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Amos Chanda Full Press Conference

Videos and Audios Amos Chanda Full Press Conference


  1. this press conference was of a person who seemed did not resign freely the facial expression is that of a man who has been forced to jump.

    • What was all that for??
      Amos you should be on vacation in Mauritius by now man, alone!!. We have resigned before, we don’t make such drama. Take a break and choose 3 jobs you should try in next 3 months. Then make a press conference if you want to continue be a superstar.

    • No wonder he resigned. He doesn’t even understand what a lifestyle audit is and what its meant for. the chap is guilty.

    • Good luck … let’s roll. Tweende Chanda webo, You are going to be successful.

      I hope your replacement will read as much as you do.

      You are a patriot and don’t let anyone your vision.

      Thank you very much for your service. I always encourage people to leave on their own terms, I have always done that in my life and career and never once ever regretted it.

      Once more, good luck on your next endeavors.

      Epo mpelele,


    • This guy is preparing to ECL successor. His argument will be that he has seen how ECL leads Zambia, so he can do it.
      It’s not a surprise he has the option to enter politics, he thinks he can do better than ECL.
      Did the likes of Sean Spicer – Trump`s former Press Secretary hold any press conferences? Why is this guy being given such attention, what is so special about him? I am sure some ministers have breathed with a sigh, that he is going.
      Effectively, he was a VP, more than Bo Inonge.

    • I am really happy and proud that this guy is leaving. Period.Loud and clear.
      Nothing against him as a person, I think he has achieved more than anyone would expect a press assistant would because we Zambians allowed him to do so. He was a powerful guy, not even Sarah Sanders gets close. During the Cholera epidemic, I recall him seating in the main seat while ba healthy minister was ndwii and getting instructions from him. You remember those Israel doctors he brought, he was driving them around LK, until now we have never seen the results of those Israelis research or whatever. Yet many Zambians including bloggers here were cheering this guy. I feel he misused his position as a press assistant, but of course, can’t blame him because of Zambian docility.

  2. Amos Chanda how could you defend all the corruption ,debt and incompetence of Lungu’s rotten administration? Good riddance see ya.

  3. Drivelling just to save his neck!
    Apparently he touched livewires and is vulnerable being outside the corrupt system.
    So to continue to be safe he has to sing praise for him to keep his loot.

  4. This guy is trying to trivialise investigation into I’ll gotten gains. Bottom line is there nothing to fear or object to if your money is clean, bro.

  5. Your simplistic scenarios are not helping you wiggle or if this. FIC officials aren’t dumb and wouldn’t pursue legitimate transactions. Me thinks you have slot to hide, Ba Chanda!

  6. “…deploy state power against critics.. ” Hmm.. what do you know about that?? This is like a spy going public while still attempting to keep secrets.

  7. Honestly, I don’t feel sorry for this guy to leave. I am happy. I want to see an intelligent press assistant who doesn’t abuse his position. period.
    I don’t know Mr. Chanda and have nothing against him in person, but his possible abuse of his position drove me crazy, and that made me hate this guy.
    Remember, he is also covered with a house in eswatinni, which minister has such privileges?
    I guess this gives us an opportunity to force ECL to be providing press conference, which was not the case with Mr. Chanda. Let’s get a much more intelligent press assistant, a real civil servant and not a clown.Not one who will own a house, god knows where.

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