15 Employees of Local Government Service Commission for Misappropriation of Funds among other cases

Mr. Amos Musonda at a meeting with Directors of Chingola and Chililabombwe Council
Mr. Amos Musonda at a meeting with Directors of Chingola and Chililabombwe Council

The Local Government Service Commission has dismissed 15 employees for misappropriation of funds, theft, dishonest conduct, gross negligence and absenteeism.

The cases were from 10 Local Authorities with 4 employees from Lusaka, 3 from Sesheke, 1 from Chingola, 1 from Itezhi-Tezhi, 1 from Chipata, 1 from Choma, 1 from Mitete, 1 from Kabwe, 1 from Senanga, and 1 from Lukulu.
This arose from a full commission sitting held on January, 4th 2021 and chaired by the Chairperson Mr. Amos Musonda.

The chairperson stated that dismissal, painful as it may be, as provided for in the terms and conditions of service, and was necessary for ensuring the effective and efficient functioning of local authorities.

He said that the commission demands total commitment and dedication to duty from all employees in serving the government of the day through the provision of quality services while adhering to the code of ethics for public service workers.

The chairperson further noted with great concern, incidences of financial irregularities in some local authorities which ultimately has a negative impact on service delivery.

He has since urged appropriate committees of councils to be proactive and take a keen interest in the prudent financial management of local authorities.

He further called on the Ministry of Local Government to enhance its oversight roles by regularly monitoring and evaluating the performance of councils both financially and in-service provision.

This is contained in a statement availed to Smart Eagles by the commission’s secretary Lazarus Mulenda.


  1. We need a strong base of Bethlem in Zambia so that people will be accountable and face the consequences and put fear and respect in people(creator of the universe)

  2. The pf is very allergic to corruption and criminals. Well done. Most of these are upnd sympathizers with wicked evil minds. Good riddance.

  3. Aba nabo….awe mwandi. Concentrate on flushing out the “big “thieves and all will be ok. Do you now know the owner of the 48 ghost mansions?

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