Govt urged to institute reforms to review bureaucracy in public institutions


A civil society organisation wants government to consider instituting bureaucratic reforms in public institutions in order to effectively fight corruption.

Forum for Leadership Search Executive Director, Edwin Lifwekelo, said his organisation has observed that most corrupt practices perpetuated in publicn institutions are due to the cumbersome bureaucracy in the system.

Mr Lifwekelo told ZANIS in a statement that reforms are necessary to curb corruption
that involves people paying low level bribes to junior civil servants in exchange
for quicker service.

“We have observed that most coruption in Zambia is as a result of inefficient administration by a cumbersome bureaucracy that leads people to pay low level bribes
to junior civil servants to get land tirtles, passports, national registration cards and other official documents like drivers licences,” He said

Mr Lifwekelo is, however, confident that the passage of effective freedom of information legislation and its implementation would help boost accountability and subsequently help stop corruption.

Meanwhile, the Forum is happy with the spirit of dialogue exhibited by political leaders who attended yesterday’s inter-party talks.

Mr. Lifwekelo said dialogue should be embraced by every peace loving Zambian because
it is necessary to national development efforts.


  1. Sounds good except Mr Lifwekelo is NOT the right bloke to comment. He says anything that suits the moment, 3rd term bla bla bla………

  2. Low payment of civil servant in zed has kept cirruption.The govt should increase salaries for civil servant to bring about national development otherwise it will be an endless fight agnist corruption. Mwanawasa has been singing this chorus of fihting corruption but nothing is happening.

  3. Why can’t you the NGO’s help the national by puting
    some of the money you get outside to build some university in other twons of Zambia than just ukulanya amasuhi mu ma papers. Care the bill for NGO’s is coming ,you will soon need to account for the money you
    get from your masters .you just talk too much for nothing. Show as your development plan for Zambia and not just pakanwa .

  4. Hey ba # 3 i concur with you on these so called NGOs here in Zambia except your insults.The Zambian NGOs are the despicable legions of heartless gluttons provably given up to betrayal of our country for any penny given to sabotage our homeland. Make a research, our Zambian NGOs have no progressive or pro poor initiative (successfully project)recorded for verification on the ground. Instead, they have given up their souls as conduits of illicit funds for spreading of imperialists’ agenda at home and in regional countries against perceived national centric regimes. Our NGOs have no clear cut belief system but their mercenary appetites. They don’t even understand Democratic norms or transparency. Such did it in the Rwanda Genocide, have done in in Congo DR, Congo Brazzaville, Angola over the years to of channeling illicit funds to UNITA under Savimbi, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, doing it in Zimbabwe and historically have been trying it here for years but thank to our collective patriotism.

    Daily Mail report-By REBECCA CHILESHE
    GOVERNMENT says the enactment of a Constitution Conference Bill will not circumvent the holding of a Referendum to determine whether a constituent assembly should be established to adopt the new constitution.Chief Government spokesperson, Mike Mulongoti said in Lusaka yesterday in an interview that the Constitutional Conference Act would only strengthen Government’s hand at correcting some of the legal flaws in the current Constitution.The summit of party presidents on Saturday agreed that Government should present a Constitutional Conference Bill to the next sitting of Parliament to provide for the existence, composition and function of the body, which would oversee the constitution making process.The leaders at the summit included MMD’s Levy Mwanawasa, Ken Ngondo of the All People’s Congress Party, Patriotic Front’s Michael Sata, Mr Sakwiba Sikota of the United Liberal Party, Tilyenji Kaunda of UNIP and Ben Mwila of the National Democratic Front.Forum for Democracy and Development was represented by acting president Chifumu Banda while the United Party for National Development was represented by acting president, Richard Kapita.The Zambia Centre for Inter-Party Dialogue (ZCID) organised the meeting of party presidents to try and resolve the controversy over the constitution making process.Mr Mulongoti who is also Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services said Government would ensure that the Constitutional Conference Bill was expeditiously presented to Parliament in the next sitting.He said the work of the Constitutional Conference would be to look at some of the clauses in the current Constitution that needed either amending or repealing and discuss the question of the Bill of Rights, and recommend to Parliament the way forward.“The Constitutional Conference is a safer way of attending to some of the clauses that need to be amended.As government therefore, we would like to salute all political parties and assure the nation that we will expeditiously implement this process, as it will drive us to having a Constitution that will embrace everyone.He said once the Bill is assented to, it would give legal authority to the Constitutional Conference to access funds from the Treasury for its operations.Mr Mulongoti however said the Constitutional Conference would only be a consultative body without legislative powers.“This should be an exciting time for all Zambians.I call for continued cooperation from all stakeholders in order to see the Constitution making process through,” he said.Mr Mulongoti said once the Constitutional Conference had presented its recommendations on clauses that needed amending to Parliament, the Minister of Justice would advertise in the Government Gazette for a period of 30 days for the presentation of a bill to amend the Constitution.He said this was a step towards the holding of a referendum, which would decide on whether a Constituent Assembly should be established to adopt the new constitution.Mr Mulongoti said at that point a sample census and registration of voters would have been conducted in accordance with the referendum Act.“The referendum will then be held to decide whether or not to amend Articles 62 and 79 of the Constitution to introduce a Constituent Assembly,” Mr Mulongoti said.He said this was a critical step towards implementing the Government Roadmap towards the enactment of the Constitution.The ZCID had presented two options for the presidents at the summit to consider.The first was for Government to start the process of preparing Bills that did not require a referendum to amend by parliament while the other was to hold a Constitutional Conference to deal with all the issues that were outlined by ZCID.In its recommendations to the summit, ZCID said it had observed with great concern the growing differences between government and civil society organisations and their sympathisers as this had wasted a lot of time at a high cost to the country.It implored all concerned parties to strive for reconciliation in national interest through dialogue.

  6. You cannot fight corruption on an empty stomach. The only way to end this cancer of corruption is through economic empowerment of the people and a trasparent govt. While foreign investment is great for the country, the govt has forgotten that real development comes from its people. We need to have ownership of the direction the country must go. We are the only ones who can change this country. Remember that the paramount objective of an investor is to make a profit.. altruism does not come into it. We cannot hand-over the fate of our country to outsiders. What are we talking about? Oh yes – govt bureacracy – the reforms need to start from the top – how do you make poorly paid people stop getting handouts? rhetoric and govt initiatives will do nothing. Who do you report to if you experience corrupt practices? what trust do you have in the system?

  7. Forum For Leadership Search ?????? What the hell is this??? Mr. Lifwekelo is the Executive Director of this very posh sounding NGO.The proliferation of these NGO’s is indeed fascinating.I am looking forward to seeing the draft legislation that will regulate some of these so-called NGO’s. What worries me most is the lies alot of them tell the donor community.They tell these lies to invoke sympathy and to generate funding.I don’t doubt we have some genuine NGO’s but we need to regulate their existence.

  8. 8# Pumdits, You are right these are people who selling our countries bringing mistrust to our Govts. Some ***** NGO book writer even wrote a book that NGOs are alternative governments for Africa. This is also the claim made at G8 summit only those govts with good govervance will recieve aid and debt cancellation. Can you imagine, KK was right when he was telling lies in the morning, midday, in the afternoon, in the evening and at night. I hope that attending the Business Forum in Accra, Ghana will not accept EPAs becuase this will see Africa being enslaved again the next 500 years. Everytime Partnership Agreements and Non Governmental Organisation for are Africa what fruitful results has it brought.Who is this Lifwekelo. GRZ plz open Parliment and bring the NGO Bill right away.

  9. Ba Easy(9), as a i understand it, NGO are govt. partners in the implementation of development projects.They exist to provide the technical expertise for project implementation.NGO’s are supposed to carry out the day to day administration of such projects leaving govt. to do it’s job(policy making,legislation etc etc)This Forum for Leadership Search is helping GRZ do what ???.The forthcoming legislation on NGO’s should not be viewed as punitive but it is an effort to regulate their behaviuor and introduce some form of accountability and transparency.Some of the more “vocal” NGO’s are giving the many that are working very hard a bad name!!! I would like to see in the new legislation a requirement to disclose the source of funding and it’s application and these must be published in the newspapers annually.Failure to publish such information should warrant de-registration.If banks are mandated to do the same NGO’s should welcome such transparency!!

  10. #7 MAD scientist, well , you can fight corruption even on an empty stomach. There should be other means of getting the stomach full other than corrupt ones.Lets encourage people to find alternatives in Loans,Kaloba, work,etc. Of course some options are not good.
    It wont do good to say ‘if you are hungry, eat using whatever means”, thats lawlessness

  11. 11# Hey Corruption in civil services stems from FTJ in 1997 when reporter asked him about why corruption in his government. He was the one who said if people are hungry whát do you expect. Meanwhile he himself was not hungry but he instead made us stomachs empty by externalization of finances meant for nation development and improvement of services. #9 NGO are supported be govt partners but unfortunately most of them are making partnership with donors. Recently when Mangande announced the NGO Bill he said when donor give GRZ money he is asked of accountability and transparency but when the same money is given to NGOs no ?. Wat kind of behave is this. I wonder why govt also didnt take such measures in the first place to curb these problems. In the Western world it is not only the NGO, workers,comapnies even those who dont have income they have to declare their financial year. Everyone is registered at his finance office. The problem in Zambia Finance office only exit in Lusaka.

  12. Nkataboy where are you are you attend Africa Carribica Partnership take place in the city of Wiesbaden, Germany. Kuku we are missing your contribution where are use. Ba Joze I know he is frastulated and busy he has to work hard. Can some explain to us what this NGO here function is I cant grip. You should know ACP & EU is not different from VF Africa will be carrying in I was in leadership I would make conditions first fullfillment otherwise no new deal. China has made Europe to panic due to huge consumption of twothird of the raw materials of the world. Also the strategy of of direct investment is worries the eu.Unfortunate there is not interest for eu to develop of underdeveloped nations.

  13. Ba Easy(13),may i ask…….what language are you translating from ???If you are using an online translator please choose a later version!!!

  14. 14# Pundits wat is wrong with Zangalish this a new langauge you have to figure it out or leave it. I dont want to use british english neither American english. Okay, I will start writing proper in english. You didnt answer my question? What do this new NGOs want to do for Zambia. ????

  15. Ba Easy(15,kanabesa munjeleleko but Zangalish yenu yashupa!!I just feel alot of the very valid arguments you are putting forward are being lost in translation.In order to understand each other and to be able to respond with the detail you require, we need to to be CLEAR as to your points.For instance the last sentence in your contribution (15) is not clear and as such i am left with no choice but to refer you to my earlier submission…..number (10)!!!

  16. Okay ba Pundit what was asking in my last sentences in 15 what is this non governemental organisation called Forum for Leadership Search trying to do for Zambia. Which leader are they looking for? Is not one way of making easy money.

  17. Ba Easy(17),this Forum has baffled me,it’s Executive Director doesn’t!!!I have never heard of them lobbying for legislative changes to encourage a new generation of leaders.I suppose they may be a pressure group in the making or even a pool of possible leaders of tomorrow.I’m so curious as what their program of action might be.If i may be so bold as to suggest to them:they should organise a youth Parliament that comprises 2 reps from each province who should meet once or twice a year in a televised “Parliamentary session”.The reps can be a product of debating clubs and based on provincial submissions meet and give us the view of the youth!LPM or even RB can attend as a show of political will to encourage youth leadership.It would be nice to see this band of youth in the forefront of youth voter registration exercises!!Each year would see another group of 18 youths being exposed to “leadership”.I doubt this forum even thinks along these lines.I challenge them to validate their existence

  18. #17 Easy improve your ENGLISH plz. Meanwhile am on leave in Mfuwe.

    Easy,tell me the difference between these two presidential orders:
    1. Serve him, not kill him.
    2. Serve him not, kill him.

    If you can tell the difference thats why we finding difficulty to understand your direction of thoughts. READ YOUR COMMENTS TWICE before posting.

  19. Constitution ‘short-cut’ found
    The Zambia Centre For Inter-party Dialogue (ZCID) has proposed a shorter mode of enacting the new constitution.

    ZCID Board Spokesperson, NEwton Ng’uni said the roadmap will enable the country to have a new constitution by December 25.

    He said the board has proposed that the country carries out a full census and a referandum to have the constitution enacted and assented to by President Mwanawasa by December 25, next year.

    Mr. Ng’uni said this in the capital Lusaka, Monday at the political party symposium called to enlighten political party organs on the decision agreed to by the Summit of Presidents, Saturday.

    He said the Constitutional conference will not adopt the constitution as this would mean assurping legislative powers from Parliament.

    The Constitutional Conference will however be given the legal mandate through an act of parliament to debate contentious articles in the constitution.

    Mr. Ng’uni said the ZCID proposes that the Cons

  20. #20 Thanks SAGE, nomba abo ba HH abakene ukuba part of CC, what has got to refute the pipo’s will iya CC for replacement? HH woke up before we label you a misfit in politics. Sory you are already a misfit.

  21. Intresting tit bit ba Sage(20), not much of a short cut because, as we have said many times over 1. census,2. referendum! Did the “board” give us an idea of the cost and as to whether CSO has the capacity to do a census in the next 12 months?So now i assume we need to buy at least 150 4×4 vehicles for the census(maybe we can all make money here),printing of census forms(some more money to be made!!!),we need to find,train and fund census officers (even more money to be made),then we need to organise a referendum (just the same as organising an election……my God we ARE IN THE MONEY!!!)Therefore, no money for RSZ employees,no money to recapitalize Maamba Collieries,no equipment for UTH,no salary increases for civil servants (the list is endless)and the cherry on the cake is the macro economic stability we have attained thrown out of the window and inflation starts a rapid upward turn(all this in the next 24 months???…!!!!Only in Africa!!!

  22. Hi Guys… If you look at the transcrip, They are trying to minimise the costs. They have stated that the Chaps will only sit for one month. and also you are looking at dec 25 next year. In this regard the referendum will be a formality just to avoid floating the constitution which i applaud. As much as we need to fix the mess , we have to follow the constitutiona requirements. Also parliament will have to vote on giving the CC the powers to undertake the constitutional procedures. On this one i give the guys two thumbs way up. Lets just pray that the same spirit of reconciliation and putting Zambia first continues.

  23. Ba SAGE I didnt see anywhere in the news where it indicates the chaps will sit only for 30 days. All what I know is the provision of the article 79 which says the bill should not published in the Gazette after 30 days of deliberations. Otherwise Guys done well done from all of you for contributing meaningful on ths blog for forcing our leaders to sit up and reconcile on this very important national issue. This is the kind of behave we expect from Zambians to demonstrate peaceful and push for change. God bless our land (Zambia the real Africa)

  24. President Robert Mugabe’s government has published a bill to move majority control of “public companies and any other business” to black Zimbabweans.

    The goal is to ensure at least a 51% shareholding by indigenous black people in the majority of businesses.

    Critics say it could hurt investor confidence in Zimbabwe, suffering from the world’s highest inflation and food, fuel and foreign currency shortages.
    Now the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Bill will go to parliament.
    ‘Financing of acquisitions’

    It is expected to back the bill, which stipulates that no company restructuring, merger or acquisition can be approved unless 51% of the firm goes to indigenous Zimbabweans.

  25. Can someone tell Easy to stop blogging? His English language is as good as a Grade 2 who has never been to Pre-school. Ba Joze, bushe Easy asambilile kwisa English alebomfya? Please, Easy improve on your language, we are tired and we can’t get your points. Let people who are serious about the development of Zambia continue to blog. Even your spellings are very bad. Thanks for all who are contributing positively.

  26. Part 2
    The empowerment bill says that “indigenous Zimbabwean” is anyone disadvantaged by unfair discrimination on race grounds before independence in 1980.

    It also provides for the establishment of an empowerment fund which will offer assistance to the “financing of share acquisitions” from the public-owned firms or assist in “management buy-ins and buy-outs.”
    And all government departments and statutory bodies will be asked to obtain 51% of their goods and services from businesses in which controlling interest is held by indigenous Zimbabweans.

    Dual listings

    “For a start, it’s not very clear how they are going to implement this, but going by their record it could be another chaotic and disastrous exercise,” Zimbabwean economic consultant John Robertson told Reuters news agency.

  27. Part 3
    “Those [companies] already here are likely to hold back on any expansion programmes, while possible new foreign investors are likely to also hold back to watch how this is going to work.”

    Some firms dually listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and London Securities Exchange firms include Old Mutual, NMB bank and Hwange.

    Multi-national firms that may be affected by the new policy include Barclays Bank, Bindura Nickel Corporation and miner Rio Zim.

  28. Zebigge kuku, pass me the present zambian constutution and the laws of zambia, I need to seriously make umwembeshi and to review the contents and see whether most of the contents need change. They are so many things we adopted from brits including education system. But ine chila nkalipa as to why abanensu balebelenga peter and jane while ifwe twali na jelita and mulenga…Ba NGO seem to want a piece of cake and have it, these are small group of pipo conniving with the west and want to reap us apart. If zambia will continue to behave like that then im afraid no stupid democracy may be allowed. We should not lose track to hold and guard jealously what we have at hand. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Let every zambian have access to the present constitution and the laws of zambia so that even when pipo are talking of changes, we know exactly whats up. pass me web directory pliz.

  29. Article 79 [Alteration of Constitution]

    (1) Subject to the provisions of this Article, Parliament may alter this Constitution or the Constitution of Zambia Act, 1991.
    (2) Subject to cause (3) a bill for the alteration of this Constitution or the Constitution of Zambia Act, 1991 shall not be passed unless —
    (a) not less than thirty days before the first reading of the bill in the National Assembly the text of the bill is published in the Gazette; and
    (b) the bill is supported on second and third readings by the votes of not less than two thirds of all the members of the Assembly.
    (3) A bill for the alteration of Part III of this Constitution or of this Article shall not be passed unless before the first reading of the bill in the National Assembly it has been put to a National referendum with or without amendment by not less than fifty per cent of persons entitled to be registered as voters for the purposes of Presidential and parliamentary elections.
    (4) Any referendum conducted for the purposes of clause (3) shall be so conducted and supervised in such manner as may be prescribed by or under an Act of Parliament.
    (5) In this Article —
    (a) references to this Constitution or the Constitution of Zambia Act, 1991 include reference to any law that amends or replaces any of the provisions of this Constitution or that Act; and
    (b) references to the alteration of this Constitution or the Constitution of Zambia Act, 1991 or of any Part of Article include references to the amendment, modification or re-enactment with or without amendment or modification, of any provision for the time being contained in this Constitution, that Act, Part or Article, the suspension or repeal or any such provision and the making of different provision in lieu of such provision, and the addition of new provisions, to this Constitution, that Act, Part or Article.
    (6) Nothing in this Article shall be so construed as to require the publication of any amendment to any such bill as is referred to in clause (2) proposed to be moved in the National Assembly.

  30. A common definition of corruption is “the abuse of public office for private gain.” Clearly, corruption (both political and bureaucratic) can have a devastating social and economic impact. The recent World Bank report “Anticorruption in Transition: Confronting the Challenge of State Capture” has usefully distinguished between state capture and administrative corruption. “State capture” refers to the actions of individuals, groups or firms both in the public and private sectors to influence the formation of laws, regulations, decrees and other government policies to their own advantage as a result of the illegal transfer or concentration of private benefits to public officials.” By contrast, “administrative corruption” refers to the intentional imposition of distortions in the prescribed implementation of existing laws, rules and regulations to provide advantages to either state or non-state actors as a result of the illegal transfer or concentration of private gains to public officials.” No matter how much we talk about corruption, it can not be brought to an end without improving the conditions of service. On paper you read that a civil servant is entitled to house loan, car loan etc. But in principle how many have access to these loans? Only those working at Ministry of Finance and National Planning and Cabinet office. These others are mere second and third hand civil servants. But they are also people. They have to exist. And the only way is through corrupt practices. I am not in support of corruption at all. All I am saying is that the vice can’t end unless we realize to appreciate civil servants by giving them competitive conditions of service. .

  31. #36 Titus,
    We are not blocking your comments on the constitution. All we are doing is to bring sanity to the blog particularly on individuals that seem to lag behind like you. On 23rd June 2007 there was a topic “Political Leaders urged to agree on Constitution Making Process”. On 22nd June 2007 another topic was brought forward on “Donors Advise on Constitution” and finally on the same date 22nd June 2007 there was yet again another topic “No shortcuts in Constitution Making Process”. These topics are still appearing on the right side of the window. We expected you to post your request against any of those 3 topics or on all of them. I challenge you that Kuku visits all the topics and he was going to attend to you promptly. The topic we are discussing now is “Government urged to institute reforms to review bureaucracy in public institutions. All you are doing now is disturbing the flow of comments. Please learn to deal with things politely. Who is disturbing the other in this instance-If I may ask?

  32. I beg to differ with Mr. Lufwekelo on one issue. Beureacracy is not necessarily a bad thing. It actually helps to combat corruption. Having three or four people co-sign a cheque is supposed to reduce, if not stop corruption. What encourages corruption is a culture of impunity as exists in a lot of less developed countries. People circumvent the beaureacracy knowing that no one will take them to task. Kashiwa Bulaya did not follow laid out procedures because he thought he could get away with it. Until we can enforce existing procedures, there is no point in introducing new ones because they will also be ignored. The Auditor General’s report should finger culprits, instead of just generalising.

  33. Did anyone read or heard what Prof. Mvunga said over the new constitution process. I have finally understood why people who wanted a CA are fighting for it at all costs. Reading what Prof. Mvunga said on this topic I was shocked the money knows that he was going to make millions again by being elected member. He has been member of Mvunga and Mwanakwate commission they made millions so they wanted to do it again. I think the Mungomba CRC was an eye opener to the president who reliased that he spent millions on these few individuals at the expense of moderate Zambians. Can someone tell us how much was spent on the Mungomba CRC alone if there is transparency and accountability. Also agree with 38# the Auditor General must not generalise on corruption a full list of people involved in this act should be published in the press. I think every Zambian has the right to know who these culprits are.

  34. A brief look at the histories of a few of the CRC members makes my stomach churn with objection. .
    – Mr.Willa Mungomba. He was a member of the negotiating team(appointed by Chiluba) that was cunningly assembled to privatize the assets of ZCCM while still sitting on the ZCCM board. The appointment by ba Chiluba of this ‘negotiating team’[properly known as the Zambian Mafia] to manage the privatization of the mines was illegal. Under the Privatisation Act only the Zambia Privtisation Agency has the mandate for the planning, management, implementation and control of state owned enterprises in Zambia. The Government has been unable to adequately account for the sales proceeds of ZCCM assets. I am sure Mr. Mungomba can shade some light on that. Don’t trust this man with your Constitution! Should questions arise about this man’s public life, please refer them to: Transparency International Zambia, Stand Number 3880 Kwacha Road Olympia Park P.O. Box 37475, Lusaka.

  35. I know that I am not a moderator for Lusaka Times. But I wish to make a humble appeal that topics should be changed according to the velocity of the postings.

  36. Nkataboy what do you mean? How many contributions determine the velocity of a topic posting? I think what matters is the how much is the topic interesting. If Lusaktimes brought the Chiluba issue back you will see how people will feast on it. You know FTJ has challenged the judge Smith ruling citing some chapter 76 of the Laws of Zambia and he went on to say the figures kept changing and are not given in the Zambian currency- Interesting instead??

  37. #42 Easy, In simple terms I meant the period that the topic took on the blog as compared to the number of bloggers who sent in comments.The previous topic hanged for a long time with fewer postings. Why keep it that long?
    On the part of Chiluuba, I would say it is too early to get excited because the judge has set a date for hearing of the case. As at now, I do not want to pre empty my bag on this streneous issue.Maybe Kuku or Ba Joze can say something.

  38. Levy, please leave us a constitution that would stand the test of time, that when u are no more pomp and plendor shall still be with you. I know u can do it Uncle Patrick. Samuel Sikalumbi

  39. I love post idea lists like this (Sean Platt also did a great one recently). Your second topic is a great one ?C I think another idea you can add to it is blogging about a failure you had and what you learned from it.Great work!

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