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ZCCM-IH employee nabbed for theft of gold

General News ZCCM-IH employee nabbed for theft of gold

Police in Mwinilunga district has apprehended an employee of ZCCM-IH for theft of 14.28 grammes of nugget gold and a detector machine.

North Western Province Commissioner of Police, Joel Njase has confirmed the incident to ZANIS in Solwezi today and has identified the suspect as Nild Maambo, an employee of ZCCM-IH of Rentals compound in Mwinilunga district.

Mr Njase said Jolly Kangwa of Kasenseli gold mine reported yesterday on behalf of ZCCM-IH that company property has been stolen.

“Be informed that Mwinilunga Police Station received a report of theft by Servant from M/Jolly Kangwa aged 48 yrs of Kasenseli Gold Mine reporting on behalf of ZCCM-IH that the company property namely, nugget gold weighing 14.28 grams and detector machine valued at K15, 708 was stolen by M/Nild Maambo Rentals Compound, Mwinilunga an employee of ZCCM-IH.

“This occurred on 14.01.22 at about 18: 18 hrs at Kasenseli Gold Mine, Mwinilunga,” he said.

Mr Njase said the scene of crime was visited and the suspect apprehended who later led police to the recovery of the stolen items which are currently being kept at Mwinilunga police station.

The provincial police chief added that the suspect will appear in court soon.


  1. We generally accuse politicians as thieves and forget that the whole nation is generally a thieving nation. If you look at the current crop of our politicians mention any one who dose not have this criminal record starting with ECL, clients funds; , Hakainde, privatisation among others. Still being questioned by police; Nevers Mumba, mission funds in Canada; Sean Tembo, send him back to Botswana, kambwili, convicted criminal. Current cabinet ministers??All this shows that we are rotten to the core. We need to start teaching our children now that stealing does not pay. Otherwise all these people you are seeing in private or public life Niba pompwe abene bene. Even when they shout at others they are the same if not worse. These legislators are just eating our money without doing anything.

  2. Choolwe Hanstuba, u say we start teaching our children that stealing does not pay. Show me one person who doesn’t go to church among the politicians u hv mentioned. The church is already teaching that stealing does not pay.

  3. There is no record that HH has a criminal record from Privatization or You mean the politically induced accusations? Lungu has because he was convicted of stealing from a widow.
    I partially concur with you, the whole nation is a thieving nation because some tribal groups without mention by name believe in Uwamwibala alya mwibala.

  4. Thieves appear in many form, class, tribe, age, size and what have you.
    This form has registered a Maambo.
    That said, this negro stole both the detector and our precious stone.
    If found wanting by our able courts of law, kindly slap him with the strongest jail term of his life to set him as an example.
    These kleptos have no messy. Kleptoh² mentality. Yangu bankusa aba ee.

  5. Hichilema was involved in privitization just like Valentine Chitalu and others and they took the oppotunity to steal privitization funds and nobody should foolishly ask for supid evidence just because he or she is Tonga and Hichilema is Tonga! Am Bemba Valentine Chitalu is Bemba, i should not defend Chitalu just because hes a fellow Bemba, the fact is that he stole millions of Kwacha meant for Zambia’s treasury and that has negatively affected the Zambian economy in the long run. Chitalu re-located to the UK and hes quetely enjoying the looted money there, Hichilema ran to South Africa but chamukola abwela so that he can have another opportunity to steal more government money, but God is not foolish, it will never happen. Hichilema’s wish of leading government will not happen because of…

  6. Who can blame him when the cadres are stealing Gold with impunity to date no one has been arrested even those who broke into the mine …its just the usual pointless reshuffles without action by Lazy Lungu.

  7. Maambo, clearly a upnd thug. Can the law be firmly applied to him. He is probably related to other upnd diasporans who don’t even support him because they are also just scraping by there abroad

  8. A person is innocent until proven guilty. Most pipo make these accusations wihtout any evidence just beleiving what the accusers say

  9. So, this person who stole gold is a PF cadre because PF steal everything and everywhere they are> Remember PF stealing gold in Solwezi where even president Lungu went for oversee the sharing of gold. Pathetic thieves.

  10. Zambians still without the slightest trouble in conscience. Theft has never been condemned by politicians. It is the root of corruption.

  11. Choolwe, Please argue with facts. We have ministers in the Lungu cabinet who have no record of theft either in the past or now. These Include Elizabeth Phiri, Godfridah sumaili, Edify Hamukale, Nkandu Luo, Makebi Zulu, Charles Banda, Sydney Mushanga, Olipa Phiri, Ricahrd Kapita, and some more. Why are you pretending that you dont know?

  12. The likes of him are the ones stealing while in employment of the Government of Zambia and Akainde’s is busy shouting corruption and theft meanwhile his kith and kin are behind the theft

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