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ERB concludes investigating petroleum tanker fire incident

General News ERB concludes investigating petroleum tanker fire incident

The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) has concluded investigations into recent fire incidents involving four fuel tankers and left one driver dead in the light industrial area in Lusaka.

ERB Communication Officer Mwila Kombe said the board established that the fire incident involved two petroleum tankers belonging to Hamington Global Logistics Limited, Mpanshya Oil Transporters Limited and a trailer belonging to Oasis Filling Station, while the fourth truck was a South African registered motor vehicle.

Mr. Kombe said the evidence gathered by the ERB shows that the fire incident occurred during the illegal decanting of fuel between the petroleum tankers belonging to Hamington Global Logistics Limited and Mpanshya Oil Transporters Limited.

“The indicative results show that of illegal fuel decanting which is contrary to initial reports of the fire having been triggered by a mechanical fault as had been alleged by the drivers,” he said in a statement made available to the media.

He further said the board also established that the source of the fire was a spark from one of the two generators that were found at the accident scene with two hose pipes connecting the two vehicles still attached.

He explained that in view of these findings, the ERB will further engage Hamington Global Logistics Limited and Mpanshya Oil Transporters Limited to show cause why enforcement action should not be taken against them for various breaches of license conditions.

“Offloading fuel in an undesignated area is contrary to clause 2.2.2 of their transportation license condition which states that, “the licensee shall only offload petroleum products at the consignee’s designated place,” Mr. Mwila said.

He said the licensee is not supposed to engage in any activities that impede or may impede either proper implementation of the licensed activity or any licensed activity of other licensees.

Mr. Mwila further said engaging in such activities impedes proper management of licensed activities contrary to clause 2.2.3 of the transportation licence condition.

He said failing to report an incident to the ERB and submit a written comprehensive incident report to the board within seven calendar days is contrary to clauses 2.1.4 (C) of the licence condition.

Mr. Mwila revealed that the ERB will soon be engaging Oasis Filling Station, whose trailer was caught up in the fire with, regard to parking at premises that do not conform to the requirements of the local authority.

He explained that parking premises should be equipped with the necessary safety equipment and measures for vehicles transporting petroleum products

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