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Security wings urged to fight maize smuggling

General News Security wings urged to fight maize smuggling

Copperbelt Province Permanent Secretary (PS), Bright Nundwe has urged security wings in the area to put in place strict measures in boarder areas to control and eradicate smuggling of maize.

Mr Nundwe noted that there are many porous areas along the border which are facilitating smuggling of maize.

ZANIS reports that Mr Nundwe said this when a team from National Task Force on Food Security called on him at his office in Ndola today.

“I’m advising all the security personnel to ensure that there is no single bag of grain leaving the country through smuggling, no one should abrogate the law with impunity by smuggling maize. People should engage in legal businesses with the right papers to sell maize outside Zambia,” he said.

Mr Nundwe observed that smuggling is rife between October and January hence the need for security personnel to step up efforts to curb illegal businesses in boarder areas in the province.

He urged the Task Force to be innovative in the manner the boarders are managed as there are porous places at most boarder points.

And representing National Task Force Food Security Chief State Advocate, Nkumriza Mumba said they are in the province to train stakeholders who include security wings on how to help eradicate smuggling at border points.

Ms Mumba said there is need to enhance the fight against smuggling hence the training which has targeted the main stakeholders in the fight against the vice.


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  2. The problem is that those in positions of power and responsibility don’t have ideas and those of us with ideas don’t have power. UNIP tried hard to fight smuggling but failed. At some point there used to be serious fights among security wings because of accusations and counter accusations between the Army, ZNS and ZP. It was embarrassing to see men in uniform humiliate each other. Now Bright Nundwe wants to take us back to those dark days. These same officers sometimes sell the goods that they confiscate. When it’s PEPs involved, these officers are requested to escort smuggled goods. In the end they also join. Give millers production quarters so that they mill for local supply and for export then you won’t see anyone crossing the boarder illegally otherwise you’re fighting a losing…

  3. Zambia is a police state. A dictatorship.

    Nothing comes in, or goes out of the country without approval of those in power.

    The scale of smuggling suggests the usual culprits in government are involved.

    You will find that these are just staged photo opportunities to show that state machinery is working. Fact is these smuggled items proceed to their intended destinations once the cameras are off.

  4. Smuggling is an indicator of an opportunity that should have been resolved years ago. Like everything else this vice comes up and gets infused into the political narrative to boost populism. That is the same with a lot of other things including entitled development which politicians sing about only when there is an election or by-election. There is no interest to resolve this because it is in a pattern that is beneficial to whoever is holding the handle part of the whip.

  5. Again, why don’t we direct resources to legalize the export of maize? Mu Zambia chabe, you talk of bumper harvests and how equipped the country is for hunger relief efforts but forbid export.
    Problem nichani kaksi? We need to export in order to earn!

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