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Zambia does not need a bloated government -Former State House Press Aide George Chellah

Headlines Zambia does not need a bloated government -Former State House Press Aide...

File:Given Lubinda and Former Press secretary Presidential affairs George Chellah

Former State House Press Aide George Chellah says in order to escape modern economic, political and social nightmares, Zambia requires sophisticated and reliable technocratic capacity in its public administration system and not a bloated executive arm of government.

Mr. Chellah says the notion that Zambia needs Deputy Ministers to enhance administrative capacity and delivery is self-serving and superfluous, and flies right in the face of the principle of cost cutting, which is highly recommended for a country with a not so impressive balance sheet as ours.

He said the idea of returning Deputy Ministers into government is inspired by a purely self-interested mindset and is politics of loyalty and compensation at play.

Mr. Chellah said leaders therefore ought to understand that the effectiveness and administrative capacity of modern governments does not depend on the size and weight of the political arm but technocratic ability through the establishment and sustenance of a merit-based civil service particularly that the present world order is such that many state activities and functions demand for top-notch professionalism in order to attain incredible milestones.

He said the executive is important and responsible for all government policies and daily administration of state affairs but having a bloated one will not yield anything for the country in comparison to stuffing the bureaucracy or civil service with plenty specialized and exceptional hands.

Mr. Chellah noted that a lean executive can still achieve the unimaginable if paired with a highly technocratic and dependable civil service.

“With less than 20 cabinet ministers, Singapore, a global financial centre with a GDP of over US$ 450 million and a population 5 million as at 2018 validates my standpoint – big is not always better”, he added.

He said Zambia therefore urgently requires technocratic capacity in government by deliberately investing in capacity building and educational schemes for its civil service more than Deputy Ministers.

Mr. Chellah said the real performance of any government globally heavily relies on organizational structure and human capital development.

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  1. 1doit. you were at the helm of organising deputy ministers in your time. Why didn’t you start saying you were wrong and it cost the country. Pure f00lishness. Get lost as you have been

    • Cat powe . The idyot is you who can’t analyze issues properly. George is talking sense with good references but you shooting him down. Zambians , we have a big problem of being naive, gullible etc

    • He is just a two faced rat…this is the same way that boy Amos Chanda will end up….these ill qualified boys in Press aide roles who can not move further after bosses term finishes as they are unprofessional in their jobs no big organization or NGO would take them on.

    • @Cat Power why are you in bad mood this week? Umwaiche George got a point. But you are wrong to say he once had power. No ka George was just a brief case boy for Sata. HH can just employ him again.

    • Amos is better. This boy was overly excited with that position. I used to gnash my teeth each time I saw him on tv. For sure, he should just keep Shhhh.

    • Chellah is for the first time speaking sense. Most presidential assistants never have an objective view until they are no longer scrounging for a job. Yes out of office one can see reason. You will see how Amos Chanda will become very wise after 2021.

    • How can they run Ndola Airport with cadres? They just fired technocrats George is referring to. Allowing a provincial minister fire Airport employees don’t make sense to anyone except PF.

  2. So why didn’t you tell your former boss the truth when he was appointing two deputy Ministers per Ministry?

  3. Excellent point George Chellah. In the time of austerity, we need to downsize and maximise efforts instead

    • Most of you fooooools have memories of ants…you can even be congratulating your daughters rapists when they are talking about morality at a wedding ceremony.

  4. This boy now he has read a few books he comes out after committing far worse crimes of lying to old man Sata when he was in no position to continue…you are part of the reason we have this incompetent impotent corrupt jogging moron in State House you run your boss into ground when you know he was gravely ill.
    This boy used to use fake accounts and attack people on social media with his group of prostitutes …where are they now? Useless shortsighted morons

  5. The same George who used to behave like Amos of today? This man was pompous under Sata. That’s why its important to remain humble in fame because ulova will humble you whether you like it or yes

    • Gentlemen. Let us not allow our judgment be clouded with one’s past. George has hammered the nail right on the spot. Of course if he was still a press aid for the current president he would have most likely not going to express himself they way he has done coz he would have been expected to sing along with his masters; towing the line! Now that he is his own man, listen to him and judge him as such

  6. Wait a minute! The GDP figure you quote of over US$ 450 million (and a population 5 million) as at 2018 is wrong. The GDP is in billions of dollars (USD). In principle, Zambia can do better than Singapore. However, the talking must occupy secondary position and allow working to do the rest. I agree that Deputy Ministers could prove costly for the national budget of Mother Zambia.

  7. As much as this ex P.F goon has a point, problem with Zambian (Polotiks), is when these same leeches are sucking from inside, despite them seeing what’s wrong at the time, they NEVER condemn wrongdoing, as long as their big bellies are being filled with Taxpayers cash, @ the expense of poor suffering Citizens, until they are on the outside looking in.
    ANY WONDER WE HAVE DISHONEST FLIPFLOPPING “P0LO.TITIANS” like Red lips 1Kambimba, & 2 Monday Chanda, Goldman -Nevers Mumba, Godfrey [email protected] [email protected], Chimbwili, Miles Sampa, Mulenga Sata, Chi (M.M.D) diehard, now Jona bootlicking Bowman, & the list goes on & on.
    As long as Zambia has this Caliber of dishonest filpflopping, belly recycled [email protected], FORGET ABOUT ANY DEVELOPMENT, & continue with Dining reverse stagnation!

  8. Correct,

  9. HH is in support of the deputy ministers so he can have a wide choice to appoint ministers from the other provinces it’s a win – win situation for him…The only thing he’s not happy is a jet which he says he will sell…

  10. We already have technocratic capacity in the civil service. There are few institutions outside the civil service which have invested and continues to invest in this area of human endeavor. George may have a point but is too polite or perhaps too timid to call a spade a spade. The death of the civil service has been caused by square pegs in round holes. There cannot be a perfect fit. Not ever. The “Jobs for the cadres Syndrome” is responsible for this regrettable demise of an institution which should outlive governments. Alas, we live in a certain age , a certain time and a certain part of the world where nobody cares as long as there belly is full and the word accountability is only found in the dictionary and not in our governance systems and our way of life. This is tragic and…

  11. What does it matter what he used to be back in the days if what he is putting across is really to a point. Let us learn to separate opinions from the person giving an opinion. As much as we may not like Chellah, his opinion is very valid and that is what many people are advocating for, a competent crop of technocrats to run the affairs of our country not the cadres and incompetent. Only the PF cadres are excited about having the deputy ministers back because they know they will be getting jobs and we know why they want them back!

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