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Anti-Corruption Commission will ensure that the owner of the 48 houses is identified-Moono

General News Anti-Corruption Commission will ensure that the owner of the 48 houses is...

ACC Public Relations Manager Timothy Moono
ACC Public Relations Manager Timothy Moono

THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) says it has continued questioning people allegedly connected to the 48 mysterious houses in Lusaka’s Chalala area.

Public relations manager Timothy Moono said in an interview yesterday many people had so far been summoned by the ACC to be interrogated in connection with the houses.

ACC raised a nationwide uproar recently when it announced that it had closed investigations into the houses because it had failed to find their owner, but had forfeited them to the State.

Mr Moono said the ACC would ensure that the matter was thoroughly investigated to put the matter to rest.

He, however, declined to name those who had been interrogated saying the matter would be handled professionally.

Mr Moono said ACC would ensure the owner of the 48 upmarket houses was identified.

“Yes, the ACC has started probing the matter, and people have been summoned for investigations. We shall ensure that the matter is handled professionally,” he said.

Recently, President Edgar Lungu instructed Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo to ensure the case regarding the 48 houses was probed further so that Zambians could know the truth. He made the directive at State House during the swearing-in ceremony for new Secretary to the Cabinet Simon Miti.

It followed the revelation by ACC acting director general Rosemary Khuzyayo when she featured on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview that it had closed inquiries into the case of the 48 houses because there no one claimed ownership.

“Following the announcement made by the Anti-Corruption Commission, I have instructed the Minister of Home Affairs, Honourable Stephen Kampyongo, through the agencies that fall under his ministry to collaborate and ensure the case regarding the 48 houses is investigated to its logical conclusion,” President Lungu said.

He also directed all investigative wings to help in the new investigations. “All investigative wings are under strict instructions to collaborate and ensure this matter sees its day in our courts of law,” President Lungu said.


  1. Surely identifying the owner of the 48 houses should not be more than a 3 hour job. Municipality, Ministry of Lands and the accounts where the tenants pay their rents can quickly indicate who the owners are. The owner of the property is the name on the title deeds. If it is a company, the owners are the shareholders. Please do your work with honour and take pride in your work, lessen the lies.

    • @Chali , It is not always as straight forward as you explained.
      Who owns the “The National House of Players” under construction somewhere near Forest 27?
      I have failed to identify the owner so I get the money I contributed to build that PF House of players. You know which one I am talking about. Ba Edgar laid foundation, a lot of money was raised and so many “investors” contributed to that church-to-be, but money disappeared, and no church.
      I am still looking for owner to refund me.

    • Really laughable …you mean they are selecting who can be the owner….dont be surprised if they pick anyone who was buried last week at the cemetery .

    • UPND will abolish the ACC when it comes to power and start afresh! We will set up a new serious body to fight graft on a wider scale backed by very tight legislation with severe sanctions.
      The likes the hopeless chimpanzee making noise for the ACC in this article will certainly NOT be part of the New ACC.

    • The minute you say you will do this and select this…is the beginning of failure. ACC needs to independent from political interference that means no politician appointments. The reason ACC is failing today is that the whole system is corrupt ..they cannot investigate anything without a PEP being involved.

    • It is shameful that the said authorities vis-a-vis the local authorities and the Ministry of Lands are concealing the criminals.

      Aren’t they committing an offence similar to misprison of treason?


    • Simple and straight forward if your advice @ Zambian by blood can be embraced and implemented! ACC is serving no purpose on this matter as they already gave up the investigations when no one reported themselves as being the owners of the property! So too did ACC throw out of the window their dignity and esteem from the public. Should national administration change hands from Lungu, the new administration should disband ACC and restructure the CID for extended responsibilities.

  3. this is the most stupidest this i have ever heard in my entire life. seriously Anti-Corruption Commission will ensure that the owner of the 48 houses is identified like for real. To me, this looks like the Anti-corruption have become corrupt themselves. Rubbish.

    • And the President has decided to carry on with his tour to Japan …Kamponygo has still not produced the report into this case

  4. What a LAUGHINGSTOCK (prank) ….Zambians are!

    What sorts of investigations wings do we have in Zambia…?

    Surely is it true the entire lot of investigation experts can’t trace the owner of the 48 houses….?

    In Zambia we have so many jokers including investigations wings.

    • Why is the ACC reporting that the owner of those 48 flats will be taken to court?.what if they were built legally .Why is the mighty president ordering the investigative wings to do their job they are paid to do.The president should just go on a holiday to Japan as planned instead of stressing himself with corruption and disorganization in Zambia

  5. This is another organisation that needs a clean up from the root to the branch . It is not worth spending tax payers money on judging by it’s gross incompetence and biasness . If he owner of the houses was UPND the story could have been in the hands of PF judges by now .

  6. Why the delay? That alone reveals how compromised ACC is. Justice system in Zambia has been hijacked by a few criminals.

  7. @Chilyata. Your comments on this forum are radioactive with tribalism and bitterness. Your comments seem to suggest that you have been instructed by your bosses to character assassinate anyone who does not agree with you. This is certainly below expectations on this blog.

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