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UNZA becomes quarantine centre for lorry drivers

General News UNZA becomes quarantine centre for lorry drivers

Government has declared the University of Zambia (UNZA) as a quarantine centre for COVID-19 suspected cases.

Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya announced at the briefing in Lusaka that a section of UNZA has been barricaded to seclude it from the university community to be used for quarantining essential workers who include trackers.

Dr. Chilufya said the newly declared quarantine centre at UNZA will be utilized for track drivers who will be under an escort when they enter the country.

He said government is striving to ensure that there is minimum disruption to the movement of goods and services hence the decision to allow lorries to keep moving as long as they are quarantined when they enter the country.

He disclosed that currently, Livingstone has about 125 track drivers who are being quarantined at an isolation centre.

Meanwhile, Zambia has not recorded any new confirmed cases of COVID-19 from 56 tests conducted in the last 24 hours.

This is the third consecutive day of not recording news coronavirus cases in Zambia.

Dr. Chilufya said the cumulative total number of confirmed cases remains at 39 with one death.

He said another COVID-19 patient has recovered and been discharged today, bringing the total number of recoveries to three.

The minister however said the fact that Zambia has not recorded any new cases in the last three days should not make the country relax in implementing preventive measures.

He said government has spread surveillance to the borders in Eastern Province following reports that Malawi has also started recording cases of coronavirus.

He said government has heightened surveillance activities to ensure that people from risk countries are quarantined and tested.

Dr. Chilufya has since advised the public to continue following measures that include social distancing, washing of hands and staying home to prevent the spread of the virus.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health has urged institutions that have received face masks, surgical gloves and sanitizers from donors to pass on the donations to the traders in markets and members of the public.

He said people who trade in the markets needs to be given masks and sanitizers so that they are protected from person to person transmission of the virus.

He said institutions that received donations should liaise with the association of marketeers on the modalities of passing on the donated materials to the users.

Dr. Chilufya said members of the public should equally be given the masks and other sanitation materials which have been donated to various institutions.

From the time coronavirus broke out in Zambia, 39 cases have been recorded, out of which one person died while three have recovered and discharged from isolation and treatment centres.

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  1. But you guys ba LT, you started blocking my comments with writing article about why am being discriminated.
    We built this platform for you to survive on, not politicians think twice.

  2. Excellent we arrived at this decision through informed risk based analysis. We are a working progressive government and have no time for those bent on tarnishing our names for political mileage. Some are even wondering why not many people are dying. Surely why would a normal person think like that ? What is more disappointing is that it is zambian based abroad who are hoping for peoples deaths. Actually they are not zambian because zambian don’t harbour that much hate. To me these people are cowards who moved abroad because they thought Zambia was not good enough for them. But why do you still continue bothering yourself with Zambia development on this website if you think we are hopeless. Why don’t you spend your time enjoying your nice lives there abroad? Or am I missing something? Is…

  3. You’re putting students at risk. Zambia has so much space. Why don’t you build a hospital in 10 days? Like the Chinese. Yes they are people just like you Zambians

  4. A health facilities could have been better as there are established healthy delivery system and organised human control system.unza has no health structure. This pandemic is uniques. Patients need to be tested,treated ,monitored, separated in phases/ stages of recovery till discharged. That is the essence of quarantining suspected covid 19. Kaizer this is beyond your knowledge. Sorry don’t be mouthful.

  5. We hope the queen her majesty Elizabeth will point out how well Zambia is doing in dealing with this virus, in her speech

  6. Kaizar is so shockingly brainwashed, a proper house nigger. Just check the description of one by Malcolm X.
    He pays so much attention to white royalty I don’t think he knows that Zambia has its own royalty. Who is this queen you keep yapping about?

  7. Kaizer, it’s either you are demeaning HH and his supporters or attacking Zambians in the Diaspora in addition to always trying to appear self important and placing yourself at every government event.
    Anyways, I remember you and Spaka agreed to a fight in June, please keep us updated!

  8. Don’t argue with i***ts coz they will drag u to their level of thinking and convince you by *****ic experience.

  9. KZ look at the state of the building and compare it to the Mansions being built in Swaziland and the 48 houses without owners .Can you see the difference .The building is shouting out for maintenance using tax payer cash not those mansions and 48 houses .The PF guys are worse than covid 19 to put it mildly

  10. I stand to be guided. Does this mean all truck drivers entering Zambia will be quarantined for 14 days even though they are not showing symptoms? I that is the case, the Mining Industry both in Zambia and DRC will grind to a halt. This is not good for the regional economy as well. Please clarify.

  11. Black Yankee that is very rich coming from someone who decide to be a coward and run away to America to seek economic asylum.

  12. @Kaizar I think you are a disgruntled wanabie diasporan. Are you calling the foreign nationals milking our resources in Zambia, especially the Chinese economic asylum seekers? That’s the problem with you village chaps. You can be taken out of a village but the village mentality can never be taken out of you. You place no value to your institution of higher learning. The cure for COVID-19 will probably come from well established research laboratories from facilities similar to the one you think is a good idea to be turn into a quarantine center. You guys have no shame because you believe with all your heart that institutions of higher learning add no value to your way of life. Jealousy and envy stems from feeling inadequate. This may explain your hatred for students in higher learning…

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