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Reports of UPND members organisation for Inauguration of HH irks Minister

Rural News Reports of UPND members organisation for Inauguration of HH irks Minister

President Edgar Lungu with Livestock and fisheries Minister Michael Katambo inspects some fish ponds during the restocking of fingerlings at the State Lodge Ponds
President Edgar Lungu with Livestock and fisheries Minister Michael Katambo inspects some fish ponds during the restocking of fingerlings at the State Lodge Ponds
Fisheries and Livestock Minister Michael Katambo says it is mischievous and criminal for anyone in Western Province to suggest that a new president will be sworn in this week to take over from President Edgar Lungu.

Addressing party officials at the Kaoma Council chambers yesterday, Katambo said it was unthinkable for anyone to create stories suggesting that there would be a swearing in ceremony to install another President.

He said Zambians and in particular those from the opposition should realise that President Lungu was elected President after scoring 50 per cent plus 1 vote in the just ended 2016 general elections.

“There is nothing that will change the August 2016 general elections results. No single paper will change the outlook of the results. President Lungu is President now until 2021 and beyond, ” he said.

Katambo challenged the PF leadership in Kaoma District to wait for the end of the week to see whether there would be a change in government.

The minister said people should stop living in denial anymore because elections were over and President Lungu was legitimately elected and occupying office.

He said people should accept that for now President Lungu was president and he has a government to run.

Katambo also warned against tribalism and other old bad vices that brings division in the country.

Katambo said this after he received reports that opposition UPND leaders in Western Province were going round telling people that the Courts would this week overturn President Lungu’s election.

Mangango Constituency PF chairperson Alex Muyunda informed the minister that the UPND were organising for the inauguration of its leader Hakainde Hichilema in Western Province.

Muyunda said the situation was making it difficult for the PF to mobilise in the region.


  1. Let the inauguration take place and let the PF sue UPND to ConCourt, maybe we’ll get to know the truth of what happened in August

    • PF are petty. They have failed to win UPND members over to PF and now decide concoct a lie that people are telling them HH will be president next week just to provoke a statement from HH. HH is smart and wont be drawn into PF pettiness.

      UPND supporters have the right to hope for better leadership dont they? All they are saying or telling PF is that they dont want to join PF because they want to wait for the day HH is president period. Its such a statement which PF dogs in Western province are twisting to continue to draw some money from thieving PF.

    • The truth of what happened during the 2016 elections is what is causing panic and fear among PF members.

      Lungu and his bunch of thieves are are not at peace at all thats why they are drinking too much.

      Banya ba PF baza ulula one day.

    • What kind of minister is that engaged in reasonable acts? Lungu fire that minister.
      Even us opposition find it annoying to hear Katambo say sich

    • I warned Mmembe to watch out for spreading lies against HH and vigorously supporting PF that one day he will cry blood and sh1t himself way back in 2012. This has now come to pass.

      Lungu should be listen to my warning that if he continues to hold on to power he stole from HH and UPND it will not end well with him.

    • Truth is the country is polarised. Lungu needs to be leader enough to heal the divide. The issue of the perceived tribal cleansing will soon get out of hand.
      The harassment of Mmembe is just adding fuel to an already volatile situation. By the way KK’s voice is so conspicuous by its silence.
      Its time we all stood up & said “division twakana”.
      Everything in the country seems to be pointing in the wrong direction. Rumour mongering is rife & spreads unabated. Great leaders are born at times like this.

    • Michael kabook, Jean kaboom, nkandu loophole, dora silly have one thing in common their faces look grey and embalmed, nothing sensible can come out of their mouths.

  2. Please stop dreaming,let it go ahead and have them locked up and it will be good reason to have them behind bars. And for the minister get your facts right don’t say things that are impossible. Learn to speak with facts. Steven Kampyongo will sort them out. Let’s wait and see whose the man.

  3. This just the PF theives trying to deflect attention from critical issues—- disappearing roads, Malawi maize gate , high price of meal meal, solar Mills bought for $250 million with a promise of lower meal prices , calls for an audit of RDA, imports out striping exports even chickens still imported, mulugushi textiles , …..

    • @Nzelu

      And the opposition at the bottom of the pile is Nawakwi ‘s party now crying for bread crumbs from Lungu. Its pity Nawakwi has begged Lungu to give her something in exchanges for anything, sure! So Nawakwi is even prepared to fu3k Lungu for some post and favors! How preposterous!

  4. UPND has been singing this song since August,2016 in 3.5 provinces.today i found two tongas along cairo road discussing the same saying that soon ICC will declare HH as 2016 general elections winner.i laughed!!!they were busy cheating themselves that Priscilla Isaacs has resigned from ECZ and run away to South Africa while Mr Chris Akufuna is resigning this week together with ECZ chairperson Judge Esau Chulu.where UPND get this fake news,nobody knows!!SURELY HOW CAN A NORMAL PERSON STILL THINK THAT HH WILL BE DECLARED BY ICC AS WINNER OF 2016 WHEN UN,AU,EU,AMERICA,UK,ETC HAVE RECOGNIZED EDGAR LUNGU HAS THE WINNER OF 2016 ELECTIONS!!!soon chainama hospital will be full of upnd cadres.these guys have now gone mad and if UPND do not stop this nonsense fast,in 2021 they will lose terribly!!!

    • Actually my big worry. What the abnormal people are thinking & saying. Knowing the capacity of chainama, they will surely break out, then the real pelete will begin. LET’S STOP THE FIRE BEFORE IT STARTS.

  5. Where on Earth somebody before becoming leader is sworn by deputy registrar
    Kkkkkkk you people don’t say as if you are mad.
    The whole world knows what happened last yr in Zambia.

    • BA ndanje for once grow a pube and be a man. Even just one pube. Surely the way things are going you have to be a mad rabid dog to support the pf government. We all know that your own relatives are suffering. It is easy to hide behind Lusaka times and yet you cannot even probably afford to send a single cent for your poor and hopeless relatives. Stop been a punk and for once be truthful. Silly childish man. You haven’t changed from tumfwko where you became frustrated. Now you have followed me here kikiki

  6. Instead of maize scandal and poverty under yur failed government irking you, you are busy irking about hearsay silly rumours. chipuba chamuntu ichi. Serriously where does lungu get this silly dull uncivilised apes from? Please minister grow up and deal with real issues.

  7. Kiki it seems llungu is one who is frustrated because the country has refused to recognise his leadership.why do you think other day he was complaining to church. Now he is vicitmising a woman called mutinta mazoka just to settle personal scores. What sort of man is he to unleash police thugs on a woman. Lungu is really.a dog because no man can act illike that. Ni galu Lungu and anyone who supports him is the tail

  8. Whether u are not happy or happy!! President of Zambia is Lungu C.E whether you insult him or not!! He will still remain President!! Just work hard my dear and provide for your family. HH showed the zambaians that is immature in his decisions in Mr Satas fere of Bing with HH in a pact, fortunately mmd slaped hh to change his mind nd he changed this time he would have the President!! Am sorry suppoters of immature leaders who are not certain with what they want!!!! Bye i will never suffer ndabombesha akwila na ma politics

  9. Those will remain rumours forever. This cannot happen in Zambia. People have decided finish and those who will try to “inaugurate someone”have no idea what would be awaiting them. They would case the day they were born.

    • Sure PF will always respond to their own rumours,all these issues can be cured by a free press,you are now trapped by your own lies that you will keep responding to,and meantime days are going by and performance is zero,you are feeling the pressure of the great opposition party of choice by progressive Zambians.

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