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Over 3, 500 deaths recorded from COVID-19 since the disease was detected in Zambia

General News Over 3, 500 deaths recorded from COVID-19 since the disease...

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Technical Services Kennedy Malama has indicated that Zambia as of today recorded a total of 3, 636 deaths since COVID-19 was detected in the country. Dr. Malama has noted that COVID-19 has been a topical issue in Zambia since the country detected the first case in March 2020.

The Permanent Secretary said government with support from various stakeholders have put up a good fight against the pandemic though on the negative side lives have been lost. Dr. Malama said this in Lusaka today when he received a donation of various COVID-19 equipment from the Global Association of the Zambian Healthcare Professionals (GAZHP) at the Ministry of Health.

He noted that the commodities that have been donated and those yet to come, are in line with the Country’s National COVID-19 Multi- sectoral Covid Contingency Preparedness and Response Plan.

Dr. Malama stated that the equipment will be used on a number of pillars including infection prevention and control in healthcare facilities to some extent in the communities but also more critically in case management.

“These commodities will go a long way to protect lives and ensure that the outcomes in our health care facilities are good,” he said.

The Permanent Secretary further indicated that the Global Association of the Zambian Healthcare Professionals has since become a strategic institution to government and particularly the Ministry of Health.

“These are rare occasions when Zambians in the diaspora have come together to mobilize resources, thinking of home, thinking of Zambia and it’s people where they come from so that these materials can come and contribute to the COVID-19 response,” Dr. Malama stated.

He thanked the Association for the donation and for allowing government to give guidance looking at the various key pillars of the COVID-19 response.

“These commodities have to go to designated places and I’m happy that we have already agreed on the provinces which have been prioritised and facilities and will make sure that we follow that agreed distribution,” Dr. Malama said.

Meanwhile, Global Association for the Zambian Healthcare Professionals Representative Melissa Kapulu said as a grouping of Zambian Healthcare Professionals in the diaspora, are aware of the third wave of the COVID-19 in Zambia.

Dr. Kapulu said in response to the third wave of the pandemic in the country, the Association set up a task force in order to provide support towards the fight.

Among the items donated today included facemasks, hand sanitisers, gloves as well oxygen and lab equipment.

The Global Alliance of Healthcare Professionals is a registered Association in the United States of America and was founded to mobilize and organise direct resources by the Zambia healthcare in the diaspora to help with comprehensive healthcare delivery in the country.


  1. Every human life is important, and its sad to have lost 3, 636 of our beloved ones. Covid-19 is real deal over the globe, 3, 636 is horrible for lost lives, but still, commend Zambia and Zambians for maintaining a low number of deaths in relation to the 18mil population. Many countries have lost more people. Zambians….keep safe !
    Its a good gesture from Dr. Malama to acknowledging the great work of Diasporans, who contributed and continue to do so to this cause. Its refreshing to hear that message than the insults that diasporas received from some of the PF cadres on this forum.
    To those people who insult diasporans… its a shame on you…Diasporan are not your enemies !

  2. To say it again , (each year 19,000 people die from HIV in Zambia ) and no one blows a trumpet but today we hear a loud voice saying 3,500 people have died from corona virus in the past two years.
    This is a joke , I wonder weather some deaths are respected than others as much as we all know all lives do matter


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