Malaria causing Mosquito
Malaria causing Mosquito

Itezhi-tezhi District in Central Province has recorded a significant reduction in the number of malaria cases this year, as a result of the preventive measures put in place.

Itezhi-tezhi Council Chairman Steven Shaloba said malaria cases have reduced from 159 per 1000 people in 2018, to 64 per 1000 this year, and has described the reduction to consistent good malaria-case management practices, distribution of Insecticide-treated nets and Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS).

ZANIS reports that Mr Shaloba said this when he officiated at the launch of the Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) and SADC Malaria week at Bushinga Rural health Centre in Chief Kaingu’s chiefdom in Itezhi tezhi today.

“Our district has recorded a reduction in malaria cases from 159/1000 to 64/1000 this year” Mr Shaloba said.

He noted that the government remains committed to reducing malaria through consistent IRS, use of treated insecticide nets and surveillance.

“Vector control is an important aspect of reducing incidences of malaria hence our launch of IRS program today” Mr Shaloba said.

He pointed out that 19,400 houses have been targeted to be sprayed during the program, expected to take place in selected areas in the district.

He said that the IRS, community engagement and surveillance system can bring about positive effects towards reducing malaria incidences.

He further appealed to stakeholders such as traditional leaders, to sensitize their subjects on the importance of having their houses sprayed.

Meanwhile Itezhi-Tezhi District Health Director Sylvester Kasonde said the IRS and distribution of treated insecticide nets was being supported by the Break through Action Project Zambia.

He further said adequate sprayers have been trained to carry out the IRS program and urged the District Malaria Task Force to ensure adequate sensitization of the communities on malaria.

Dr Kasonde also distributed insecticide-treated nets to expectant mothers during the launch.

And Itezhi tezhi Fisheries Research Officer Patrick Mwiya cautioned recipients of the nets against turning them into fishing nets, a trend, he said was prevalent in Itezhi tezhi.

He said that it was illegal for anyone to use mosquito nets during fishing ventures, and offenders will be prosecuted.

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