51 Ethiopian immigrants apprehended in Mbala

The 100 Ethiopians Prohibited Immigrants intercepted by Police on Monday at Kanona security points in Serenje district. 53 of the Ethiopians are juveniles.

51 Ethiopian nationals have been rescued by the Mbala Immigration Office in a suspected case of human trafficking enroute to South Africa.

After travelling for four months in containerized trucks the ‘journey to the promised land’ for the Ethiopians came to an end after the Mbala Immigration Officers launched a man hunt for the Ethiopians after a tip off about these immigrants.

Immigration Public Relations Officer Namati Nshinka stated that the Immigration Officers apprehended 49 of the 51 Ethiopians on Saturday, 30th July 2022, after receiving information of some Ethiopians captured at Senka Village, which is about 140 kilometers from Mbala Central Business District, as they were heading to Nakonde using the Mbala – Nakonde road.

Mr Nshinka stated that during preliminary interviews with the Forty-Nine (49) Ethiopians, the Immigration Officers were informed that some unknown people had recruited the Ethiopians, luring them with promises of jobs in South Africa.

He added that the Ethiopians revealed that they left Ethiopia four months ago and embarked on the daunting perilous journey where they were passing through forest thickets, being fed every three days, and later transported in a containerized truck.

Mr Nshinka cited that the Immigration Officers were told by the Ethiopians that after they reached Senka and Tefwa Villages, an armed man forced them to ask for money from relatives via phone, and failure to which they would not proceed to South Africa.

“Two (02) other Ethiopians narrated a similar ordeal,” he said

He added that the Immigration Officers rushed to the scene but initially failed to locate the said Ethiopians because of inconsistent and incoherent information from the informants, a possible indication that they had either been compromised or threatened.

Mr Nshinka however noted that the investigations revealed that the suspected Prohibited Immigrants were still in Senka Village, prompting the Officers to conduct a door-to-door search for the suspects until they found Twenty-Three (23) undocumented Ethiopians locked in a room of a house whose unknown owner was absent at the time the search was being carried out.

He highlighted that following another lead, the Officers found Twenty-Six (26) more Ethiopians at Tefwa Village, bringing the number to Forty-Nine (49), and two days later, on 2nd August 2022, two (02) Ethiopians were apprehended after they entered Zambia through Lumi Border illegally, hence bringing the total number of Ethiopians intercepted to Fifty-One (51).

Meanwhile, the Mbala Immigration Office has also detained three (3) Zambians to assist with investigations, as the investigations in these cases are still ongoing.


  1. Your fellow African becomes an illegal person on African soil, all because of boundaries that were created by your colonisers who own your land illegally. This is the f00Iishness of western pets like hh

    • You don’t know your History but all the British colonies didn’t have border points until after independence , in fact in the 1950’s Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi were one. It was the African leaders of today that have tight borders. even ten years ago there was talk of one AU passport for all and your party PF voted against it. its funny that Europe has free movement , but in Africa the leaders are against it.

    • Cosmos after tarino you are dumbest ignorant upnd diasporan I have ever come across. Go and read on the Berlin conference of 1884 -85.

      You have been brain washed by those whltes your worship. Fuseke

    • Go and read on the Berlin conference of 1884 -85.

      You have been brain washed by those whltes your worship. Fuseke

    • There is nothing in Zambia for them …these guys are in transit to RSA, we need to stop wasting resources detenting them, let them pass through unless the South Africans are willing to assist with deportation expenses.

  2. I have noticed the fight against immigration is a priority on hhs agenda which is a good thing i think small shops in the compounds should be run by locals and if our brothers want to come here they will have to come through a process jim… but this whole chain of events is arising as a result of zambian truck drivers that will do anything for the love of money even reach the extent of putting their country on line.

  3. kaisa ka zulu ka blue big mutwe gumugumu.Never Never again to step into state house namashinsha.
    you failed PF morally but your days are numbered kachi colour.

  4. Though I am not his fun, Kaizar Zulu sometimes talks senses. Keep it up Kaizar.
    Africa is for Africans we must be able to travel and settle freely in our continent. Europe is for white Europeans. They travel and settle in any country in Europe.

    • You’re being fooled by someone with a political agenda. He looks for anything to throw at his opponents. It’s not like PF allowed immigrants anyhow as he wants to put it. If a kavuluvulu hits his village he will blame UPND. Opportunism of the silliest kind

    • You don’t need to be my fan, but aslong as I get to you my job is done. As long as you are a pan african, that is what I care about. Don’t be like those upnd diasporans who worship whlte people there abroad

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