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Zambia seeks debt relief from Russia, Iraq, Bulgaria, Brazil and others


maga.jpgZambia is seeking $600 million in debt relief from Russia, Iraq and other creditor countries that were not part of global debt relief plans agreed with the world’s poorest nations in 2006, Finance Minister Ng’andu Magande said on Wednesday.

Magande said Zambia had written to Russia, Iraq, Bulgaria, Brazil and others asking them to cancel a total of $600 million in debt.

He said that under an earlier agreement Russia and some others had agreed to write off the debt but were delaying the process, while other countries had not responded to written requests by Zambia.

“We are asking non-Paris Club creditors who did not deliver any debt relief under the IMF and World Bank programmes to do so but many of them don’t feel it is important and are delaying,” Magande told Reuters in an interview.

He said Zambian Treasury officials would travel to Bulgaria next week to reconcile figures for the debt owed to Bulgaria before that country can cancel the debt.

Zambia has requested relief similar to that obtained from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) under the Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative (MDRI) and the World Bank driven Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) initiative, he added.

Under HIPC and MDRI, Zambia received 100 percent debt write-off. Its foreign debt with the World Bank, the IMF and the G7 rich nations, which was estimated at $7.2 billion in 2005, was reduced to $502 million in June 2006 when it was awarded the debt cancellation.

Magande said Zambia owed Iraq some funds for military equipment delivered by the government of late president Saddam Hussein, who was a close ally of Zambia’s liberation hero Kenneth Kaunda, while Brazil is owed for tractors and other farming equipment delivered several decades ago.

“Part of the $600 million debt was acquired through the supply of various commodities by these countries,” he said.



  1. Digging the pit while filling the other (RUFQUA page 3663) seems to be the pursuit of any govt in power when obtaining loans. Chuchu got a loan of 39 million dollars from China, for what heaven sake? Who, when and how much will be paid back? Who cares? Seems to be the answer from current govt that façade on compilation of debt cancellation can be acknowledged or denied. Let the concerned govt avoid getting kaloba and learn to pay back what belongs to ceaser rather than compiling on debt cancellation.

  2. Ba Chushi imwe(1),
    Shikulu recklessly borrowed with his nose down from Brazil to Saddam’s Iraq without due diligence or national vision. It was all for the purpose of meeting the pockets of your slogan chanting Father and dancing mother queen at ward level where raped democracy in their vanity as vigilatee to the party and Government. In Billions they borrowed then came your 5″ retard with his passion for artificial height using 5 feet shoes bought in million dollars.

  3. Leave Iraq out please! You know this country has been devastated by Bush’s war and they need the money. I do not see how they can agree or afford to write off ‘OUR’ debts at this moment, yangu ubulanda eeee!

  4. Is this why we have K750Billion ( of government funds lying idle in commercial banks so that we can borrow $110.10Million, and then ask for it to be written off. It sounds like a good Government Accounting Policy!

  5. #1 Bushe Magande alikwata abana?I think he is teaching his children bad manners, they take after him ati kabili ingawakongola ninobwesha, kupapata balebeko? Come to think of were those tractors taken to Shambalakale or it was one of those state screets that money is borrowed to finance freedom fighters in the neighbouring countries? KK needs more sympathy, today he owes Barclays K114m, his lawyers $645,000 and doesnot want to pay? Bad habits die hard? Let us learn to pay back when we borrow,this is becoming like a norm in Zambia, borrow , misuse and then ask for write offs, remember these funds come tax payers in those respective countries elo imwe mwaya mukushita ama suit yabula corlar.Let bring financial sanity to the country.Aid which is meant to reduce material poverty,provision of infrastructure and basic social services,promoting good governance chiefly in effective, honest and democratically accountable institutions to manage the economy and legal order, is always abused

  6. As for Iraqi, it’ll be a matter of FORGIVE AND FORGET. Otherwise they desperately need that money to rebuild their country after the 2 terrorists are over with their war (Bush and Al-Qaeda). Please LPM and Magande, don’t just borrow money without plans on how you you pay back. I wonder where you take the monies you borrow. Salaries or per diems. Don’t even beg for 3% royalties from the mines. Get 51% shares. Get into business as govt.

  7. I think our leaders and govt officials are HEARTLESS.
    How can a NORMAL HUMAN THINKING BEING seek and ask for a DEBT RELIEF from IRAQ.?
    The problem with beggars is they cant choose whom even to beg from.
    Magande we know your govt,but you want another Vulture Funds scenario?
    Pay back the loans to the following countries you owe,they need the money more than you do.:
    9.Democratic Republic of Congo
    These are the main problems of lazy and inept people and Magande is one of them.

  8. Iam now confused with statements our politicians make. Bloggers just fews ago Magande issued a statement in parliament that Zambias debt amounts to US $640 Million.Now here is another staggering US $600 Million credit. Which is which MOF minister Are telling Zambias debt is more US $ 1200 Million. Why staying in w credit for more than 20 years when you very well their is interest to pay. What do Accountants and economists do in their respective places of work. Shame to the nation. No wonder we have Vuture Funds. Strange how can zambia go and borrow from war torne countries like Afganstan, Sudan, Angola and DR Congo.On Iraq this is the result of making friendship during the day and night you trade with USA. Saddam was being supplied weapons by his friend America who later killed him. Zambians know what you want and develop strategies how to come of this burden it has over lived itself. You cannot become a agriculture products export when you have debts to pay.

  9. Government has revealed that 12 Zambians died during the February 2001 raid in Shangombo district by Angolan Soldiers. Home Affairs Deputy Minister Grace Njapau told parliament that a total of 84 Zambians were adducted by the Angolan soldiers during the raid at Lilondo and Sipuma. She said 72 returned home. She said Zambia and Angola through the Joint Permanent Commission (JPC) is addressing the issue of compensation for the affected families. She was responding to Nalolo MMD Mp Mubita Mwangala who wanted to know how many Zambians were killed or abducted by soldiers from Angola during the raid. And Ms. Njapau said there is need to secure alternative status for the remaining refugees before invoking the cessation clause. She told parliament that invoking the cessation clause is a complex and challenging issue which requires dialogue at different levels to arrive at the best way of addressing the matter. She stated that the conclusion of the repatriation exercise has triggered the need..

  10. to start discussions on the possibility of invoking the cessation clause under the refugees’ convention to which Zambia is party. Ms. Njapau said the ministry of home affairs with the support from co-operating partners, has planned to hold a series of workshops for parliamentarians to facilitate such dialogue among the various stakeholders. She said the majority of the remaining refugees are reluctant to go back to Angola because of their long stay, marriage ties , similarities in tribe and ethnicity. She reiterated that the repatriation of the Angolan refuges has been successful as 100,000 refugees had since returned to their country.home. Zambia hosted an estimated 211, 000 Angolan refuges out of which 40, 000 have remained in the country at the close of the repatriation exercise in March this year

  11. Justice Minister George Kunda has told parliament that tribalism is a criminal offence punishable by a jail term of two years. Mr. Kunda said an expression to show hatred, ridicule of a person by virtue of race, tribe or colour is an offence under section 70 (1) of the Criminal penal code (CPC). He further said it was an offence punishable by imprisonment of seven years for any person to publish or distribute any publication with the intention of causing feeling of illwill, hostility of a group or community. He was responding to Kasama Central PF Mp Dr. Saviour Chishimba who wanted to know if government has plans to enact a law which will make tribalism a crime against good conscience. The Minister said government was against tribalism hence its promotion of unity which is manifested through the coat of arms. He said people wishing to contest the republican presidency should be encouraged to do so in accordance with the law not tribal lines.

  12. Zambia must have strategic plan to pay back what it owes countries mentioned above. We need to reap a handfull of copper and other resources to make our economy sound. We are not a poor country and this is a fact. We just need to trnasform most of the resources and potential of productivity to realistic terms that could see us off running towards higher indexes of the national economy.

  13. On the choice of the constitution road map, I advise progressive Zambians to forge ahead with the CC consensus option. Don’t waste our time trying to bend to every antagonistic quacks thinking the CA is their party’s instant Golden window to enter plot one this year. Leave them dreaming and gambling violence. Zambia has no space for such visionless thugs. Diversity and disagreement is the norm of Democracy in plural society. Nothing has zero opposition in Democracy but at the end of consultation, a Decision is made favorable or otherwise. The US throughout its Democracy has had its internal rivalries from the Cuba missile crisis, the Iran crisis to Iraq. Today the Michael Moores and Cindy Sheehan are everywhere in blogs and news media lines none violently protesting to no avail. That is democracy. In Zambia just adequately prepare to the teeth for any violent madness that will show its devious face. With precise decisive and summarizing measures end the fanaticism. Wait for them to vandal; kill life or other illegal acts of treason. Maintain real time leads data through inside recruitments at whatever cost on their A team among them you knew better. Then move in selective waves holding our democracy against those social misfits in democracy in self deception that they can succeed wrecking havoc in this Country.

  14. I concur with you though not on preparation of summary force for vandals that will miscalculate their capacity to rain confusion on our Democracy and peace. There numerous preemptive options successful democracies have and are using to preserve their interest world over without moving into waves and Human rights watch glitches. Zed has the capacity to compile a comprehensive list of vandals in the so called A-Team players. So what is the matter?

    UNIP president, Tilyenji Kaunda, has endorsed the constitutional conference as the best mode of adopting the constitution and urged political parties to win the confidence of all stakeholders in the review process.Speaking during a meeting with the Zambia Centre for Inter-Party Dialogue (ZCID) board members in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Kaunda said the summit of party presidents had agreed that the constitutional conference was an opportunity to make things right in the nation.“We as political parties must work hard to win the trust and confidence of all key interests that we mean well and shall deliver a constitutional process whose outcome shall be acceptable to all Zambians,” Mr Kaunda said.He called on political parties not to fail the people in their search for a new constitution.All political leaders must realise that in a free democratic republic, the respect that went with public office must be earned.“If political leaders treat one another with mutual respect and frankness, their followers and supporters cannot fail to take notice and be influenced,” Mr Kaunda said. He said political leaders must be able to identify matters of national interest on which consensus was possible.“Even in areas where there are irreconcilable differences, the art of reasoned discussion and debate must be cultivated instead of exchange of invectives and abuse,” he said.Political party leaders had the responsibility to build bridges across party lines and treat one another with courtesy because all citizens were equal in the eyes of the law.He said political parties played a critical role in the democratisation process and that they remained key to the consolidation of democracy.“The political context and the legal environment require constant reform. That’s why, we in UNIP have participated actively in the agenda for inter-party cooperation that culminated in the establishment of the ZCID,” he said.He thanked the ZCID board for inviting him to visit the ZCID secretariat because that gave him an opportunity to familiarise himself with its work.This was vital at a time when the profile of politicians and the role of political parties had received a lot of public attention in Zambian society.Meanwhile, the ZCID has reiterated that the constitutional conference would adopt the new constitution and perform all functions of the constituent assembly (CA) recommended by the Constitution Review Commission.This is according to a statement issued by ZCID spokesperson, Newton Ng’uni, in Lusaka yesterday.Mr Ng’uni said the ZCID board at its meeting yesterday reiterated the position by the presidents of political parties at their summit on June 23, 2007.The ZCID position was that the constitutional conference would adopt the constitution and perform all the functions that the CA was to do in line with the Mung’omba CRC recommendations.He said all citizens in their diversity would have a chance to debate and have input into the constitutional conference bill before it was presented to Parliament.The ZCID expected that the Bill establishing the constitutional conference would be inclusive. “For this reason, the ZCID expects utmost flexibility to ensure that the composition is highly inclusive to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.He said as party presidents instructed at the summit of presidents, the ZCID board had set August 10, 2007, as the date by which all political parties should submit their positions on the constitution.He said all ZCID members attended yesterday’s board meeting except the Patriotic Front, which sent apologies.All the members emphasised the need to continuously dialogue on any emerging contentious issues within the framework of the ZCID.“ZCID will remain committed to the principle of inclusiveness and will continue to engage other stakeholders in the process so that the nation can move forward,” he said.


    HH’s blind fragrance for confrontational politics will end him into the political archive with Sata before 2011. Unwittingly he is cruising into absolute irrelevance to the unfolding dispensation and national politics. He risks ending up as a Monze leader of the Ila people at waste I forewarn. Most of his advisors like the Sata ones are on full patriotism payroll. If they managed to slide KK off: who is the baseless HH to survive the intrigues? Politics is a complicated science that takes the capacity of systems, money and intellectual pull.

  17. Ba Easy(8), i am equally confused about how much we exactly owe !!I couldn’t care less where the money came from but i would like to know just how much is owed first.I was particulary impressed by the report that showed we only owed $500-600m… my man Magande starts talking about another $500-600m owed to some other characters!!! I’m feeling rather embarrassed at the moment because i came out in full support of our debt position.I hope my fellow contributors have short memories and will not remind me of my misguided rantings!!!

  18. As I have said elsewhere on this blog, LPM must be watching the counfusion among his opponents with glee! First they beg, cajole, plead, threaten, pursuade, etc, for a CA. and then what? LPM throws them the CC, like a fox in a chicken coop, and they panick, fly off in political drivel in all directions! When we boil down the CC and CA to the basics, what is the real difference? HH,Sata et. al., in case you missed the plot, let me remind you. LPM’s agreement to a CC IS A VICTORY! He just did not want to admit that he has relented to the opposition and civil society demands for a CA. You got what you wanted. Now get down to the real issues and give us a constitution! Don’t fall prey to LPM’s tactics of obfuscating the focus on the substantive issues of the Constitution. Politics is give and take. LPM has openned a chink. Crack it open further and see what else you can push through, but now seize the moment and do it on your own terms and do not let LPM dictate the pace!

  19. Ba Chiller(18), don’t you think it has been purposeful to keep the electorate bickering about methods of adoption as opposed to the content of the changes the people want? I sense that somebody is buying time here and we are foolishly falling for it. by the time we start considering the contents of any changes this administration will be in the process of handing over to some other poor soul!!Very clever if this were to be true….let somebody else lose the power they currently enjoy!!

  20. My brother Chiller (18),

    Open your eyes and write what you have digested not unfounded issues. There has been no won battle in this constitution change process for the opposition so far. You ought to know the MMD and their Levy very to appreciate my ridicule. The CC is not same as the CA. You could be in the Diaspora and missing out on circulating documents and the running adverts. A lot in the Mung’omba draft has been knocked out hence the MMD machination and speed in the process before cabinet and the MMD dominated Parliament. What do expect from a parliament heavily MMD skewed on aggregate? Levy and his MMD are sold. No demonstrations, violence or letters and editorials will alter their Game plan I beat you. Ever wondered why the MMD voice on this has been limited to Levy, Mulongoti and Justice Kunda only? I presume MMD as a party full of Lawyers and strategists is ordered no activism on the whole constitutional process at this stage. Look at the silence of Teta their Party spokesman despite being a seasoned lawyer, Machila, Sikatana, Shikapwasha or Bwembya their Zambia online Spin Doctor. Other things are touched but never are they remarking on the constitution. There is a deafening silence. I doubt it’s a coincidence but something fishy. They all know what they want and what they will get at the end of it all. We have lost it flat again. Politicians are Greedy and too manipulative.

  21. Oh!! By the way, last night THEY VOTED TO UP, YES!! UP THEIR SALARIES i.e. in Parliament, Ministers & Presidential – for what may I ask?? Well for having been at it for a while I presume. Well, haven’t we been informed all along how the govt is broke?? Broke did you say? or was it Bloke you meant? Well it might be the latter, the bloke called “the PIG” (Party & its Govt)is immune to such nuances am made to believe. Though this time, the PIG, carried the motion through with the other four legged animals, none of them blinked throughout the whole process!!

  22. #22 Ba bauze Ala, ni Greedy, Greedy, Greedy yaifi fibantu fibotomanika utufumo kwati nichula mbototo mu parliement.

  23. Levy recently said “PF only rashes with sense when its time to eat” True to the words all PF and UPND MPs especially Given Lubinda, Henry Mtonga,Chishimba and that munali MP lady could not show their sanity.So that rumble is not for the people but their own cut. Shame!

  24. Zambians its like we have agreed to diagree.Whats wrong with askin 4 debt relief?
    & this impasse over the constitution,atase let me just concetrate on personal development atase

  25. Zambians its like we have agreed to diagree.Whats wrong with askin 4 debt relief?
    & this impasse over the constitution,atase let me just concetrate on personal development

  26. FACT # 20, being in the Diaspora indeed has its deprivations! But I my point still is: for almost 5 years now, we have been arguing about the mode of adoption, which I agree is a fundamental issue. I do not think that LPM is genuinely interested in a participatory process in the constitution making process. But now that he has given in to the CC idea, isn’t there room to push through the CA principles and still achieve what we have been arguing for in the guise of the CC? What is fundamentally objectionable in the CC as opposed to the CA? Is it possible to broaden the representation of the CC to approximate what the CA would have been? Aside from such considerations, I think the real issue is how the outcomes of the CC or CA will be legislated for/implemented. At the moment, most people are agreed that that is not a task we can trust a compromised parliament to undertake. But for the moment, we need a body of genuine representatives to start talking. I think one of the ToR for the CC, CA or whatever moniker is chosen should be to recommend/decide on what body of people should give legal effect to the Constitution!

    You must have read what I have said before on this blog, that LPM has wasted our time by making us focus on technicalities at the expense of substantive debate about the content of the Constitution. He has always harbored the idea that he alone knows the kind of constitution Zambia needs. It might even be that he already has a draft with the Zambian coat of arms stashed away somewhere just waiting for the moment when we shall all be suitably fatigued! He seems to labour under the misguided impression that only lawyers can talk about constitutional issues. None of the enduring constitutions in the developed world were passed by lawyers. Not even the most liberal constitutions such as those of the USA or South Africa next door. Actually, the most respected academic writers on constitutional matters tend to be political scientists and not legal theorists.

    My eyes have never been closed, but I welcome any assistance in openning them further!

  27. We are watching this closely no wonder ex politicians dont enjoy their sweat after their career. it reminds me of a Bank governer in an European country who asked for more money after being in retirement for 8 years yet getting already 8000 Euro/month as retirement package. For every tat there are consquences but remember being an MPs is short lived minimum 5 yrs. Some will start walking after 2011.

  28. Chiller (28),
    You are a humble man. With that spirit,I have time for you in continuing the debate on such important national issues. Though bear with me i can only get back on the blog after some hours of service on other businesses.Good day and peace.

  29. When it comes salaries increment there are no opposition in parliament,they all unite and vote as one strong voice, even the loudy mouthed Mumbi Phiri (munali) & Given Lubinda (Kabwatea) are very quite like amenshi makasa. Ici ci Mumbi chisata satafye u havent done anything for munali pipo since u were elected, ifishala mubakomboni mbwee. Once beaten twice shy, dont fool us you are all there for your own benefit, come 2011 u are all out of there. Lilenifye limo mwebakapoli.

  30. #20 FACT.Your analysis is right on the money and my advice to LPM is that he should start preparing a good defense team because it will come in handy after 2011 elections.He will need to account for wasting taxpayers hard earned money on this useless predetermined constitutional review process.Chimbokaila awaits him and that`s when he`s going to learn the problem of overcrowding firsthand.

  31. Joze Peace

    أفغانستان‏’‏ الذي كرس حيزا هاما من مناقشاته لتحديد الطرق المثلي لإصلاح النظام القضائي الأفغاني وتدريب وتأهيل الشرطة والعاملين في الأجهزة القضائية من أجل تعزيز ثقة المواطن الأفغاني بقدرة حكومته وتوسيع سلطة هذه الحكومة لتشمل كافة أقاليم البلاد‏.‏

    وقد شارك في المؤتمر العديد من الشخصيات السياسيه الدوليه في مقدمتهم بان كي مون الامين العام للامم المتحدة والرئيس الافغاني حامد كرزاي والسكرتير العام لحلف شمال الأطلسي‏’‏ الناتو‏’‏ ياب دي هوب شيفر ومفوضة العلاقات الخارجية في الاتحاد الأوروبي بنيتا فيريرو فالدنر والمندوب الامريكي الدائم في الأمم المتحده زالماي خليل زاد ومساعد وزير الخارجية الأمريكية لشئون آسيا رتشارد بوتشر ومن الدوله المضيفة رومانو برودي رئيس الوزراء ونائبه ماسيمو داليما وزير الخارجية بالإضافة إلي وفود‏26‏ دوله‏.‏ وكان من الطبيعي ان تتحول المناقشات واللقاءات التي دارت علي هامش المؤتمر إلي هجوم حاد علي قوات حلف شمال الأطلسي‏’‏ ايساف‏’‏ والتي ما زالت تعاني من صعوبات كبيرة في ضبط الوضع الأمني في أفغانستان بسبب مصرع المئات من الافغان المدنيين جراء الغارات التي تشنها قوات الناتو وخاصه في جنوب البلاد بالاضافة الي عجزها عن ملاحقة عناصر حركة طالبان المستمرة في نشاطها العسكري في مختلف أنحاء البلاد‏.‏

    وجهه النظر الايطالية
    اتفق كل من وزير الخارجية الايطالي ماسيمو داليما والرئيس الافغاني حامد كرزاي علي ضرورة ان يتم تنسيق العمليات العسكرية لحلف شمال الاطلسي ضمن مهمة‏(‏ ايساف‏)‏ في إطار الالتزام بتوفير الأمن للسكان المدنيين مع الحرص علي اتخاذ كافة التدابير الرامية إلي تفادي وقوع ضحايا أبرياء بعد اللقاء علي هامش المؤتمر كما تطرق كرزاي إلي المعطيات المشجعة المتمثلة في انخفاض مستوي وفيات الاطفال فضلا عن الارتفاع الملموس في معدل الدخل الفردي‏,‏ كما اشاد داليما بالجهود البناءة التي بذلت في سبيل تعزيز الحوار السياسي بين كابل وإسلام آباد مما سيتمخض عنه تعاون مثمر علي المستوي الاقليمي علي صعيد التنمية الاقتصادية والاستقرار والكفاح ضد الإرهاب الدولي‏.‏

    اما رومانو برودي فقد طالب في كلمته امام المؤتمر بوقفة محاسبة وتقييم للجهود الدولية في أفغانستان مؤكدا ان الالتزام في أفغانستان مسئولية ينبغي لها أن تستمر حتي تبرأ ذمة الجميع معا وعن اقتناع واضاف بأنه علينا الاعتراف بأنه كان بوسعنا ان نفعل أكثر حيث لم نستطع بعد أن نقنع تماما الشعب الأفغاني والرأي العام ببعض النتائج القيمة التي تحصلنا عليها فللأسف لا يزال ينظر إلي عمل المجتمع الدولي والحكومة الأفغانية من الزاوية التي تظهر الأخطاء فقط وهو فهم متناقض علي ضوء الأمل الذي أعدناه إلي ملايين النساء الأفغانيات اللاتي يستعدن حقوقهن الأساسية بالإضافة إلي ملايين الفتيات الأفغانيات اللاتي استرجعن حقهن في مزاولة الدراسة من دون ذكر عودة اللاجئين والانتخابات الرئاسية والبرلمانية فهي كلها عناصر تقدم وكأنها مفروغ منها

    وهي ليست كذلك خاصة وأنها جرت في زمن قصير جدا بعد أن حاول المتعصبون جذب أفغانستان إلي الوراء بمئات السنين وبعد أن عاشت البلاد عشرات الصراعات وهذا من شأنه أن يمدنا بشيء من التفاؤل والقوة للمضي قدما كما انتقد برودي بشدة سقوط ضحايا مدنيين جراء غارات قوات الناتو حين قال في كل مرة تؤدي العمليات العسكرية إلي مقتل ضحايا مدنيين فإن جهودنا لكسب قلوب الأفغان وعقلوهم تشهد ضربات مأساوية تعيق مسيرها وأضاف في بعض مناطق البلاد العديد من الأشخاص يحملون السلاح لأنه لا يوجد أمامهم خيار آخر إزاء غياب الامن أو لأنهم غاضبون بسبب الخسائر المأساوية الناجمة عن العمليات العسكرية لذلك فعلينا أن نقدم لهم الأمل أيضا مؤكدا ان الاعمال الفاعله في القطاعات المدنية والاقتصادية هي غالبا أسلحة أكثر فعالية من تلك الحربية‏.‏

  32. The guy that locks the doors at Chainama hospital is on strike and that`s why you see even riff ruffs such as #33 PRAGMATIST are on the loose and able to contribute such junk on this blog.

  33. # 2 . I think you just do not like Shikulu. Listen my friend; if you compare all the leaders we’ve had in the last 40 years, Dr Kenneth Kaunda is the one on record to have built Zambia. He built most of the colleges and schools in Zambia, He built the Hospitals (although they now have no medicine) He built Zambia Airways, railways, Contract Haulage, UBZ. Please name them.

    He gave free education. I am a product of Jacaranda Primary School (former Lusaka infants). Check your record. Today,iIt is those best schools that have produced the best graduates.Talk about the mine schools too.

    I also want to remind you of schools like Lusaka Boys and Girls, leopards Hill, Kabulonga, Lotus. The list is endless. Tell me what Chiluba and Mwanawasa have done in –terms of rebuilding Zambia. By the way I am MMD. The only thing that MMD has done is to make people like BY Mwila, Ntondo Chindoloma, Silwamba, Chiluba, Sata, Chitala, Late Penza, X Chungu Musonda and Mwanawasa rich. The gape between the rich and the poor is now unbridgeable.

    No27# You make a lot of sense, keep it up.

  34. Regrettably that is how our Zambian blogs die. You have run of ideas then you start posting your Joze’s “Satanic verses” to create such a weak perception that my ID pasted it.I have better things to contribute on the forum and for the Nation rather than your rubbish doctrine. Would never paste Satanic Verses or desire to look at it.

    Good lucky and salvation to your lost soul.

  35. Lusaka times, for your best interest and the interest of every loving Zambian, to delete #33’s contribution would be a lot of wisdom. Our motive is not to miscommunicate. Zambia is an english speaking, peace loving and wisdom filled Nation.

  36. Regrettably that is how our Zambian blogs die. You have run out of ideas then you start posting your Joze’s “Satanic verses” to create such a weak perception that my ID pasted it.I have better things to contribute on the forum and for the Nation rather than your rubbish doctrine. Would never paste Satanic Verses or desire to look at it.

    Good lucky and salvation to your lost soul.

    Ba Shapi (38),
    I may participate in blogs but certainly am above those kindergarten games. Bring up progressive topics, we will be in rebuttals on threads.

  37. 33# Pragmatist take care you can be traced and face the wallop of law. Do you wish this I think not so. If you have a personal problem pilz solve it outside this blog. We dont to know who you are because we are not interested but if you continue this you are reliable of proscution which can be regretable. Remember you are leaving dents on the net and they can lead to your arrest. Why is it difficult to discuss the issue at hand or bring issues which educate us inform of information or just make the blog. Kuku, Nkhakaboy, ba Joze, Pundit, Gluco, Chapi, SAGE, AM, HEY is what we can call good behaviour? Pilz advise this lost soul like we did to Dr. HK who has no become noble and contributes positively to the blog.

  38. Moderator and any with cryptographic skills book and track that IP address source to the finish. Terrorists have started communicating using impersonated ID through Lusaka Times blogs. That is a useful flag to ground.Instant DNC please. Lusaka Times risk being used as a DLB for Terrorist.Cardinal to Push post # 33 for specialized Labs in both the internal and external offices for decoding and analysis. Copy???

  39. Imwe ba #33 Pragmatist ala mwitushikula na copy & paste yenu. Pls come back to ur senses and contribute soberly. Ba Jose bakamba mwafulunganya ba mudala aba, give him a lift to chainama.

  40. #33Pragmatist, I cant read the sh*t you’ve written, plz leave me alone and mind your own business. That proves that you were once KK’s SB trained from mid east and now chuchu’s shushushu. Mukaamba I have given you respect and you dont want to reciprocate. Plz just bring out the issues you have against me so that we can talk as male. Plz let us not bore the bloggers with our trivial issues though I’ve questions I want to ask you once you get sober.

  41. #33 Dr Bauze Ngozi, here is another patient needing serious Lumbar puncture.Gather all your collegues from medical corner including staff nurse Beatrice to go and help Pragmatist,the mengitis he has has made him to write in tongues instead.His friends from the born again conglomerate speak in tongues, him he is writting in tongues.Bauze its urgent,ask MARS for evacuation,go with a fork lift the guy is huge/fat because of eating too much GMOs in Saudi Arabia.

  42. #33 Born Rich mwaice wamona efyo dobo icita,especially Arabic Dobo? this guy was at CBU in chambeshi hostel, you must know him,elo aleponta ati ali same class with Kafumukache/Chipimo?Ni muntu wabwanji uyu.
    Easy mwaice with your vast knowledge in Wireless internet try to bring this chap out in the open, so that he can be shamed.

  43. I dont want to start naming who is this one I just to warn pragamtist he should know who is This is a good indication for him to be traced. I hope he knows the spider and his network. In German they call a spider a spinner which means a mad person. Dr. HK must be called he needed at Chainama Hospital to take of this patient.53# we should be concerned because we dont know what is contented in his arabic language. I hope now onwards he will start using telepathy like Osama Bin Laden. Pragamstis learn to have soft skills. Your social competence makes you a human being get to use them.

  44. (N0 31) They will finish everything and we will plunge in to another VHIPC Very Highly Indebted Poor Countries that time the debt may not be cancelled but the “Bailifs” will grab something eg a Province.
    Ladies and Gents, From now on let the GRZ GIVE REASONS why they are borrowing, how they intend to use the debt, how it will benefit local people and how they will settle that debt and where they will get money to settle the debt.

  45. #55 good question. This world is funny when President Kabila Snr. told the west we dont need your debt, we can live by selling our resources the next months he was dead. I remember this man sending back the secretary state for USA, for not making an appointment to visit DR Congo. We need more such leaders in Africa who will stand for what it means to be African.

  46. #56, Easy, take it easy.
    Who sponsored Kabila in his war against Mobutu?
    Do you think it is Rwanda or Uganda?
    Whom do you think has been the main sponsor of conflicts in Angola and Zaire?
    Till they betray their sponsors are they slaughtered.

  47. #55 very good point, though its MP’s who are well positioned to ask such questions, but am sure they are grinning with glee that there is more money in the pot for more Enquirys, Sittings, Per diems etc etc!!!

    #33 the verbal diarrhoea seems to have worsened, we have to try a new regimen, “umu nsokansoka” mixed with “umutima wa kadoyo!”

  48. #57 Kayata, its the same story its either America & its allies or Russia. Africa countries they just follow blind which makes the world to believe that the conflict is between the africna folks. Who was giving weapons to Savimbi and Angolan Govt? Who supported the tutis militarily in Rwanda? Who was backing Mobuvto in Dr. Congo? It has been the same people. Who is supplying Iran and Iraq insurgency with weapons. The only difference is in Darfur where China is for the first time involved against USA. Dont be blind Kayata face the reality. Bill Clinton did apologise for his mistakes over the Rwanda degenocide.

  49. The question of debt is a key factor both at national level or personal level. There is no country on the face of the earth whith is debt free. The most indebted country on earth is USA. Yet its the richest country. Investment debt is good for any economy. The problem we have with GRZ is they borrow to fund consumption and political campaigns. If GRZ wants to borrow we have to ask the following questions?
    1- For What purpose
    2- Sustainable cash flow to service the loan.
    3- Is the loan virture fund protected.
    4- What is the total cost of the loan at maturity
    5- What is return on investment over time.
    6- What structures and policies do we have or should put in place to manage the funds.

    For example if we want to borrow money for Agric. Can we trust FRA in its state to mange a 10-15 year project worth $3BN. I dont think so.

  50. #59 Easy, twaufwa. Your points have been noted.
    #60 SAGE,Good points raised, do you mean to say the GRZ and people of its country have failed to manage their debt?

  51. #60 That is not enough first you have find where the problem of borrowing?
    1.who are the stakeholders and what is their interest.
    2.How is the debt set up and who decide who should be given a kredit.
    3.What roll is the Dollar, Euro, Pound playing in the world economy.
    4.Understandng money as medium of exchange is fundamental.
    5.Who is against one world currency? Moreover what roll does the Balance of Payment play in a national budget?
    6.What are the consquences of those who refuse to borrow the lending institution.
    7.Why is the head of World Bank always an American? Why is the IMF chief also always an European.
    8. Why is cancellng of whole debt for poor nations a problem or why dont the development nations dont want this to happen.
    9. Why grants, aid, help, Loans.
    10.Who is controllng the World economics and trade.
    11. What is involved in Sanctions and Embargo
    12. What effect the freezing of Assets and finances of a particular nation?

  52. Kayata, We you ask for debt cancelation that means with your cash flow you cant service your debt. That means whoever decides to cancel the debt wont lend you money in future. Some of the debt Kaunda acquired was well meant. For example building of TAZARA and TAZAMA, those are capital projects whose benefit to society out weighs the debt burden.However, If these 2 institutions where left to run independently without political interferance. They could by now have settled the debt. But luck of planning compounded by ineptitude, You get a waste of money. remember in Z we dont go to work, but we report for work. We dont earn a salary but we get paid at the end of the month regardless of wether we were productive or not. I know the trend is changing in the private sector. But its going to change a real economic revolution to change that mind set.

  53. #8 Easy mwaice dont get confused, the country’s debts are in 2 parts-the Paris club debts(IMF/World Bank)made up of the G8 who are the shareholders of these IFIs and this where you are classified as HIPC and then the non paris debts, like the ones Chuchu has started borrowing from china, but where the govt goes wrong they dont reflect the correct liability position of the external debt, if you look at the current account at BOZ and what is maintained at MOF the figures will never at anyone time tally,why? These tume non paris debts that is where the vultures come in because usually they are borrowed over phones no need for a serious business plan.Already on their 2008 forecast they are indicating a huge drop in external debt how that is possible beats me because they are busy adding new ones.

  54. SAGE, nice analysis of the attitude to work in Zambia. I’ll quote from your statement:”remember in Z we dont go to work, but we report for work. We dont earn a salary but we get paid at the end of the month regardless of wether we were productive or not.” end quote.
    From that statement, do you mean to say zambian workers are lazy and inept in all areas and sectors?

  55. To Answer your question sqarely, yes. The work ethic problem is deeply rooted in our atitudes as a people. Generally we are nice people. But our work culture stinks. Do you know that a manager at ZESCO may not even know what the operational budget for ZESCO is? later on talk about the plans to put in place to collect the money to expand the customer base. Programs like tenders which where meant to empower Zambians have just contributed to a get rich quickly attitude. Its only in Zambia where you can supply a product for $5.00 and make $50.00 profit. The whole western culture of work hard build a business slowly and sustainably does not exists in Z. Thats why you have people who were ministers 2 years ago today they cant even afford to buy gas for the cars they stole. 90% of businesses in Z survive either on monopoly exploitation. For example ZAMTEL, LUSAKA WATER AND SEWERAGE ,ZESCO, ZAMBIA SUGAR etc. these companies can not survive in a competitive enviroment. CTN

  56. look at ZSIC. if you eliminate the moratorium GRZ has placed on GRZ vehicles to be insured by ZSIC that company could fold. So the issues are ineptitude, Corruption and political inteferance

  57. I used to be recommended this website through my cousin. I’m no longer certain whether this submit is written through him as no one else know such exact approximately my trouble. You are incredible! Thanks!

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