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Norway hands over classrooms at Mazabuka’s Kaska school

Economy Norway hands over classrooms at Mazabuka's Kaska school

Norwegian Ambassador to Zambia, Terje Vigtel yesterday handed over classroom blocks at Kasaka basic in Mazabuka whose construction works were funded by his government.

Speaking at the handover ceremony Mr Vigtel said he was happy with the fast rate at
which the construction works were completed.

He said his government will continue supporting the education sector in Zambia as a
measure of contributing to poverty eradication.

Speaking at the same function, Chief Hanjalika commended Norway for funding the
construction project.

Chief Hanjalika said the funding of the classrooms by the Norwegian government
demonstrates the warm bilateral relationship existing between the two countries.

Meanwhile, Chief Hanjalika has warned village headmen in his chiefdom frustrating
development that they risked being stripped off their headmanship.

And former Taskforce chairman, Mark Choona who is believed to have solicited the
funds on behalf of the school, expressed happiness that donor funds were properly
utilised by the community.

Mr Choona, who is currently running the Matantala NGO, has embarked on the
rehabilitation of broken dip tanks in Chief Hanjalika’s area.



  1. Norway and all other Scandanavian staes have helped Zambia in its quest to invest in Zambia,s education and social sectors. Hopefully, the govt will do thier part to ensure that good standards of education are attained.

  2. Thanks Norway,but somehow i find this embarrassing because countries like Norway and other Scandinavian countries have nothing but fish and timber to talk of their wealth.
    Zambia should be donating to Norway instead,and considering that Scandinavian countries weather is not friendly.
    Last was i shocked to read that Somalia too has donated to Zambia.

  3. Kayata, I have respect for you but I would not wish to be mislead regarding the wealth of Norway and other Scandinavian countries. The economy of Norway is very vibrant. These are old economies we are talking about here. We are not talking of economies that are as young as 43 years. Norway’s Economic Development or wealth if you wish is concentrated within the fishery, hydropower, and oil and gas sectors, as well as private sector development.

  4. Comrade Nkhataboy,
    Norway has one of the lowest unemployment rates and one of the highest standards of living in the world,actually it was classified as the most peaceful place in the world.
    But like you have mentioned it’s economy has fish, hydropower, petroleum, forests,minerals and oil/gas.
    Thats means we can pair them fish with hydropower, forests with minerals and petroleum with oil/gas.
    It has a population of 5million, and because of it’s size,it’s funds are invested in developed financial markets outside of Norway.
    It too has a rich Human Capital.
    Zambia has agriculture,gemstone mining,nonmetals, tourism and hydro-power.
    A population of 12million.
    But our lack of Human Capital is our biggest drawback.
    I hear in Zambia,there is some exploration of oil going on,of which gas would be a byproduct etc.

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