Facebook has taken steps to stop its apps being pre-installed on Huawei smartphones, Reuters reports.

The ban covers the main Facebook app, as well as apps from its subsidiary companies WhatsApp and Instagram.

The action was taken in response to US government action in May to bar US companies from using foreign telecom firms it regards as a security risk.

People who already own a Huawei phone and have the relevant apps installed can still continue to use them.

Facebook said they would also continue to supply updates to existing users on Huawei phones.

Huawei has not commented on the Facebook decision.

The decision only applies to pre-installed apps and does not stop Huawei smartphone owners downloading and installing the apps once they receive their phones.

However, this option will no longer be available if Google restricts access by Huawei phones to its Play store in the future.

The decision is another blow to Huawei, which this week learned that Google will no longer let the company use its core Android software after mid-August.

For now, the Play store for Android and all Google apps will continue to be available to Huawei.

Many other nations have imposed restrictions or outright bans on the use of Huawei equipment.


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  1. A Bipolar technological advance
    Let Huawei develop counter Facebook apps, counter Google apps, counter Android software and counter US apps. They already have counter Network devices.
    The US’s acts on tarrifs are born out’a jealous, divisiveness and being outsmarted by Huawei on the technology warfront.
    We neen a bipolar technological platform and extra version of the internet.
    Let’s go China!
    Isn’t this bu.l.lsh.it?


    • And I am sure they are capable of doing even better then we shall see who laugh last or cry last.


    • China has shown a lot of restraint and maturity in this whole fiasco. If China was immature, they would have gone on a ‘fire sale’ of all those American Government Securities they hold (USD1 trillion in total) then we would have seen who the ‘Daddy’ is. They may still do it if pushed too far. A truant kid needs to be whipped to teach them manners!


  2. Google themselves have stated that Huawei would become even more dangerous because they may develop their own system.



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