Government to ensure enhanced mechanisms that detect climatic disasters


The government says it will ensure that it enhances systems and mechanisms that will detect early climatic disasters in the country.

Acting President Mutale Nalumango notes that once disasters, which have a negative effects on the country , are detected early the impact can be reduced.

Mrs. Nalumango explains that systems will be strengthened so that the citizenry are provided with early warning information for early actions.

The Acting President said this on Thursday during the commemoration of the 2022 international day for disaster risk reduction held under the theme: enhancing the provision of early warning information for early action.

“ As government we will make sure that we strengthen the mechanism systems that will enable us detect early warning disasters in the country”. Ms Nalumango noted.

The Acting President has since appreciated the private sector for its contribution it has rendered to fight disasters in the country.

And Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit ( DMMU ) national coordinator Gabriel Pollen said Zambia has been experiencing hydro-metrological hazards with most persistent being floods and droughts.

Dr. Pollen noted that this situation has resulted in displacements of several communities, loss of life, livelihood and damage to critical infrastructure in most parts of the country.

He noted that Zambia has leant lessons and is proactively engagingly in early warning actions and information dissemination so that communities can act early enough once equipped with information.

This year’s event was celebrated under the theme enhanced the provision of early warning information for early action”


  1. Wasting money on problems created by the western world, who polluted the world so they could industrialise. The vp is a lost woman. Get your priorities right

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