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Luapula PS says he will be paying his rentals from his salary and not Government coffers

Rural News Luapula PS says he will be paying his rentals from his salary...

Dr Buleti Geoffrey Nsemukila Pf Luapula
Luapula Province Permanent Secreatry Dr Buleti Geoffrey Nsemukila Luapula

Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Buleti Nsemukila sets the tone by paying house rentals from his salary.

Dr. Nsemukila said he did not want to continue mounting pressure on government coffers for his house rentals because there has been a growing bill for VIP rentals in the Province which was becoming unsustainable.

He said there were still huge amounts to settle at some lodges in the Province where former leaders were staying while the rehabilitation of VIP houses were also gobbling huge sums of money when such VIP move out of the Province.

Dr. Nsemukila speaking during the Senior Management meeting for Heads of Government Departments in Mansa said being a civil servant, he was getting housing allowance as part of his salary which he will be using to pay for his house rentals.

He said he had taken the decision to pay for his house rentals from his salary because Government policy is not to pay for accommodation but give housing allowance for officers to find their own accommodation.

The Permanent secretary said he moved out of the Lodge where he was initially accommodated to his own privately arranged house premises because he realized that the Bill at the Lodge was bound to grow and continue to create pressure on the already overstretched financial resources at the Provincial Administration.

Meanwhile, Dr Buleti Nsemukila has called on Provincial Heads of Government Departments to start holding monthly meetings with their Districts Heads of Departments for sharing information in order to think together on work and implementation plans for the sectors.

Dr. Nsemukila said there is need to strengthen structures and systems if Departments are going to deliver services to the people.

He said it is important to budget for the monthly meetings so that officers from Districts could be coming to the Provincial centre once a month to share notes, information and experiences on strengths, weaknesses, challenges, fears, threats and opportunities from their Districts which should eventually trickle into the Provincial Senior Management meetings for discussion.

Dr. Nsemukila speaking during the first 2017 Senior management meeting for Heads of Government Departments in Mansa added that the same issues could also be brought forward to the attention of the policy makers during the Provincial Development Coordinating Committee meetings which will be attended by all members of parliament in the province including the Provincial Minister.

The Permanent Secretary disclosed that it is a good idea for members of parliament to be attending the PDCC meetings because they are champions of development at policy making level who need to understand the issues affecting their people in their respective constituencies.

He added that it is through such fora that MPs could have an opportunity to generate parliamentary statements from the Province for a health debate on the floor of the house because currently the debates have been centrally generated.


  1. Iwe who are you trying to trick. Your salary is paid by us hard working tax payers. So your salary is also from government coffers. I thought you meant you would pay for it out of your personal private income. Silly man

    • Oh dear, this guy does not sound like he understands govt policy on housing for government officers. The arrangement to stay at a Lodge is not meant to last forever. There is a limit, number of days after which an officer should find his own accommodation. That’s why they get housing allowance to enable them make their own private housing arrangements. His revelation has just invited an uadit query.

    • Setting the tone my foot! Its as if Nsemukila has just awoken from slumber and not someone who has been in the civil service for some donkey years! Does he understand how much allocations are given to government departments let alone districts that he should direct monthly meetings? For a district head say for Mwense to attend a meeting for a couple of days in Mansa would mean a whole allocation for his/her district being wiped out! Lets be serious people! One has to just take interest and check for themselves how much allocation is released to these districts for officers to conduct their work! Nsemukila must look beyond his flat nose and start fighting that more healthy funding is availed to districts where action is than mostly in provincial HQ’s where beneficiaries are the political…

    • contd…. appointees! Some districts at best get K100 and one expects officers to make tangible advances in implementation of programs! Be serious PS Nsemukila and keep quiet if you have nothing better to say that is sustainable! Field officers are bottom placed when it comes to funding programs despite their cries for support to deliver! Just keep getting a salary while it lasts!

  2. I wonder if he is related to the Nsemukilas who used to run Nsemukila Bus services which competed favourably with Hodgson Thatcher bus services until Kaunda’s economic reforms killed private initiative.

  3. It is not about management but leadership…and indeed Dr Nselemukila you are highly commended for showing leadership. I suggest you change the name of your team (meetings) to Provincial Senior LEADERSHIP Team (meeting) – PSLT.

  4. Dr. Nsemukila said being a civil servant, he was getting housing allowance as part of his salary which he will be using to pay for his house rentals. So if the government is paying you housing allowance why should they rent you a house? You are not paying your own rentals, the government is paying through the housing allowance you moron. you want to sound as if it is a noble cause, Trump wont get any salary later alone housing allowance from the US government, now that is patriotism not this empty rhetoric devoid of any common sense. Tell us that you will forfeit the latest vehicle and fuel allowance and buy from your own pocket, then we can talk, rubbish.

  5. Don’t you have anything good to comment other than always commenting bad even when it’s not necessary, what wrong has he done for some of you to post rubbish comments – may you perish with your dirty and unwarranted attacks!

  6. Nsemukila is a professional, deserving his position as PS, unlike the Chanda Kabwe boy who is a mere party cadre. Well done Dr Nsemukila, continue hammering manners into the civil servants. Its not only politicians who abuse state funds but civil servants as well

  7. Nsemukila needs to be probed. Why was government paying for his lodging in a lodge whilst he has been getting a housing allowance. Gullible ones are being cheated here with the impression being created as if he will be paying from his own pocket and yet he is saying from now he will be paying rentals using his housing allowance which is a normal thing to do and which he should have been doing all this time.

  8. Nsemukila has just exposed the recklessness in expenditure and utter lack of cost management by this govt…they have increased PAYE for you whilst they themselves have not reduced on luxuries by anythinig…its no wonder they top brace like Lazy Lungu do not feel it and are flying all over the place.

  9. Bulleti Nsemukila, the useless HIV infected chap. Useless chap this one. I worked with him at CSO. thief!!!!

  10. Dr Nsemukila is being very honest. If you get housing allowance, the government should not rent a house for you- it is fraud!!
    Instead of insulting the gentleman, the question should be asked whether there are people that get housing allowance and the Government still pays the rent for their houses. if this is the case, they should be prosecuted for fraud.

    • He should actually be probed because he says that while govt was paying him housing allowance the same govt was also paying for his stay at a Lodge all the time he has been in Luapula. That is a serious audit query! And that is a Controlling Officer who doesn’t not sound like he understands govt policy on govt officers housing.

  11. If I got him right he’s also saying the practice ( getting housing allowance while residing in a lodge) had been the trend among his predecessors. ACC can you please move in and sort out the loot? Umulandu taubola! Follow up and make them pay back. It’s possible.

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