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HH disheartened about reports of Airport employees being suspended for allowing him to use the Airport

Headlines HH disheartened about reports of Airport employees being suspended for allowing him...

HH confronted by Police Officers at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe
HH confronted by Police Officers at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe

United Party for National Development Leader Hakainde Hichilema says he is disheartened at media reports that some employees at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport in Ndola have been suspended for merely allowing him to use the Airport.

Mr. Hichilema says the reports that Ndola Airports Manager Joseph Mumba and security officer Fridah Mupasha have been put on suspension on allegations that they allowed him and his team safe passage and showed courtesy as they always do to any other passenger are deeply troubling.

He said it is unacceptable that UPND should continue being discriminated against for exercising its democratic and constitutional rights to offer themselves to improve the ever deteriorating standards of lives of the majority of citizens.

Mr. Hichilema said UPND Leaders and members have suffered serious human rights violations under the PF regime such as arbitrary detentions, violently stopping them from peaceful assembly and now attempting to deny them access to public facilities such as an Airport.

He said the PF had even instructed the Police to eject the UPND team from a Catholic Church in Ndola on unbelievable grounds that they did not have a police permit to congregate with other Christians, an action not unexpected from the brutal PF regime.

“Our public interactions in Ndola were peaceful and incident free except for the attempted confusion by the police under political instructions. It is heart breaking that the suspended Ndola Airport employees join thousands of other professionals who have lost jobs purely on discriminatory grounds such as their suspected political affiliation and their ethnicity”, He said.

Mr. Hichilema said it is now worse that the National Dialogue Forum has heartlessly resolved that such victims of PF brutality should no longer be on payroll even if they are not paid their benefits, violations being done in an effort to fix one person instead of fixing the crumbling economy.

He however said such repression adds to the UPND’s resolve for a better, united and prosperous Zambia where everyone’s rights and freedoms will be respected regardless of their opinions or where they come from.

Mr. Hichilema says the poverty and hunger levels have worsened in the country because of the failure by the PF to manage the economy, which has virtually collapsed.

He reminded citizens that the persecution of UPND leaders, members and anyone suspected of being its sympathiser is a huge PF project aimed at perpetuation PF’s ruthless rule beyond 2021 which if it happens will be the end of hope for a better Zambia.

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  1. HH stop lying.

    Bring back our money please.

    Why did u take our money to foreign offshore accounts?

    When are u going to sell your farm in Tonga land ? U want to sell the presidential jet. When are you going to sell your farm?

    U always find it easy selling government properties. Why?

    • @DJ7, I will never stop praying and asking my friends from Haiti to bewitch you. You will burn in fire but not die.
      Thombanhoko iwe can’t you understand that PF are even putting teachers in jail for nothing? Teachers got us Independence, but today they are prisoners.

    • I told you HH is a big liar yesterday he was saying the same Police officer wanted to arrest him….Just never trust or listen to HH…..full of bull#%%&

    • Lying all the time to get peoples attention. Behaving like a kid. Why should the airport staff get fired? Just to allow you pass through the airport? Then the pilots and flight staff must also be fired for allowing you inside the aircraft. And all the staff at kk where you landed must also be fired. Badala before you post something please ask yourself whether it makes sense of what you’re saying or not and please learn to listen to yourself. Stop behaving like a kid and bring real issues to the table. We have issues of kwacha losing power everyday, unemployment, poverty, poor hospitals corruption, education and so many issues. You leave those issues and start lying about airport staff been fired because you passed through the airport, are you for real. I wonder why people follow you. Am…

    • All these corporations and utilities you will be surprised who the non executive board members are: cadres like Sunday Chanda sit on these boards; this is why they have meetings like no mans business and Project funds are depleted like termites on dry grass.

    • Thanks for your comments. However, I ask all of u to use your brains, if at all you have them and not emotions and ask yourself if its really politically, morally right for HH with his tainted character to stand for presidency?

      Some of you are working in foreign countries and I hope you are having good well paying jobs like I do, why do u think like u don’t see the problem of HH? Brothers and sisters , kaponya behaviours doesn’t pay well.

    • Which money of yours mate , elaborate more or are you his son born from another wife, in English we call a child born outside marriage a bastard son? Are you one?

    • At this rate of denying people their freedoms, Lungu is seriously asking for an Al bashir to be done to him shortly.

      Al Bashir is being tortured by the very police and soldiers he sent to brutalised innocent Sudanese.

      If Lungu thinks he is invicible he is lying to himself all because of drunkard Ness all day long.

      An Al Bashir is seriously waiting for Lungu very very soon. No soldiers or paramilitary will help him. Those very close will either run away or turn state witnesses against him.

      Lungu must go as of yesterday.

  2. HH show some elderly traits. You are grown up with a family. You cannot utilize lies to prop your agenda because Zambians are far ahead of those lies. Just lay your manifesto and people will see. You are yet to campaign to me. So far I see hate, greed, jealousy, pomp, wenye and danger in you.

    • You *****s are speaking from foreign land and have no idea the idiocy going on in the land. Is it HH who has suspended the airport staff? And for what? Next it will be RDA staff for allowing HH to pay toll gate idiocy, then Miles Sampa for allowing HH to pay rates and later all petrol attendants for selling petrol to HH and finally all the priests for accepting umutulo from HH. Are you not mad to support the nonsense?

    • You *****s are speaking fromn a foreign land and have no idea of the idiocy going on in the land. Is it HH who has suspended the airport staff? And for what? Next it will be RDA staff for allowing HH to pay toll gate idiocy, then Miles Sampa for allowing HH to pay rates and later all petrol attendants for selling petrol to HH and finally all the priests for accepting umutulo from HH. Are you not mad to support the nonsense?

  3. Here is a nightmare for you

    Hh will get landslide in areas he controls

    El will share his votess with political vultures like ck.

    That’s what spells DOOM for pf

    Intellectuals and most civil servants will vote for hh. And riffrafss and illiterates especially on the cb will vote for ck, leaving el in the cold

  4. Trouble is that it is Trib.al Hacks ranting. Cleanse your trib.al skin and start afresh you trib.al. As long as he wears a trib.al stench, he will never rule Zambian republic. Try republic lp

  5. PFoools are all stup!d, starting from that useless debarred wanna be thieving lawyer all the way down to his useless dull cadres… they think the country only belongs to dander heads

    • jonny …please respect leadership …your bitterness, this is why under5 cant never form government with that kind of insulting? kaya

  6. If this is true then it is vey unfortunate. Is this the way we are going to live in a democratic state? Remember we have only one Zambia

  7. HH wants to sell the presidential jet if he assumes state power the way he sold mines on the copper belt and pick pocketed the money. So now his eyes is on the jet.Selling of GRZ properties has entered into his oval head.
    This man is a danger to GRZ properties.

    • What mines did HH own for him to sell? Was he in government to have made the decision to sell them? I thot mines were sold by MMD? FTJ and Minister without Portfolio, King Cobra were part of that decision.
      The clear and present danger we have is this economically incompetent administration. 2021 kuyabebele!

  8. Be honest people,which reasonable person would go for moronic type of leadership,with no developmental agenda,apart from corruption agenda.If he really love Zambia, why bank money outside?No wonder he doesn’t condemn those smuggle money to foreign countries and you expect the country to develop?Indeed this man is a danger to GRZ!!

  9. Going by the *****ic comments by some people on this forum, we have a long way to go before we can start reasoning like real human beings. No wonder the Chinese and other foreigners from developed countries are taking advantage of us. Ubukopo bwachila! Can’t people surely see that our country is being destroyed by the PF? ECL and company are afraid of what HH will do to them for all the injustices done to him and the country at large. These thugs are in power illegally and this reality is scaring them for they know that they will face justice one day.

  10. UPND is not in power but they are the one who victimize people who don’t support them. Some of us who are not originally Tonga but grew up there are victimized for not supporting UPND. UPND will even unfriend you on facebook if you do not support them. I think HH is a liar and will do what he accuses of PF to be doing.




  12. Only UPND sycophants and zealots and enemies of progress and worship the Supreme leader HH of the UPND can believe this crap all because they’re tamed by him and are into group think mentality…

  13. HH is a de.mon from HELL, chi sat.antist who wants to see evil all the time, to please his father sat.an the de-vil.

  14. Dj7 .. u are a crook and coward. If HH stole money why not arresting him. Kapyongo and chitotala have been implicate in serious cases of fraud with alot of evidence pointing at them , what have you done about them? U coward and crook. HH will rule this country.

  15. This is now becoming worse too quickly than I thought. It was aware that HH will become more and more desperate as we get closer to 2021 but not at this rate. This is complete childish twist of events by this undergfive politician who doesn’t seem to grow up in politics. HH likes twisting stories to feed into his narrative. Sad very sad, that our nation would be dragged to such low levels just for the greedy love of state house. Who is HH? you are just like any other Zambian, so why would anyone prevent you from passing through a public place such an airport? Tell the true story not these childish lies.Next time we will hear that Lungu has refused hH to breath.

  16. God knows, what happened, what will happen and what will happen in future. He is in total control of the Universe.

  17. The question is: Is it true that two airport workers have been fired after the exodus of HH from their Airport?If it is true, why blame HH? some people can seriously be dull!

  18. HH will kiss the ground again in 2021.
    who in his right frame of mind can support HH, tonga man who brought untold misery and sufferings on the Copperbelt by selling the mines. A person who just knows how to privatize things.
    As long as I live HH will never enter state house

  19. You people I advise you to watch prime news clip that covered the whole incident at the airport. Then you will appreciate the whole episode than talking from without. I am not a member of any political party but support any party that respects human beings. Not even a prisoners is accorded such kind of treatment

  20. Tribalism will not work. you insult tongas here because you are bemba. You are a bemba and u come to UTH and find a Tonga doctor…what happens…you go to UNZA and find a Tonga lecturer…what happens

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