The Copperbelt Provincial Administration says it is happy with work being done by Zambian contractors on projects under the Ministry of local Government in Mufulira District.

Speaking when a team of officers from Copperbelt Provincial Administration visited projects in the District, Assistant Secretary in the Office of the Copperbelt Province Permanent Secretary, Mwifwa Ngambi said it was gratifying that Zambian Contractors are implementing quality works.

Mr Ngambi said he was happy that the Zambian contractor, Horizon Properties, who is constructing the K17 million new Buteko market in Mufulira district is two weeks ahead of schedule, adding that he was impressed with the works done so far.

He also commended the contractor for continuously engaging with marketeers who are still trading at one part of the site, so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

And Mr Ngambi was pleased with works on a feeder road to connect Mutundu farming area to the central business district.

He noted that the feeder road, which connects the area to the Mufulira-Ndola Road was important for the locals, saying he was happy that the contractor did not wait to be funded, but began clearing the area for the road using his own resources.

And Ministry of Local Government and Housing Copperbelt Principle Engineer, Peter Malupenga said the feeder road is being constructed at a cost of about K36, 000.

Mr Malupenga explained that the project involves clearing of an area of 33 killometres to open up the road, and putting of gravel to create an upgraded gravel road.

And some residents spoken to were grateful for the road, saying it will go a long way in uplifting the lives of the locals.

One of the residents, Chris Malama said the road will change the lives of people who live in the area, as it will be easier to access the central business district.

And another resident, Alex Chinkusu noted that due to the fact that most people in the area were farmers, the road would help them transport their produce.

The officers also visited the newly constructed New Malela Market, which was constructed by Mopani Copper Mines at a cost of 1.5 million kwacha, and the New Kamuchanga Market which is being constructed at a cost of 14.2 million kwacha.

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  1. This is the problem we have, non experts using authority to confirm quality of works on engineering projects!! Let us hope this Permanent Secretary has consulted his Engineers before coming to this onerous conclusion…and then, is the New Kamuchanga Market 14times bigger than the New Malela Market to cost 14times more??



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