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MMD Youths launch Operation KU SEKWILA 2021

Feature Politics MMD Youths launch Operation KU SEKWILA 2021

Opposition New Hope Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Youths Yesterday launched the Operation KU SEKWILA 2021.

Speaking yesterday at the MMD Secretariat, MMD Vice Youth Chairperson Mr. Joshua Mulenga said that bad weeds have taken over the Governance of Zambia.

“We the Youths of the New Hope MMD are shocked with how bad Weeds such as Corruption, Unemployment, theft, mismanagement of the Economy, Poor Currency just to mention a few have outgrown in the field of Governance of our beloved Country Zambia. These weeds have hampered the growth of Zambia”, Mr. Mulenga lamented.

Mr. Mulenga said that MMD Youths had decided to launch Operation KU SEKWILA 2021 to Save Zambia.

“When we left Government in 2011, Zambia’s Economy was a rising star, the Dollar was less than k4, Mealie Meal was less than K30, the Unemployment rate was low just to mention a few. Now the situation is quite the Opposite, The Kwacha is dancing to the dollar, Mealie Meal which is a staple food is now a delicacy for the rich. It is because of these bad weeds that We the Youths in the New Hope MMD have decided to launch the Operation KU SEKWILA 2021 to make sure that Zambia is Saved next year”, Mr. Mulenga said.

Mr. Mulenga urged the Youths to rally behind the New Hope MMD and Dr. Nevers SEKWILA Mumba because all the bad weeds will be weeded out next year.

“We would like to take this opportunity to call upon all the Youths especially Us the Disgulted Youths to rally behind the New Hope MMD and Dr. Nevers SEKWILA Mumba. The MMD has a track record of Sekwilaing the Weeds during the time We were in Power and We can and We will SEKWILA these Weeds once we bounce back in power next year”, Mr. Mulenga said.


  1. So Kaizer Zulu will call them disgruntled youth…… his job is to post nasty thing…. Ati ba advisor ba ka teka… kikikikiki

  2. What a terrible slogan. Who is their strategist? Anyway we wish them all the best. May the best team win in 2021. We just ask that we all respect the results. Can you agree to that?

  3. Idolising Nevers Sekwila Mumba shuwa? Are these MMD youths serious? Anyway it’s called freedom of expression…

  4. Good concept, if they go with bibles they may win. These 2 pastors and their beautiful Secretary Chitika should take advantage as preachers to hold free rivals with dumped Kings Malembemalembe the likes.

  5. This is all mumbo jumbo Sales Talk. Let’s see a little analysis or actually contradiction……….

    In 2011, Zambia was a rising star, unemployment low, USD vs Kwacha was on par, maize meal was aplenty (only in Zambia is it rich mans food 2020)….. ….yardi, yardi…da……..okay….so what happened?

    How/why…did you lose the election, (and by the way that same old man Sekwila you are floating was part of the A Team)?

    Ya Du*ft man. Back Hon. Chitika as a gimmick and win some votes…

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