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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

President Lungu declares Friday 25th, October a Public Holiday

General News President Lungu declares Friday 25th, October a Public Holiday

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu addresses Cabinet at State House on Monday, 21st October, 2019
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu addresses Cabinet at State House on Monday, 21st October, 2019

President His Excellency Dr Edgar Lungu has declared October 25th, the day after Zambia’s Independence Day, a public holiday.

On Thursday, Zambia will be celebrating 55 years of Independence from the United Kingdom on this day in 1964 and is the National Holiday.

“As we prepare to celebrate our Country’s 55th Independence Anniversary on 24th October, this year, I have declared Friday 25th October as a public holiday to give citizens enough time to reflect on our duties and obligations as citizens of this great nation,” President Lungu said.

“Let us use this time to appreciate the sacrifice made by our fore fathers and mothers, the heroes of our struggle for independence,” he said.

“As President John F. Kennedy once said “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” May that be said about Zambia as we turn 55. God bless Zambia! All One, Strong and Free.”

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  1. One king Julian from the cartoon movie mad ask her ,it’s parte after parte.

    Now I see why the Chinese always complain that here in zed it’s always alleluya,alleluya,no work.

    • The Chinese and everyone who’s in the habit of complaining should just buzz off, mind their own beezwax and allow us to reflect.

      Thank you Hon Lusambo’s president Sir.

    • That statement sounds so styupid… Why quote America President for Zambian Independence? Instead of thinking of those Zambian heroes, such a tall man PF president go about thinking of some Kennedy. Fucck that holiday.
      Just declare holiday, until 2021, close Zambia, close it!!

    • When do u work? Please please Mr lungu say anything about the economy.. We can move state house at the airport. $30 billions in debt, soon zambians will be reffegues.

    • Thought since you became president Zambia is Holiday. Mr lungu say anything about the economy please please. Even copy and paste from another African leaders about there economy.Even Zimbabwe president tries to say anything about the economy.

    • And they rush to the hardworking western countries and begg for aid….Lungu is the worst President in the world….why declare the 25th a public holiday?????…a President who supports laziness and encourages stealing…no wonder there’s 15 hours of total darkness in the country….its not the first time the 24th fell on a Thursday but no President has ever declared the 25th a Public holiday

    • Flashback to 2019 UN General Assembly….when African leaders where speaking almost all Europeans and Americans left the Auditorium…African leaders where addressing their own entourage…now i understand…No sense of urgency..African leaders promoting laziness….and Lungu was even begging at UN…..i live in New York….life here is 24 hours 7 days a week….no wonder its the greatest city in the world…..Lusaka the Capital of Zambia subtract 15 hours from 24 hours…..only 9hrs…and that 9hrs is sleep time…..so Zero hours left for productivity and declare public holidays….the US dollar is almost K14….Well done PF bandits and Lungu

    • When you have a President who believes in Laziness and corruption and stealing….yes Holidays are very good for development…why not declare the next 365 days public holidays because nothing of value is happening in Zambia anyway apart from wasting tax payers on filling up benzene in the so called Presidential challenger jet….Anyway let me just deal with Trump at least I have electricity 24/7….the roads are perfect….Companies are hiring….all hospitals are world class…and no unnecessary Public holidays….WELCOME TO AMERICA….

    • I suppose the dick heads who think that holidays are free should consider that businesses are paying your free meals. WE HAVE JUST REFLECTED, PRAYED AND FORGIVEN EACH OTHER LAST FRIDAY… WE DON’T NEED ANOTHER FRIGGIN’ REFLECTION. INSTEAD WE NEED TO WORK FOR A LIVING!!

    • This guy is an *****. Really dont understand the dog. Get on your plane (Appolo 11111111111111111)

  2. We are a playful nation. There’s no seriousness whatsoever in this nation. The country has literally been on “holiday” with the electricity woes and here comes the President declaring another holiday on top of another. Whoever bewitched this nation takwata na luse. May God have mercy on us.

    • You can still report for work on Friday, No one is forcing anybody. Most people were going to do literally nothing the whole Friday morning, only nursing hangovers. See you on Monday bakama normal.

  3. Too bad for us employers!
    No more holiday allowance!
    Too many holidays now!
    We’ll just go back to having more children to employ in the family business like it was in the past …kikikikiki lol

    • Lazy Lungu, counter productive, only good for drinking alcohol, The worst president in the world…. this moron is really dull as they come…

  4. More $ex, more beer, more drunkenness, more road accidents, more HIV, more teenage pregnancies, and ZESCO, please give us more loadshedding so that we play safe in darkness!
    Well done for granting the wishes of the “Christian” nation!
    Enjoy your Four day holidays responsibly!

  5. This man is not serious. Does he realise that the work ing hours have reduced due to load shedding?His contribution, he declares a holiday.If Lungu was to continue beyond 2021 the nation would come to a stand still,he would even fail to pay himself, someone tell this man npt to stand in 2021…

  6. Reflect on our duties and obligations of stealing and running the country in the ground. This guys seems like he has no advisers to run or rule the nation like a true and trustworth leader 2021 he should be voted out if power by all means

  7. Whilst we very rich people are working all year round, poor zambians see it fit to declare irrelevant holidays in a poor country. This is the type of leadership you have. The country faces challenges all they know is calling silly day of prayers and holidays. You will eat prayers. What a load of bullocks. My *** is shocked

  8. Comment: Those who are complaining about the Friday holiday go and work on Friday and change the economy (in 1 day). those of us who work 6 days a week from 07:00 to 16:30hrs deserve some needed rest and wait for our friends to bring down the dollar and fuel price. neither the less we meet on Monday in the offices.

  9. For me, this is a good thing because as a software engineer it will give me time to work on my own projects. However, I am sure the CEO of our company is not happy. Hence this declaration may not be good for business especially those in the manufacturing sector at any level.
    What is good for me may not be good for the country.

  10. Holiday after holiday will just go and see others dancing Chikokoshi
    it may soon be declared Circus republic

  11. Comment:Its not a bad thing having Holidays….Its not like his declared the rest of the days to be Holidays,you just dont appreciate a Good leader
    you never find time to think of your next moves.you are getting upset as if you can get rich within a day,even if Friday was not a holiday u still would not make money,Why because you are lazy a determined person will make money whether kuli holiday or not…….Dont use The President as an excuse to why to can’t money No! if you feel u can get rich on Friday u might miss an opportunity go get rich,if you feel u will make money on friday go make money…….case closed.

  12. It is good to rest.My problem with this declaration is that is that we knew about Independence day falling on Thursday 24th October long ago.We should have been informed much earlier than this.We plan ahead you know….Some schedules have been ruined,money will be lost!My reflection for this Independence will include how to vote wisely.This will be quite costly for the majority!!!even a week’s notice would have been well appreciated.

  13. Mr President you should also make Monday a holiday so that we should reflect properly on what we reflected on Friday and also to recover the reflection and think about the reflections …what am I saying???

  14. Blackman always complaining here in the UK we have 8 holidays, when we go for holidays we dont see any black families at our holidays resorts apart from my Zambian wife, i always ask her whats wrong with you people now i understand the President declaires holiday everyone is complaining shame on you guys

  15. Umwana wa ndoshi tatasha.Be thankful iwe kapoli bakupela holiday uleilishana mbuzi iwee.Go to hell you an thankful parasite of the day.HOOOO its reflection time thanx Mr President sir, it as come at right time Friday again.

  16. Trika, here’s how the economy works. Employees get 5 days holidays in October. That is 5 days when the business pays employees not to work. There will be no output for 3 public days and 2 days paid leave when the worker’s job need still to be done by someone else.

    See this lost production means that there’s less tax generated to pay for your time off and EL’s fat salary. With spirally debt worrying economists and businesses, less sales equals less ability to pay debt.

    You may not care but the rest of us know that we have to pay debts and taxes. Less work days means you are further jeopardising the economy. If anything, EL should be cancelling useless days fo reflection, fasting and national days of no consequence.

    Gone are KK’s days of socialism when the state gave you 2…

  17. People let your minds be healed for these ill comments, we beg that you should find something to do other than wasting your energy to insult the leadership of the day. You need alot of conselling.

  18. Look at the good side our fellow Zambians, most jobs have zero tolerance towards working under the influence. Before the His Excellency deaclared the following day after every public holiday a holiday again, it was dicovered that the work efficiency following a public holiday deteriorated. All Zambians were happy after hearing the news. Now you turn your backs on the Government? Think! You might be busy there yapping and calling all sorts of names when he just saved your jobs. Let us just look foward to the development we all want during and after the holiday is done.

  19. @N.e.eee.z (u.p.n.d strategist) We are not poor Zambians. Even the bible says that there is time for everything we dont have to work everyday we need to rest. We should be grateful that he has given us a holiday.

  20. @Chikubabe..Note, this Holiday declaration should not be an escape plan for you to do other ill things but rather use it for your advantage, reflect on your life as a Human being, plan to build and make your own life better unlike only depending on opportunities to be laid down for you. Be innovative and creative.Sleeping around with women and beer drinking will not make you any better…

  21. @SILILO
    Life is in 24hours and 7days a week, lets make use of every new day and opportunity that we come across. The declaration of this holiday must not be politicised. ,this is a cheap propaganda let’s recall that we are relating to the stragle for independence, literally most people won’t even be doing anything the whole friday morning so kindly mind what you say or rather comment on the declared holiday.


  22. Pay retirees ecl not fima holide naimwe finance minister release money for retirees we are geting tired of you.

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