The correctional service in Choma District in Southern Province is stepping up efforts aimed at improving relations between the community and the department in the District.

Correctional Service Southern region HIV/AIDS Coordinator Martin Hankwa explained that in the past people looked down on inmates and distanced themselves.

He however said the department is sensitizing and encouraging the community to embrace and interact with the department and inmates as they too come from communities.

He said everyone has the potential to become an inmate and therefore the correctional service ensures that inmates are kept healthy and regularly checked as a healthy inmate is a heath community.

Mr Hankwa said this during a fun tag of war match between correctional service officers and Drivers Association held at Choma Museum Yesterday in which the correctional service won.

The event was also held to prepare for the forth coming world aids day which falls on first December each year.

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    • Indeed under this government we are all potential inmates. In fact, most of the current government officials will be inmates when they leave office in 2021.

      So instead of just stealing money, they should build better jails, as this will become their permanent residence.


  1. Very true every one is a potential prisoner especially those in politics yet these same politicians both those in opposition and in the ruling party have avoided to improve the state of prison conditions- this is really a sad state of affairs!


  2. Why do you need to insult each other. Is insults a way of expressing your views? Grow up!!? Were is zambia going and what are you teaching the future leaders of tomorrow? Be a good example to youngs out there who read your comments on the internet.



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