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Harry Kalaba Visits Kambwili in Prison

General News Harry Kalaba Visits Kambwili in Prison

The opposition Democratic Party (DP) President Harry Kalaba yesterday visited Chishimba Kambwili at Kamwala Remand Correctional Facility.

Mr. Kalaba, who arrived at the Prison at 15:54 hours and only came left at 16:23 hours said that Mr Kambwili told him that he was picking lessons from his imprisonment.

Mr. Kambwili, the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) president, was on Wednesday, October 15, 2020, given a 12 months imprisonment after being convicted and sentenced by Lusaka principal resident magistrate David Simusamba.

“He’s from telling me that ‘you know I’m encouraged by people like Nelson Mandela who was jailed for 27 years’. He was saying even people like ba Sata was here and that it’s not the end for him,” Kalaba exclusively shared with The Mast his chat with Kambwili.

“He was telling me that I’m picking lessons from my imprisonment and I agreed with him. He is not broken.”

Kalaba then told The Mast and Diamond TV journalists that it was important for him visit Kambwili.

“He has to understand that we are together in these things. When he is high, we are together with him [and] when is low, we are still together with him,” said Kalaba.

“These are very challenging moments for anybody [and] you don’t wish even your greatest enemy this.”

Harry Kalaba

And the Wife of Mr. Kambwili arrived from the United Kingdom yesterday in the country following the incarceration of the husband last week on the 14th of October 2020 by principal magistrate David Simusamba.

Mrs Carol Kambwili, in company of NDC Spokesperson Saboi Imboela, NDC Chairperson in Incharge of mobilisation Christopher Mutale and NDC National Youth Chairperson Charles Kabwita visited Dr Kambwili at Kamwala Remand Prison.

Upon the visitation, Mrs Kambwili told the media that Dher husband was doing fine as ever and he was in high spirits.

“He is strong as ever. It’s heartbreaking for me, the family, and the children, because as far as we are concerned he has not done anything wrong. It is just government persecution,” Carol said.

Mrs. Kambwili further said as far as they are concerned as a family Mr Kambwili never committed any crime to be landed in prison and that the incarceration of her husband was purely political and a government doing and that this kind of unreasonable in this country should come to an end.

Mrs Kambwili further said Mr Kambwili’s message to his supporters out there was to stay strong and keep the faith as we all look forward for justice to prevail as the NDC leader appears tomorrow for his bail application.

The NDC Spokesperson Saboi Imboela also spoke to the media and said that a good leader is seen when is not there. Ms Imboela further said the fact that the Mr Kambwili is in prison did not mean that the party had crumbled and that his good leadership can be seen now when his not there.

As the NDC we are able to stand together and say this is what our President would have loved to see. Miss Imboela further said the party is affected by the fact that its leader is in prison but are praying that today there shall be no tricks to affect his bail application.

NDC Youths
NDC Youths

Meanwhile, about 100 Youths from Roan constituency Lead by the Roan Youth Chairperson Aaron Bwalya have arrived in Lusaka.
The Youths have come to offer solidarity to the NDC President Mr Chishimba Kambwili.

Speaking to the media yesterday evening when the youths arrived aboard four Rosa Buses, the Youths have said they can’t wait to see their President today at the Lusaka magistrate court and offer solidarity to him as he will be coming to appear before the Lusaka magistrate for his bail application.
Another Youth Spoken to said, we are only here to witness the release of our leader tomorrow, if not tukachivivula, said the youth.


  1. The law is the law. All those saying Christian nation bla bla.. even the bible is a collection of guidance and rules. You break them there is a consequence as a Christian. Why is mrs kambwili based in UK when her husband who is vying for top job in Zambia is here. It shows where their loyalty lie. I saw how disrespectful she was to our police, typical diasporan behaviour. Here we don’t tolerate such. She will soon seek refuge at UK embassy. Let us just deport


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