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Justice Ireen Mambilima should recuse herself, she owns land in the controversial forest reserve 27

Columns Justice Ireen Mambilima should recuse herself, she owns land in the controversial...

Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima
Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima

By Vincent Mwanza

As National Democratic Congress (NDC), we welcome the decision by whistleblowers who have officially written to the judiciary to set up a tribunal to probe lands’ Minister Jean Kapata.

This is in connection with the illegal allocation of land in forest reserve number 27 in Lusaka.

William Harrington and another senior citizen are the imminent persons who have requested the setting up of this tribunal. According to the procedure, Justice Mambilima is the one charged to set up such a tribunal.

We, however, feel Justice Ireen Mambilima is not the right person to set up this tribunal. Justice Mambilima should recuse herself in this matter. We say so because the “Honorable”, Chief Justice is herself a beneficiary of land, in not only Lusaka forest number 27, but also in Shibuyunji forest 42.

In this regard, request Justice Mambilima to delegate the Deputy Chief Justice to handle this matter. Justice Mambilima has a vast interest in this matter, and we feel she can not handle this matter with impartiality.

As NDC, we are taken aback that a person at the helm of the judiciary is cited in the dubious allocation of land. What is worsening is that the Chief Justice has failed to defend herself on how she miraculously benefited from land in two forest reserves.

Justice Mambilima has set a very bad precedent in the judiciary. Mrs. Mambilima has clearly sent a signal to the ranks and files of the judiciary that corruption is a norm in the judicature. We won’t be surprised to hear cases of rampant corruption in the judiciary because the respect that the system gave her Honour has been eroded.

Currently, most citizens have challenges in acquiring land in Lusaka. We are left with many questions as to how and why madam Mambilima has miraculously been allocated two plots in two controversial areas at an alarming speed.

As NDC, we want to remind the chief justice that she heads a very sensitive and important office in the land. But, justice Mambilima will have herself to blame for assertions members of the public will throw on her office, which office she has chosen to throw into odium.

With the foregoing, we wonder if most Zambians still hold this woman in high esteem. She, however, has an opportunity to clear her name in the wake of all these illegalities.

The Author is NDC National Chairperson lands, an opposition party in Zambia led by former Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Chishimba Kambwili.


  1. Why Ba Mabilima acquiring illegal land? She is one of those born in places like Chimwemwe, thus have no home village or chief? What do they need such land of 5 hectors for?
    My point is that a respectable women like Ba Mabilima, Ba Inonge, Ba Sumaili they can simply talk to their chiefs or any chief in Zambia to allocate them best land.
    There is no need for those PF issued lands.

    • African Politics….not only Africa but let me say Politicians all over the world are full of nonsense…greedy and they care less about the poor masses….The rule of Law is nonexistent and controlled by the same Politicians…they eat on the same plate with the Judges and do corrupt businesses together……Mambilima is a very useless and corrupt Chief Justice just like Judges…Lungu is at the helm and Uubomba mwibala alya mwibala is always at play

    • ZANU PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa will not kill the Whistleblower who last week began speaking concerning alleged mass murders he committed on behalf of the ruling party, newsreaders have said.
      The 41 year old man is Mr Anesu Kapere, who says he killed 6 MDC members in Uzumba in 2008.
      He is seen on video narrating how he committed the mass murders.
      Using religious insinuations from the Bible on the consequences of and the fear of receiving successive damnation or retribution from murder, it was said the chances of the Zanu-pf politician carrying out a hit job on his own hit man are nill. DO YOU BELIEVE IN THIS? 

    • Zambia has gone to the dogs. All the noble people have given up. It seems everyone has taken the if you can’t beat them, join them approach.

  2. Chimbwilima surely needs to go and go now!! How can a person that is entrusted with immense responsibility for enforcing the law in our country be the first person breaking and bending the laws. What a fckn greedy pig this woman has become. Former Minister Gladys Nyirongo was sent to jail for the same offence so should this this greedy pig Chimbwilima not face the same fate?
    We still remember that this is the same woman that brought up court contempt charges against one of our citizens now serving so many years in prison. We also now want her to face justice – she is not above law and after she has committed a criminals offence. She must taste the same medicine she gives others.
    First fire her and let her face justice – laws are made for all of us not only poor people!!

  3. This is shocking, however she can only do this if someone above her or rather the appointing authority is as well involved in unlawful acts that she is aware of. All these actions by Mambilima and Kapata are pointing directly to President Lungu. What action should President Lungu take? Very simple, Let Mambilima and Kapata go live on ZNBS and do 2 things. Either deny or accept. Question. Do you Mambilima and Kapata own own as named in the report above Yes or No. Chapwa ifya ma tribunal is a waste of time. Kwena Zambia is now animal farm tebufi

    • If I was President I would send them all to prison farms operated by ZNS and Correctional services there are jobs for even fat and old ones like Irene on a farm like cleaning tractors and sweeping farm yard.

  4. These people have neither shame nor integrity….they just keep quiet and hope the issues fides away like a fart. They know we are a docile people look at how they are playing around with 48 houses ownership…even the contractor can tell you who they handed those houses to after completion if it’s not AVIC.

  5. Irene Mambilima is a foreigner. These foreigners who have captured leadership of our country are all criminals. Edgar Lungu is their trend setter with their criminal syndicates.

    • Stop the irrigation of xenophobia. Who was born where his ancestors originally lived in this world. Do you have to look for a foreigner in Everything?

  6. Have these accusations been proven to be the truth and evidence readily available for everyone to see or we are just reacting to some sugar coated statement? just asking .

  7. No this land was not “illegally” subdivided what is wrong with this transaction is that this land was gazetted a protected area not for dessolution and left in the care of the President who holds the land on behalf of Zambians. The ministry and his commissioner then degazzetted the land the ecological effect of any construction on this land is disastrous. Therefore please please all you “beneficiaries” we know you want “retirement” places we also know you feel you are better then those of us who have settled in areas designated for settlement but please do the right thing give up this land we shall replant trees it is protected for a reason please !

  8. She won’t do that.
    Those in PF who were complaining were given the forest in Shibuyunji so they could shut up and shut up they did. Whoever came up with the plan to plunder these resources knew what they were doing and they counted on the fact that eagle one and every single cabinet member is corrupt to the core or can be bought and no one will do anything about it.
    If fighting corruption was real eagle one would have shown why he’s eagle one.
    I think we should the plates of his Limo from eagle to a vulture, for there is no nobility in him.

  9. Hehehehe

    When we say lungu has corrupted almost every system of governance , you think we are just talking ???

    Zambian is under serious systematic corruption breakdown that take years to recover……

    we will need a truth and reconciliation commission established to heal the nation of corruption after lungu is jailed……

  10. Lungu, Mambilima, Kapita etc are Birds of the same feathers. They can’t change their Corrupt ways and that is why they are desperate to have Bill No.10 In Parliament. This Bill is a do or die for PF. ECL and PF need to Amendment the Constitution to Rig the 2021 Election and retain Power. PF need to protect themself from Prosecution arising from so many Corrupt deals.That is why PF will not handover Power even if they lose the 2021 Elections. The writing is on the Wall.

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