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Kambwili Doubles Down on Findlay Allegations, Claims he has Even More Evidence to Prove his Allegations

NDC Opposition leader Chishimba Kambwili
NDC Opposition leader Chishimba Kambwili
NDC Opposition leader Chishimba Kambwili
NDC Opposition leader Chishimba Kambwili

Former Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili and National Democratic Congress (NDC) President Chishimba Kambwili has said that he is ready to meet Lusaka Businessman Valden Findlayin court over the drug trafficking allegations he made against the businessman.

Mr Findlay has indicated that he will be taking legal action against Mr Kambwili over what he has termed as malicious allegations made by the NDC leader.

But Mr Kambwili told Journalists in Lusaka that he has evidence to prove his allegations against Mr. Findlay. Mr. Kambwili said that he was merely stating facts that are in the public domain when he made the allegations against Mr. Findlay.

Mr Kambwili has insisted that Mr. Findlay was locked up by first Republican President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda on drug trafficking-related offenses and that he was mentioned in the American courts and there is a transcript that anybody can access on Social Media.

Mr Kambwili also said that Mr. Andrew Chellah, the special Assistant for Projects Monitoring for the president was a “Chola” boy of Mr. Findlay and working for him and that these are factors that cannot constitute defamation.

Mr Kambwili said that he was ready to meet Mr. Findlay in court and that he has a lot of information and going to court will give Zambians an opportunity to know what they don’t even know and that after he made the allegations, he has even received a lot of goodwill from the Zambians, ranging from cabinet Ministers to Ambassadors volunteering information.

On Friday Mr. Findlay dismissed allegations by Mr Kambwili that he has been arrested before on drug trafficking-related offences.

Mr Findlay has further dismissed assertions that he had been cited in some proceedings in the United States of America on allegations that he was an associate of some individuals accused of drug trafficking offences.

Mr Findlay described Mr Kambwili’s allegations as a gravely false statement that he has never engaged in any drug trafficking activities nor has he ever been arrested, prosecuted of convicted of any drug-related offenses.

He further stated that he has at no point been engaged in state capture saying that he is a law-abiding citizen who has conducted legitimate business in and outside Zambia in accordance with the law.

Mr Findlay has since announced his decision to instruct his lawyers to take legal steps to address alleged malicious allegations made against him by Former Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili.

Mr Findlay made the announcement through his Spokesperson Daniel Phiri at a Press Briefing held at Chrismar Hotel in Lusaka yesterday.

“In view of the gravity of the malicious allegations made against him, Mr. Valden Findlay has instructed his lawyers to take necessary legal steps to address the said malicious allegations,” Mr. Phiri announced.

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    • Having watched the video of this story it reminds me of public fights where the guy who shouts the most is seen to have won the fight even without throwing a blow. CK the best time to test your evidence is in court not on social media, otherwise you sound scared of the legal action ko

    • Kambwili’s lawyers should advize him to talk less now and let the matter see its day in court. Enough has been said already and I hope the court will provide a fair and neutral battleground.

    • This Drug Trafficking allegations are Damaging to Lungu. The fact that Findlay’s Friends are now State Witnesses in American Courts it means more embarrassing details will be revealed relating to Valden Findlay and Lungu Mandrax Trafficking activities. Lungu must quickly distance himself from Valden Findlay b4 more damage is done to Lungu’s Presidency.

    • Please go to court so that if one is a drug dealer the truth is known and then that person can be sent to prison and then also if one is a malicious liar the truth will be known and that person can also be sent to prison.

    • Did kambwili checked his facts correctly? Findlay is a town in Ohio , America know for drugs.. let’s hope he didn’t mixed the two

  1. Ba LT please, is it “Kambwili Doubles Down” or “Kambwili Doubles Up” on Findlay Allegations?
    I almost did not want to read this article after seeing the “Down”, it gave me the impression that he is lowering down his claims which is misleading. Instead, Kambwili afaka petro…….Go Kambwili, Go…

  2. The are SPECIAL INTEREST INDIVIDUALS in the state capture documents You will always have 2 types of politicians serving politicians and those who seek and have self-interest derived from the power that politics gives From that Dola hill Company to date how much taxes has the individual paid on his income and expenses have you seen hi bank accounts and payments to match his wealthy He should have been long time been arrested by now but he will be arrested if he heads that side You see what is public domain is according to non-disclosure agreements because the individual must be banned from State house and away from President Lungu official activities There is no Official or…

    Too much Corruption, na ma exam leaks pa Zed.
    You will find the guy who wrote this article, & headline passed with 6 Points, & got 95% mu English.

    • To double Down is to become more tenacious or more resolute in one’s undertaking. It means Kambwili has got more evidence to back him up. But knowing Kambwili the way I do, he is likely to develop cold feet along the way.

  4. Jonas Shakafuswa called the Findlays drug dealers, in the full view of the press at charisma hotel, and in his capacity as Deputy Finance Minister, the Findlays were mute, they didn’t threaten any legal action, to threaten legal action now when they enjoy political favor, raises eye brows. Findlay with a fortune of over $300 million dollars, must share his success story, on how selling speed boats made him a multi millionaire.

  5. For those of you who are not yet aware, Sata was killed by Bronchopneumonia, in other words Carcinoma Cancer. This is a type of pneumonia with a condition that causes inflammation of the lungs. Symptoms can range from mild to severe and may include coughing, breathing difficulties, and fever. Causes include bacterial, viral, or fungal chest infections! Thanks Guy Scott. Now, we want someone to also write about what killed Chiluba. But I hear with him it could be an overdose of mtototo E. Mwamba gave him, the chap had an overdose waiting for his wife to pounce but she delayed coming back. Mwamba wanked the pygmy ten times but alas it kicked the bucket. This needs to be investigated also! Also, is Carcinoma cancer infectious? Kaseba must watch out!

  6. “…and there is a transcript that anybody can access on Social Media.”

    Just that quote worries me, evidence based on social media sucks.

    • Also this worries me. How can you get evidence on social media and go in public that you have evidence?!!! Social media..? Zambians worship social media . No wonder we are backwards

    • You are right – he should have gone to the “loot coz” as mwine mushi would have said. Anyhow, we hope there is a link from social media to where the report is actually ensconced.

  7. Lets get the issue right pipo. CK in the first place wanted ECL to explian 2pipo of Z y he is oways found with VF on official duties in zaf ac always when he is not a governt official. Did ECL answer? Y turn of events? So court issue by VF is cover up. Lets get to the root of this.

    • So where can they explain themselves if not in court. Even in the olden days when people felt they had been acused wrongly, they took the acuser pa nsaka, in front of a headman. The problem for us is that this is being done at the expense of sorting out real and serious problems

  8. Very True. Every normal Zambian knows Valden Findlay is The Top Drug dealer in this Country. He infiltrated politics a long time ago and even supposed campaigns many a time. He was very close to Rupiah Banda although he usually remained behind the shadows. Under ECLs rule however , Findlay has come from under the rocks and is all over the show at State House, in the presidential Jet, you name it. He has amassed so much confidence under ECLs rule that he feels he doesn’t need to hide that is dirty.
    I wonder why DEC would even call CK to help with investigations when they have an enormous file on Findlays drug deals already.
    Shame on the system.. Findlay will walk free and our country will be destroyed by the drugs he keeps bringing in. So long as a few people make money from his…

  9. Guys look, Zambians have not seen much, this issue about Valden Findlay is just a tip of the iceberg. CK must not be blamed at all. Amos Chanda, former press Aide to ECL must be smiling and saying, ndeloleshafye. State House must put its system in order. Amos must be having a lot of material to bring down those in state House. Amos is busy fighting state House after his firing. Who can posses such material, like presidential photos on the presidential plane. All the hidden material we have bn seeing, is in the possession of Amos Chanda. He is busy fighting the guys in state House. Just watch the space. State House must deal with Amos now, despite him being fired. The chap is bitter for being forced to leave. We all know that nobody can reveal such hidden material to the media other than…

  10. We all know that nobody can reveal such material to the media, other than a person that, is/was so close to the President. And Amos Chanda was. I have said mine, saying yours too.

  11. Ama politics yaba CK is that of a foolish village kachema boy who is always shouting about the presence of a lion even when there is none just to draw attention to himself.Such that even when a lion truly came, nobody paid attention.Remember the Kamyongo issue? He ended up apologising in parliament.
    So this business of always ichasakanwa is now boring.So CK has nothing more constructive to do than invite lawsuits and draw attention to himself?
    Opposition Indeed!

  12. CK should stop this mentality of the village kachema boy who would always shout about the presence of a lion even when there is none just to draw attention. One day when he really has something important to say, people may not pay attention.Can he not do something more connstructive than inviting lawsuits??

  13. Can Findlay please explain why he is always on the Presidential Plane? Is he a govt official? Who is paying for his trips? Is it the tax payer?

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