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50 % of copper production is no longer coming from the Copperbelt

Economy 50 % of copper production is no longer coming from the Copperbelt

Economist Oliver Saasa
Economist Oliver Saasa

Economist Oliver Saasa has commended the government for opening up investments in the country through hosting of provincial investment expositions.

Professor Saasa said that it was important that the government has seen the need to showcase each province’s investment potential through an expo.

He cited Northern Western province as a new mining town whose potential in the sector has surpassed Copperbelt province in terms of Copper production.

Professor Saasa said that 50 percent of copper production is no longer coming from the Copperbelt but from North-Western province.

He told ZNBC News that a country can not attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) without showcasing what each province has to offer in terms of investment.

And Private Sector Development Association Chairperson Yusuf Dodia urged the government to continue hosting investment expo in order to promote investments.

Mr. Dodia said there a number of provinces whose investment potential remains untapped.


  1. What we lack in this country is focused leadership with a consistent approach towards economic diversification.THERE IS NO POOR PROVINCE IN ZAMBIA but focus too much on mining especially copper.Even this article just makes a comparison about copper aa if that is what the expo was all about!? Why not tell usabout other issues of investment potentials that can replace copper and still bring us decent income!?

    • Classic case of a public intellectual that turns a huge profit uttering unempirical nonsense. Saasa which report are you quoting to come up with that figure 50%? I am just asking because for a long time Zambians have fallen for your title of prof but really though, you are a consultant with a PhD not a practicing active academic if I am not mistaken. So I doubt if this chap even ran up the data to come up with that 50%. It’s high time we started sensoring these so called professors who don’t any value at all to Zambia. Joseph Stigliz a world renowned development economist from USA still teaches classes at columbia hence he can be taken seriously. Now this guy
      Saasa what is really contributing to Zambia instead of enriching himself. He is actually a sociologist not an ueconomist if…

    • We need provincial governments with all taxes other than a percentage allocated to federal along with custom duties only for central government. Let province prosper with locals being accountable. Let there be competition among provinces.

    • Expo so you can merely get investment pledges and sell off chunks of land to Chinks which doesn’t even benefit the locals…if the minister of lands can share a catchment forest with her greedy colleagues what more land in rural areas.

  2. 50 % of copper production is no longer coming from the Copperbelt because of lazy and shoddy investors like Mopani and more especially KCM.
    Congrats to NW province but be wary not to end up like the Copperbelt Province where copper is extracted but no major development to talk about. If mines close the province would be a ghost province.

  3. So why should money, earned from NWP copper, go to develop Muchinga? And the govt discrimates against us people from NWP?

  4. Ba reporter Nabo tabaingilemo namu sukulu. There is a difference between townships, towns, cities provinces and countries etc. They teach this in Grade 4
    What is : He cited Northern Western province as a new mining town?

  5. NWP, the previously so called Cinderella province, now awakening up! But, so far no single road has been constructed under the link 8,000 in the whole area, zero! No similar road under the same programme either, the bulk of which going to Luapula, Northern, and Muchinga Provinces, under the Phases One and Two, with only promissory notes for Western and North-Western Provinces under the doubtful Phase Three that might never be – under the Neo-Apartheid, under the PF regime! Mind you the Mongu-Kalabo Road being an MMD baby that was only completed under PF and the Chingola-Solwezi Road having been merely placed under repair rehabilitation – not a part of the Link 8,000!

    I agree that Zambia needs to have Regional governments, leg by Regional Governors or Premiers directly elected by the…

  6. Yellow cards, good points. Any time you read anyone in govt or own company claiming to be a professor be assured s/he is fake. Real educated people know that title should not be part of your normal title. ‘Professor’ does not apply to any organisation / workplace except in the universities that award them. The only title you earn is the doctorate (not the honorary type). Saasa studied African Development Studies at UNZA, not economics, which he may have taken up later. He is definitely not a sociologist. Sociologists are tough academics and very few are awarded professorships. After the punishment from the PF govt the article may be an attempt to endear oneself to the govt.

  7. “The deposits at Lumwana were discovered in 1961, but no serious work was carried out there until Equinox Minerals Ltd became involved in 1999. Uranium is also mined in the Kalumbila District at the Lumwana mine.
    Three miles from city centre lies the “Kifubwa Rock Stream Shelter” located next to the Kifubwa River. There are inscriptions to be found from the late Stone Age people.”

  8. Government needs to come up with a biometric identification project, and promote Radio-frequency identification; to tag Minerals that coming out of there, so that the indigenous can benefit from land their ancestors landed on.
    By the way ndi wa ushi From the luapula, province

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