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    • Kambwili has been like this, it is just that his ex-best friend Savior Chishimba UPP has hang boots,
      I remember either Kambwili or let-down Savior, saying the same things about Findlay when RB was in power.
      Did DEC check how often Valden and Andrew frequent the RB new glass house? We said that that glass house would need weekly DEC sweeping.

  1. Who cares another noise maker perceived as saviour and relevant by desperate people.There is only one opposition party if only they can change the leader.Politics is not mpaka fye.Re design the product with different attributes.

  2. Is Hon Findlay sure that he is doing the right thing? Chimbwili has nothing to lose ka, his reputation is zero.
    On another note, I remember that in the long past a Zambian businessman fell foul of the Chinese. He was only released upon intervention by some senior politjcians. Of course there is no proof in such a case, just like recently ACC “failed” to prove a case of proceeds of crime.

  3. Valden and the findleys have become dirty rich because of valdens close association with lungu.

    When GRZ started putting pressure on South African shops to supply Zambian produce, lungu handed valden stright away the deal to supply cut potatoe chips sold in those shops.

    Some would say he has unfair advantage over other zambian bussiness others might call this state capture……..

  4. Not too sure of what offense Kambwili has committed. Did he just not pick up this issue from some tabloid in the USA? The best would be to sue the source in the USA. America takes cases of drug peddling serious. Remember the case of Noriega-former president of Panama? He was captured as sitting president and taken to the USA for trial. Till this time, he is still in jail if I am not mistaken.

    • Walasa mwana!!!! I can see some country without a president.
      USA can capture anything over drugs. With USA over drug trafficking there is no immunity or VIP fimo fimo!!!! They just pick and they dont care who they are – they just pick like cherries in the bush. Only to discover that oh that guy you have picked is a president of ….. Kaya!

    • Manuel Noriega died a couple of years ago. He was more than just drug pushing president of Panama. Dig for the meaning of what I just said….

  5. Given the transcripts which I have just seen from the US District Court Southern District of New York indeed implicate Valdenyo Finlay in some serious drug trafficking. If he takes Chimbwili to court, he will just hasten the process of the FBI asking for his extradition to the US. He can join El Chapo Guzmán at Colorado prison known as “the Alcatraz of the Rockies” where he is serving two life terms for drug trafficking. Finlay’s Indian friends who implicated him are facing a raft of criminal charges including drug trafficking, criminal association and bribery. Now let’s see how Lungu can escape criminal association and drug trafficking!! Awe sure kunya bebele!

    • Lafupi made his money through gun-running, a feat that once took Zambian to the brink of war with Angola . Could Jonathan Mutaware have made his 23mills thru drugs trafficking?

      What does Mutaware’s day at work look like?

  6. Power is shifting bane. We can no longer use state power to do hanky-panky iyooo. I have seen rags-to-riches-to-rags again so many times so it is not a big deal that all these questionable amassing will come to naught very soon. Watch the space. Keep the date. Muzan’kumbuka a mambala.

  7. Waste of time, very soon you will go to hospital for faking ilnesses, if all that you are saying is in the public domain as you say, Why are you wasting your time mentioning them.

  8. Fooldlay Boyi ilwashi lyobe ilya state capture on me and your history is affecting my Good standing as presidency The people of Zambia likes me as President and will do everything possible to protect the presidency words echoed by kaweche kaunda

    So from Today Sunday 15th of September i have barred you from coming to my home at state house or travelling first class in my Presiential Jet Ichibusachesu chashala fye pamusebo Your dark activities and history is ell documented as illicit and portrailed as state capture on me and i am being accused of being a one who is carrying money for Indians and Chinese to circumvent the International Financial system by america proceeds of…

  9. This is a serious indictment on Lungu. Those Indian State Witnesses in American Courts will take Valden Findlay and Lungu to the cleaners. Lungu’s association with Drug Traffickers will confirm his Criminal Record and Legacy. Becoz of Lungu’s Corrupt and Criminal Record he is desperate to retain Power in 2021. That’s why he is pushing for the passing of the unpopular Bill 10 by Parliament into Law. Bill 10 is a scheme to rig 2021 Elections in favour of Lungu and PF. Lungu has committed so many crimes and fears to be prosecuted should he lose Power in 2021. Bill10 is all about Lungu and PF’ s Political Preservation and nothing Good for Zambia.#Stop Stop Bill No.10 at all costs.

  10. Very True. Every normal Zambian knows Valden Findlay is The Top Drug dealer in this Country. He infiltrated politics a long time ago and even supposed campaigns many a time. He was very close to Rupiah Banda although he usually remained behind the shadows. Under ECLs rule however , Findlay has come from under the rocks and is all over the show at State House, in the presidential Jet, you name it. He has amassed so much confidence under ECLs rule that he feels he doesn’t need to hide that is dirty.
    I wonder why DEC would even call CK to help with investigations when they have an enormous file on Findlays drug deals already.
    Shame on the system.. Findlay will walk free and our country will be destroyed by the drugs he keeps bringing in. So long as a few people make money from his…

  11. same old story.He has been talking for a long ever since he was fired making news headlines but his talk does not improve my well being as a Zambian. No improvement to any Zambian apart from News reporters.When he was in government he was quiet.just has scores to settle in the name of speaking for Zambians .I can never be a victim of propaganda

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