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Zambia Environmental Agency issues Caution on the use of Chemicals against Army Worms

Health Zambia Environmental Agency issues Caution on the use of Chemicals against Army...

President Lungu with kanfinsa resident Mandalena Yongoma during a tour of maize fields affected by the army worms in Kanfinsa area in Kitwe on Thursday, January 5,2016-Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA
President Lungu with kanfinsa resident Mandalena Yongoma during a tour of maize fields affected by the army worms in Kanfinsa area in Kitwe on Thursday, January 5,2016-Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA


The Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) reaffirms Governments’ commitment to control army worms destroying maize fields in some parts of the country. Government has procured chemicals to control the army worms in order to secure food security in the country.

The Agency would like to inform the public that Section 65 (3) (b) of the Environmental Management Act (EMA) No. 12 of 2011 mandates ZEMA to control the sale, distribution, import, export, manufacturing, change of composition or dealing in any manner of Pesticide or Toxic Substances.

The Environmental Management (Licensing) Regulation Statutory Instrument (SI) No. 112 of 2013 further requires a person handling or using a pesticide or toxic substance to use Personal Protective Equipment. In addition, a pesticide or toxic substance must be disposed of in accordance with legal requirements and conditions.

ZEMA therefore, takes this opportunity to remind all agro-chemicals companies and any other persons dealing in Pesticides to sell only registered chemicals. Farmers are advised to safeguard human health and the environment by using personal protective clothing when handling Pesticides.

ZEMA takes this opportunity to thank the general public for their support in promoting sustainable environmental management. The Agency remains committed to providing technical support and guidance in curbing this national problem and other environmental issues in Zambia.

Issued by:
Irene G. Lungu Chipili
Principal Information and Communication Officer
Zambia Environmental Management Agency

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  1. The forces behind the manufacture and make of those pesticides know very well that, our ‘Zambia National Scientific Research’ near the KK airport is DEAD!

    Like the notorious GMO poisons, they know that we will NEVER tell the difference between the two. This is why it is extremely important to research and to establish the truth about where these worms are coming from, why and what is causing these creatures to appear at this time of the year. Unless we do this and FAST, another catastrophe in form of diseases will appear sooner or later and we shall start dying like we have been with HIV.

  2. The western world today consists of very bad people. There’s nothing that they cannot create in their “secret laboratories” to harm a people like us in Africa. They don’t just act on impulse like we do, they plan ahead, they take their time and engage in serious planning and consultations hence, come up with these deadly viruses that are creating these deadly army worms. You’re afore warned guys, let’s ketchup….

  3. Wrong time to be quoting pieces of legislation. Help the farmers control the pests instead of behaving like UPND.

  4. In my view we are being treated to ZEMA legal jargon alerting everyone that its illegal to handle pesticides and any chemicals if you are not certified and without an Environmental Impact Assessment the ongoing spraying against army worms may be in violation of the environmental law!

  5. I have used these chemicals on my crop and can honestly say that they sting exposed skin. I use gloves, face mask, and goggles.

    However, I can only sympathise with destitute peasant families battling for their very existence, since apart from the annual maize crop, they have nothing whatsoever. If we try to force them to wear protective gear, they will answer : where will we get money to buy this ?

    Can we ask Government to help out on this issue, since the worms are a natural disaster. We cannot blame anyone. But please GRZ, come to the immediate rescue of these small peasants. Many of us have grown up strapped to the back of these farmers, and as a country we owe them a little respect at least

  6. There is something fishie here as Nkope’s remarks say. Someone is behind this? Where on earth do these army worms come from and if you remember Dora Silya talk of government trying to introduce new maize seeds (GMO) to be specific. All this Leeds to convince the general public to start planting these manufactured seeds.

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