is no longer pleasing in the sight of God.Sad indeed..

  3. Nakachinda is taking us far back on the fracas on the High court. He is like the only Jew who didn’t know that Jesus was risen from the dead.

  4. Mr Nakacinda and MMD are enjoying the fruits of a stolen election. Evidence abounds showing Police brutality in the riots. One of the UPND Cadres was shot by the Police and still has a bullet lodged in his buttocks. If HH & GBM are persuing a hopeless case why is their Petition Not being heard? MPs like Luo and Mwanakatwe have been heard by the High Court and on Appeal Concourt will hear them so why can’t the Courts hear HH and GBM’s Petition and then make a Ruling? If the Courts find that the Petition has no merit then they can dismiss it and confirm Lungu as a legitimately elected President. Why can’t Lungu in a Court of Law prove to the whole World that he genuinely won the 11th August 2016 Presidential Election freely,fairly and openly? By vigorously blocking the Petition Lungu…

  5. Only the enemies of legality can tolerate the high immorality of Rupiah and his sponsored disciple Mutati.These pipo are shameless and their minions like jail bird Nakachinda the blind followers can write this rubbish.

  6. I repeat I am PF but why are we blaming the victim, who happens to be UPND in this case. UPND has suffered in this country

  7. In all photo and video evidence shown so far, one does not see cadres throwing stone or breaking property. What has been evident is police firing live ammunition, tear gas and stones. Who is telling the truth? Is it hearsay or the photo and video evidence? Please show the evidence to prove the guilt of the accused cadres from UPND. Even one video or photo to prove this, anyone out there with this evidence!

  8. At I time for politicking is over….is there a time for politicking and when does the window open n close for politicking? For any politician anytime is for politicking Mr Nakachinda. Get yo political lessons straight!

  9. Kamba and fellow PF cadres camped at the court premises drinking and intimidating judges during the presidential petition sitting by fake concourt and there were no running commentaries not even the police voiced out about these criminals. Now the UPND cadres who were provoked and did whatever they did even the same criminals like Kamba whats his voice to be heard what a nuisance.

  10. @Mike HH and GBM wasted the 14 days provided for in the Constitution. The petition failed like that. Hoping that another election can put HH in power may not help at all.

  11. Police were the ones sent there on a mission to provoke and cause violence so that pf kaponya judges can suspend the upnd appeal chade.

  12. Who is Nakachinda representing, the MMD of Mutati or that of Nevers? This two headed Party must go for an operation to remove the parasite head.

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